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    What are you smoking?

    Moonrock_lilly Mind Fuck OG ??
    2015-07-28 01:19:01 UTC
    Israfel 2010....... ......
    2015-07-28 01:04:38 UTC
    BlndMJfun High all, enjoy a salad of Chem91, Bear Dance, Sour Joker, and Tigers Milk, followed by a few dabs of Jesus OG. Happy Monday!
    2015-07-28 00:02:51 UTC
    HustleABG sour og
    2015-07-27 23:28:18 UTC
    Nickatnight Grape Ape is ready to go, I'm giving it 'til the end of the week just for good measure.
    2015-07-27 23:19:37 UTC
    Nickatnight The Ambulance is almost ready, a few more days. Smokin' a little bit of Banana Joint that I picked last week.
    2015-07-27 23:15:37 UTC
    TOPSHELF151 Sage And Sour and Hybrid Cone, Mary Go Round!!!
    2015-07-27 22:29:51 UTC
    Chain0fCommand cannabis ruderalis growing wild everywhere. lol
    2015-07-27 22:22:55 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Critical Plush "scissor hash" topped bowl of Antimatter! My chores % exercises are done! Time to medicate, and goof off! Cheers!
    2015-07-27 21:17:59 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Happy Monday Mappers! Dabs of some reclaim in my clean rig! Hope all are pain free, and Happy! 8~)
    2015-07-27 20:20:27 UTC
    CoeusPrime Howdy folks! Feeling a bit better. Exorcist bud in the pic, NYC Diesel and sawdust (aka Mayweather OG from LV Discount Cap) in da bowl.
    2015-07-27 19:05:17 UTC
    FattFang Mixed buds salad to calm down...some azz wipe burglarized my car overnight....@#&%$?#@%
    2015-07-27 19:02:37 UTC
    kizzy And some Jack Herer. Cheers everyone
    2015-07-27 18:41:50 UTC
    kizzy BlackJack
    2015-07-27 18:40:42 UTC
    CannaStrips420 CannaStrips! Have a good monday folks
    2015-07-27 18:37:52 UTC
    Dank Williams puffin on this Spliffin OG 70% THC c02 oil cart...straight FIRE!
    2015-07-27 18:22:10 UTC
    MisterMORRISON Starting the day off with a bit of the NYC Diesel. "Let's swim to the moon, uhhuh, Let's climb through the tide."
    2015-07-27 18:09:18 UTC
    purplepassionhaze420 Plum OG
    2015-07-27 18:00:50 UTC
    Khris562 smokin that platinum mix from whitter hotbox! dank stuff
    2015-07-27 17:39:05 UTC
    hookas_garden Overdrive OG from Holistic Natural Healing in Wilmington. Pure fire!!
    2015-07-27 17:18:12 UTC


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