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    What are you smoking?

    mmollzz Banana OG. New to me. Freakin' beautiful, frosty trichomes, killer taste, strong meds. Liking this strain! TGIF mappers xo/m
    2015-04-24 23:42:45 UTC
    BlndMJfun Brain OG in the bowl and cold beer in the glass.... Happy Friday evening mappers
    2015-04-24 23:16:05 UTC
    christianculkins16 call/text: (408)419-9480 for more info..
    2015-04-24 22:45:06 UTC
    christianculkins16 Girl scout cookies is good for coffee shop date, music and the movies. Interested in GSC?? call/text: (408)419-9480
    2015-04-24 22:27:47 UTC
    christianculkins16 Train wreck is good for insomnia, loss of appetite,migraines, stress & anxiety Interested in Train wreck?? Call/text: (408)419-9480
    2015-04-24 22:26:36 UTC
    christianculkins16 Sour Diesel is good for Chronic pain, Anxiety and Depression. Interested in Sour Diesel?? Call/text: (408)419-9480
    2015-04-24 22:25:08 UTC
    christianculkins16 Headband is good for tension, headaches, anxiety, appetite. Interested in Headband?? Call/text: (408)419-9480.
    2015-04-24 22:23:08 UTC
    mmollzz Coming up for a breathe of fresh Skywalker. Thank you all for asking after me. Just a bump along this bumpy road. xo/m
    2015-04-24 21:19:02 UTC
    SirNugAlot Dabs of nug run shatter. Word!
    2015-04-24 20:07:11 UTC
    Vault13labrat Smoking some Grape OG which is the perfect head high!
    2015-04-24 19:00:59 UTC
    bobaloo Some $7/gram hash from 4/20 :) Happy Friday, something fun this weekend with a loved one (or your spouse instead?) :) jk
    2015-04-24 18:56:39 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD A Big Ass Dab! Harlequin for pain issues! :)
    2015-04-24 18:43:00 UTC
    MADD MAXX Hitting the Querkle. Shipped a friend in Japan a long bamboo steamer. Was informed package fell overboard and washed up on an island....
    2015-04-24 18:23:15 UTC
    BigEazy Starting FryDay the right way. A bowl of White OG and a dab or three of Abusive OG Honeycomb.
    2015-04-24 17:40:34 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Budget Dabz... Blueberry smell / Fruit Striped Gum taste! Feeling a bit better, MS & Moving still sucks!
    2015-04-24 17:38:04 UTC
    FattFang Yes! Found 2-grams of unlabeled buds. Strongly suspect Golden Goat. Have 2 wait for Banana Kush to wear off
    2015-04-24 17:07:40 UTC
    sauliiito where are the moonrocks?? im near long beach
    2015-04-24 16:54:53 UTC
    sauliiito where are the moonrocks?? im near long beach
    2015-04-24 16:54:53 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Cannabis & Coffee... (feel like crud) Hoping for a better "later" Enjoy Friday! (dabs on deck)
    2015-04-24 16:43:08 UTC
    CoeusPrime Philosophy for Friday:
    2015-04-24 16:31:56 UTC


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