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    What are you smoking?

    RaynMan206 Sippin' on some a lil somethin'
    2015-04-19 00:54:26 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 PR Platinum Cookies. enjoying dis SurCali weather
    2015-04-19 00:50:18 UTC
    Flashback Tom Russell - "California Snow" -
    2015-04-19 00:46:25 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Maxx; they have excursions (you can also set one on fire inside the store but I didn't want to waste the buck)..
    2015-04-19 00:47:24 UTC
    Lady Kush020 everything.....@ hempcon sf
    2015-04-19 00:44:26 UTC
    Debsmaps55 Jack Herer
    2015-04-19 00:37:50 UTC
    Flashback Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues -
    2015-04-19 00:33:17 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 maybe this is the 2 joints of super dream talking but that Buttery Jack burger from Jack in the box....dank. I should bought 2.
    2015-04-19 00:15:40 UTC
    MADD MAXX Some Strawberry Kush before I go plundering. Raising my tankard to all WM rogues and scalawags....
    2015-04-19 00:10:45 UTC
    CoeusPrime Happy 4:20 mappers! Just got back from delivery duty, stopped off at the Zombie store on the way back..Headband on deck.
    2015-04-18 23:26:25 UTC
    Mars94 Stay lifted budds!
    2015-04-18 23:17:28 UTC
    Mars94 Aurora OG and more IPAs on the way to Hollywood with my brother. Damn internet won't be here til the 25th.
    2015-04-18 23:16:06 UTC
    cortez_420 guava cookies
    2015-04-18 22:55:26 UTC
    cortez_420 live resin guava cookies
    2015-04-18 22:57:02 UTC
    Dlano2010 Smoking on Scooby-Doo
    2015-04-18 22:43:05 UTC
    Spotnitty Master Kush :)
    2015-04-18 22:46:02 UTC
    finnmckool Nothing! Help me in JC New Jersey! Need MMJ Caregiver. PM me now, hurting.
    2015-04-18 22:29:20 UTC
    framer13 chem og
    2015-04-18 22:18:09 UTC
    The Mick BlackBerry O.G. Have a fine afternoon friends.
    2015-04-18 21:25:27 UTC
    StonermanDan their Gorilla glue Co2 shatter ! Strong Strain Holistics
    2015-04-18 21:02:51 UTC


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