Weed dispensaries in San Jose, CA

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    Weed dispensaries in San Jose, CA

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in San Jose, California

    Northern California, and the Bay Area in particular, has long been a haven for cannabis enthusiasts. These days, cannabis is as common in San Jose as computer chips. Here’s what you need to know about heading to a San Jose dispensary.

    Cannabis Laws to Know in San Jose

    Surprising to many, San Jose was the first place in California to cultivate cannabis, way back in 1795. At that time, Spanish missionaries grew hemp for the creation of rope, clothing, and other textiles. In the centuries since, California has legalized medical and recreational use of cannabis, and dozens of San Jose dispensaries have opened for business.

    Recreational and Adult-Use Cannabis

    California legalized cannabis for adult use in 2016, but the first marijuana dispensary in San Jose didn’t open until 2018. The law states that adults aged 21 years and over are allowed to buy, carry, and use cannabis in a recreational manner, as long as they procure it from a licensed dispensary in San Jose. At maximum, recreational users can purchase and possess:

    • up to 1 ounce of flower

    • up to 8 grams of concentrates, like hash, wax, or THC oils

    • edibles with up to 10 milligrams of THC per serving or up to 100 milligrams per package

    Medical Marijuana

    California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use, way back in 1996 — but Bay Area medical professionals had been clandestinely supplying some patients with cannabis for much longer. San Jose’s medical marijuana program is managed through Santa Clara County’s Public Health Department. 

    Medical marijuana cardholders are permitted to enter and make purchases from medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, many of which share space with recreational cannabis shops. Medical users are allowed to purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis flower.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in San Jose

    California allows each county to develop its own medical marijuana program, and because San Jose is part of Santa Clara County, those looking for medical marijuana treatment must apply to the Santa Clara Department of Public Health. The application requires:

    • written documentation from a California-licensed physician that medical marijuana will help manage your health condition

    • proof of residency within Santa Clara County

    • government-issued photo identification

    Additionally, you must pay a $100 processing fee upon submitting your request. Medical marijuana cards expire one year after verification. You will need to renew your card every year if you continue to suffer from your condition and rely on medical marijuana for treatment. 

    Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in San Jose?

    California law strictly prohibits the use of cannabis in public spaces and San Jose maintains this rule on its municipal books. For a first offense, you are likely to suffer a $100 fine. The legal place to consume your cannabis is inside a private home. If you rent or live in multifamily housing, it’s smart to check with your landlord or HOA. 

    Cannabis consumption is also not permitted within or outside of a San Jose dispensary, medical or recreational. Nor can you consume in a vehicle — driving under the influence is, of course, against the law, but so is cannabis use by any passenger. 

    Cannabis Cultivation Laws in San Jose

    In San Jose, adults over 21 can cultivate up to six cannabis plants, or maximum 12 per household, as long as the canna-crop is not in public view. Thus, you can’t grow an outdoor garden, despite the near-perfect cultivation climate. Fortunately, you can gift up to an ounce of homegrown weed to of-age adults — as long as you don’t accept any compensation.

    How to Buy Cannabis at a San Jose dispensary

    If you are visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary in San Jose, your experience shouldn’t be much different from buying alcohol or making any other retail purchase. You should always bring ID to prove your age, and it is a good idea to bring cash as well because many dispensaries cannot process card transactions. 

    Medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose require a valid medical marijuana card from Santa Clara County, in addition to your ID. Most dispensaries are open from 9AM to 9PM, and many offer convenient services like curbside pickup and home delivery.

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in San Jose?

    In San Jose, you can expect to pay around $15 for an average-quality gram of cannabis and more for processed cannabis like concentrates and edibles. However, you should be aware that California imposes exceedingly high taxes on all cannabis products, so what you pay in a San Jose dispensary will likely be higher. Medical marijuana patients can avoid many of these taxes.

    Cannabis Taxes in San Jose

    California’s cannabis taxes are higher than national average:

    • 15% excise tax

    • 7.25% state sales tax

    • 10% local business tax

    San Jose does benefit from these taxes, using them to provide anti-drug services, boost environmental projects, fund infrastructure maintenance, and more.