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    What are you smoking?

    CoeusPrime Morning (almost not) folks, late start but it was one of those mornings. NYC Diesel in da bowl, Fog Chaser in da cup, Exorcist in da tent.
    2015-08-03 18:24:44 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Chemdawg in de house. Waiting for relief. Relief is what I seek!
    2015-08-03 18:11:51 UTC
    LuvDaNugs Cookie Monster - Dense, sticky, killer color hues, hint of purps in taste. Really helped with pain. Thanks A Friend Indeed [SD]
    2015-08-03 17:32:52 UTC
    CultureWay 2014 Kush Cup winner SYRUP O.G. ----- WOKE AND BOKE!!! ------- from Pinnacle in Diamond Bar
    2015-08-03 17:24:43 UTC
    MisterMORRISON More of the NYC Diesel from the bubbler. I always thought it was just a rumor. According to this magazine, I'M DEAD.
    2015-08-03 17:12:44 UTC
    skunk22pw GSC
    2015-08-03 16:58:25 UTC
    skunk22pw a little bit of gods gift
    2015-08-03 16:51:58 UTC
    DCJOHN trying to get a card need help???
    2015-08-03 15:50:39 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Starting the day off with a bit of the NYC Diesel. Coffee in the cup. "And we all float on........"
    2015-08-03 15:04:24 UTC
    kamarigg Gevalia and Naturesaz Ginger Ale to start the morning.
    2015-08-03 13:50:57 UTC
    BlndMJfun Presidential Kush & coffee to start this Monday morning off!! Peace all.
    2015-08-03 11:41:26 UTC
    kizzy Well, maybe some Pineapple Express Live Resin and og Kush Shatter to kick start the morning.
    2015-08-03 10:23:51 UTC
    kizzy Neptune for the wake n bake, cheers
    2015-08-03 10:20:25 UTC
    boaster420 140mg. chew, 300mg. candy bar, smoking Phantom, Blue Dream, MED-USA, Iranian Auto Flower, Fast & Vast mix, vaping MED-USA oil.
    2015-08-03 08:15:43 UTC
    Bongripper$huh smoking on some scarface og blunts and grandmas cookies live resin yea nigga get like me
    2015-08-03 06:11:10 UTC
    jimmyy49 Grape, Platinum GSC's, The White, Superman O.G.......,Superman OG Shatter & Strawberry OG Kush Clear Concentrat
    2015-08-03 05:47:47 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Good evening mappers! I hope you all had a great pain free day. Puffing on some GG#4 with a side of Sour OG dabs,
    2015-08-03 05:13:54 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Dream Queen(Blue Dream x Space Queen, 80-20 sativa). A new strain for me. I like.
    2015-08-03 02:06:05 UTC
    The Mick Orange Kush. Bud Light too. Stay lifted my friends. Sweep!
    2015-08-03 01:38:50 UTC
    Nickatnight Meltdown in the bowl, watching the lightning. a real nasty storm on the way, again, time to get blown away. cheers!
    2015-08-03 01:14:55 UTC


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