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    What are you smoking?

    Coolaid8129 Purple Kush where 313 folks at ?
    2014-04-21 04:34:17 UTC
    RayGeezy420 Riddler OG from Takeout Shit is The dopest dope I've ever smoked
    2014-04-21 03:44:38 UTC
    framer13 black mamba
    2014-04-21 03:33:26 UTC
    MADD MAXX A joint of Cherry Pie from my new acquisitions. Scofflaws kept at bay by Green Helmet Security......
    2014-04-21 03:22:55 UTC
    poprocks2 Grape Kush. Happy Holiblaze!
    2014-04-21 03:18:45 UTC
    Citizen Jane Purple Kush pictured. Searching for Purple Afgani, my new holy grail.
    2014-04-21 03:17:45 UTC
    Citizen Jane Purple Kush, Sour Chiesel, and some sublime Bwell Kush shatner! Happy 420 Easter!!!!
    2014-04-21 03:14:10 UTC
    twomp Rump wax Green Ribbon and Phillips Rx War Berry
    2014-04-21 02:55:34 UTC
    AmAnIaM Nothing like a day of white fire og!!
    2014-04-21 02:49:00 UTC
    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ Ace of Spades x XXX
    2014-04-21 02:42:19 UTC
    sincitythc Happy holidays
    2014-04-21 02:37:30 UTC
    SDGamer619 enjoying my free 8th of pre 98 joint form. 420 is my favorite day and I spent all day with my annoying family. NEED TO SMOKE!!
    2014-04-21 01:58:09 UTC
    nightadtr420 Gold dust dabs. Stay lifted
    2014-04-21 01:18:33 UTC
    ganjagodess A little white widow, c-99 and g-13.
    2014-04-21 01:05:12 UTC
    Omaro. Someone sell me some weed I lost my redcard
    2014-04-21 00:45:56 UTC
    FattFang This Platinum OG is just crushing 420 today! Ooooh wee! I'll just put the Octopus Kush away...
    2014-04-21 00:44:07 UTC
    TajhH523 4/20 🍁🍁🍁
    2014-04-21 00:36:05 UTC
    TajhH523 Helllloooo
    2014-04-21 00:35:21 UTC
    EYESredASfuk HGH Goji BErry
    2014-04-21 00:24:08 UTC
    Reddevil84 At the end it burns my hands. Happy 420 lol
    2014-04-21 00:20:30 UTC


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