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    What are you smoking?

    Canobudder Spreading some Can O' Budder on my toast and about to netflix and chill !!!
    2015-08-28 19:00:03 UTC
    msilverado Neptune OG in a dry glass hand pipe.
    2015-08-28 18:52:30 UTC
    mickey87 dabs nerdy extracts
    2015-08-28 18:23:11 UTC
    Flashback These guys are going on Craigslist this weekend free to good homes. Mama cat caught them a nice juicy lizard for lunch!
    2015-08-28 17:57:18 UTC
    Israfel dabs
    2015-08-28 17:36:56 UTC
    norcaldawg I'm smoking resin that i scraped nYeh nYeh nYeh
    2015-08-28 17:26:07 UTC
    Flashback Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard - It's All Going to Pot -
    2015-08-28 16:55:43 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Kryptonite OG. Wondering if today's WM Admin. is a Doors fan or are you going to pull my posts again because you're not?
    2015-08-28 16:51:31 UTC
    Citizen Jane Good pull from my last posts weedmaps. Even though you yanked it harder than Don Pelon's toupee...
    2015-08-28 16:38:27 UTC
    FattFang Morning weed peoples! She said this was Columbian Red, and after 2-puffs...she was right. Never thought I'd see this strain again
    2015-08-28 16:37:13 UTC
    CrimsonOrchid Blackberry Goo
    2015-08-28 16:30:51 UTC
    Esantana73 Cali Orange.
    2015-08-28 15:59:24 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Happy Friday Folks! 3 Kings dab and coffee! Stay Cool Mappers!
    2015-08-28 15:52:10 UTC
    JennyFergs31 Got a little Grape Ape going....switching to Bruce Banner #3 a little later.....then...who knows! Maybe some Blue Dream....
    2015-08-28 15:43:33 UTC
    highcountrygal High to all! I'm slow today! Coffee, dabs and GG#4 so I can continue being slow. Gonna be a hot one! Stay in and stay high!!
    2015-08-28 15:01:17 UTC
    Israfel Chiquita banana live resin... moxie for the day off
    2015-08-28 14:59:04 UTC
    wrestler_kid smoking on some sour tang!! before work
    2015-08-28 14:30:23 UTC
    dreamweezer detroit blueberry. Delish!
    2015-08-28 14:19:24 UTC
    janetplanet Good Morning Crew! Chronic Thunderfuck and coffee...... Taking 4 dogs to groomers this morning! lol
    2015-08-28 14:18:52 UTC
    Flashback Morning folks. Got to get a blood test this AM for yearly physical. About out of Superman OG. Gonna pick up a bogo today!
    2015-08-28 14:05:53 UTC


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