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    What are you smoking?

    Stoned_Hefna510 Harlequin & Berners Cherry Pie blunts Smoke strong mappers
    2015-05-24 05:31:00 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Gorilla Glue & Super Platinum OG... TOKE IT BABY!!! Enjoy the evening Mappers!
    2015-05-24 05:07:09 UTC
    mojorisin71 Plentree has some real fire OG!
    2015-05-24 04:48:19 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Dabs! (killer "reclaim") ~ Cheers All! Also puffing a bowl in my .. Double Bubbler... =-)
    2015-05-24 04:28:16 UTC
    Willhelm dabtime!!! Clear Concentrate (solvent free) Northern Lights x Afghani
    2015-05-24 04:09:33 UTC
    MADD MAXX A worthy treasure of Platinum OG says I....
    2015-05-24 02:57:49 UTC
    Mars94 A blunt of King Louie and some Beck's Sapphire, ordered the UFC fight. Cheers!
    2015-05-24 02:36:47 UTC
    CoeusPrime Greetings Mappers! Dama says that he sees a mix of GSC and Sour Grapes in my future. And it happened......spooky.
    2015-05-24 01:52:11 UTC
    pinktiger1963 just got my card, where I live it's only delivery, how do I find a good disp?
    2015-05-24 01:44:48 UTC
    kingEDWARDtheGREAT premium CO2 oil.. Mango Kush... Delicious!
    2015-05-24 00:43:17 UTC
    Hurricanekatrina Got my card yesterday, and just popped my dispensary cherry. About to hit my free OG joint.
    2015-05-24 00:03:55 UTC
    Flashback Candy Kush topped with some Bruce Banner Kief (a freebie from the dispensary). Happy Saturday folks!
    2015-05-23 23:43:42 UTC
    janetplanet Happy 420 gang!!!!! BTY in my pipe....
    2015-05-23 23:22:09 UTC
    BlndMJfun Gorilla Glue#4 Rosin dabs... WOW!! I really thought the intense heat over 175F would cause loss of terps... one dab is all it takes!!
    2015-05-23 23:05:11 UTC
    Ricksaaw Puffin on that Blue Haze!! Ty MOM's MEDS
    2015-05-23 22:00:45 UTC
    FattFang A mix of Medusa, GSC'S, and Bubblegum...a friends Mom passed away suddently
    2015-05-23 21:40:19 UTC
    skunk22pw one more for
    2015-05-23 21:02:44 UTC
    skunk22pw *MaCrO* The Flash
    2015-05-23 20:59:47 UTC
    skunk22pw The Flash from Cures for less SD
    2015-05-23 20:58:18 UTC
    kizzy Sour D, AK47,Grape Ape, GSC x Cherry Pie, Skywalker and Harlequin shatter. Buffet is open, dabs up. Lunch Buffet is open ,Cheers
    2015-05-23 20:37:22 UTC


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