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    What are you smoking?

    Chain0fCommand the samuel adams seasonal session beer is kicking so hard. and smoking spirit of 76
    2015-07-08 05:50:59 UTC
    kaypee109 Wiz Khalifa
    2015-07-08 05:48:40 UTC
    kaypee109 Wiz Khalifa
    2015-07-08 05:48:34 UTC
    Mars94 Santa Cruz GSC, fucking delicious! How ya been budds!?
    2015-07-08 04:35:25 UTC
    jkviking gorilla glue 4
    2015-07-08 04:30:23 UTC
    Mars94 Pot of Gold
    2015-07-08 04:29:20 UTC
    Tomdennis ChemDawg #4 Cut Fem
    2015-07-08 03:22:15 UTC
    valleyguy88 Chemdawg tonight. Hope everyone is well.
    2015-07-08 03:04:00 UTC
    Tomdennis Sour Alien Sap Dab rips
    2015-07-08 03:03:56 UTC
    sophiesostoney Jupiter OG....bomb ass, pretty nuggies :D
    2015-07-08 02:11:04 UTC
    RaynMan206 Puffin on dis phat ass piece of shatter.
    2015-07-08 01:08:35 UTC
    wizardshaun12390 some tasty xj-13 mixed with wild berry. nice sativa joint for my day
    2015-07-08 00:50:38 UTC
    OGcaliKushgirl pornstar, liquid coke, cali og, sour diesel, odin og, al capone, and some skeeman og.
    2015-07-07 22:46:10 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Puffing on GG#4...dabbing sour diesel...eating an indica cookie (peanut butter). (cookie not shown bcuz I ate it)
    2015-07-07 22:43:35 UTC
    Lestat0311 Homemade Cannabutter spread on toast with a sprinkle of Organic Soy Lecithin. 15 min countdown has begun. BALLS TO THE WALLS GENTS, OORAH!
    2015-07-07 22:18:09 UTC
    ak9991 atomic og live resin
    2015-07-07 21:50:50 UTC
    LibradoLoc snoop dogg og
    2015-07-07 20:32:43 UTC
    d-lynn just ate 1/3 of a korova black bar, rolling up some phantom with skywalker hash.. have a great day!
    2015-07-07 20:17:17 UTC
    Nickatnight I want to thank CoeusPrime for the incredible Cool gift, Thank You CP. Not smoking roaches in this one.
    2015-07-07 20:15:31 UTC
    Puddinglol Pinapple :)
    2015-07-07 20:09:07 UTC


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