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    What are you smoking?

    wrestler_kid smoking on some sour tang!! before work
    2015-08-28 14:30:23 UTC
    dreamweezer detroit blueberry. Delish!
    2015-08-28 14:19:24 UTC
    janetplanet Good Morning Crew! Chronic Thunderfuck and coffee...... Taking 4 dogs to groomers this morning! lol
    2015-08-28 14:18:52 UTC
    Flashback Morning folks. Got to get a blood test this AM for yearly physical. About out of Superman OG. Gonna pick up a bogo today!
    2015-08-28 14:05:53 UTC
    RedDodge Sugar Dream, Blueberry and Sour D are working really well right now...
    2015-08-28 13:22:29 UTC
    kizzy Lemon Diesel for the early morning sesh, cheers
    2015-08-28 12:16:36 UTC
    ShelsieFlores26 white fire shatter
    2015-08-28 09:51:55 UTC
    ShelsieFlores26 kobeer og
    2015-08-28 09:51:21 UTC
    jacotay this stuff is fire!! and there vape carts are awesome also
    2015-08-28 08:28:44 UTC
    jacotay cotton candy nectar stick that i picked up at hempcon a week ago 91% THC thankxx elevated medibles!!
    2015-08-28 08:17:16 UTC
    spectra.indica Blue Dream :D (Picture is Earth on Aug 27, 1965)
    2015-08-28 08:05:03 UTC
    treygunz grape skunk
    2015-08-28 07:40:49 UTC
    jimmy diamond Damn i forgot i had this pen battery had a charge n dabs n it haha just found it
    2015-08-28 06:34:44 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD White Widow bong tokes... thinking about installing the new part now... still 80 degrees!
    2015-08-28 05:30:02 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD GSC bong toke... heading to Autozone for a part! Yay for Lifetime Warranties! Cheers!
    2015-08-28 04:45:04 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Blue Dream shatter~ Goodnight folks!
    2015-08-28 04:45:02 UTC
    kizzy And a bowl of Tangie Og, night everyone
    2015-08-28 03:23:56 UTC
    kizzy Some SnowDawg Shatter dipped in StarWalker Crumble
    2015-08-28 03:21:12 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Smoking Exorcist. Hey Weedmaps Admin., you pulled my last post because it had Doors lyrics in it? Pretty good trick.
    2015-08-28 02:18:23 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 The ONLY pipe that will make me happy! Searching for this. Love it!!!
    2015-08-28 02:14:23 UTC


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