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    What are you smoking?

    mmollzz It's Primate Day here at the zoo: I'm Hanging with Gorilla Glue and a Bold Mad Monkey. We all swinging from trees this morning. Hey Kids!
    2015-08-04 12:16:33 UTC
    BlndMJfun Doing some Pres. Kush in the bowl and a dab of GG#4 before work, and java in the cup. Happy 2-fer Tuesday mappers, Enjoy it!!
    2015-08-04 11:38:27 UTC
    stomperyesca that fantasy og from live to love
    2015-08-04 08:40:28 UTC
    Esantana73 After Life OG.
    2015-08-04 04:52:53 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Yesterdays Hash Church! Stay uP!x
    2015-08-04 04:40:29 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD I've still not seen the below comment... Blue Dream 2 ways... halted mt progress! Cheers!
    2015-08-04 03:52:28 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Black Berry OG... not even looked at it yet! Will try next! ... putting a tired chick to bed! :) Cheers!
    2015-08-04 03:34:18 UTC
    ironlung109 og skywalker
    2015-08-04 03:20:19 UTC
    levigarrett88 munchies
    2015-08-04 03:18:52 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD 3 Kings... feeling like King tonight / this last 4 days! Cheers!
    2015-08-04 02:57:28 UTC
    Nickatnight Bubble Gum for the evening doobie, cheers all you weedmappers! Stay high!!
    2015-08-04 02:29:17 UTC
    Mars94 My face when someone asks if I stopped smoking with blunts yet, lol.
    2015-08-04 01:39:05 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Lemon Berry Haze . . LALLIPOP Extract... Super Good! Happy Monday Mappers!
    2015-08-04 01:31:57 UTC
    Mars94 Decided to try this on sale, 5g for $35, Pine Bites. How's is it been folks, stay lifted. R.I.P Rowdy Piper!
    2015-08-04 01:24:18 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD New York Cheese Cake ... unbelievably great!
    2015-08-03 23:53:45 UTC
    SmokingStars91 Chilling with some Lemon Jack. Have a great evening guys.
    2015-08-03 23:52:34 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD LA Lights Full Melt "Rosin Tech" LA Confidential X Northern Lights,,,
    2015-08-03 23:46:59 UTC
    trivalleychik Need Some Help? Just got some GRAPE ROMULAN but cant tell if its outdoor or indoor?
    2015-08-03 23:45:10 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Some killer GG #4 , and Diamond OG! Way medicated the last couple daze! Cheers Mappers!
    2015-08-03 23:30:35 UTC
    MADD MAXX Happy 420 Mappers! A little Spiderman Kush for the Bukket....
    2015-08-03 23:23:22 UTC


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