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    What are you smoking?

    JustJoeKing I started my birthday off with some Larry OG earlier this morning. Blue Power is next on deck
    2015-09-03 14:51:15 UTC
    janetplanet Steam Rolling all night - AOM, Banana Kush, BTY Bubba Kush (TY Maxx) and GSC (TY Bob) til dawn... J of BK n' Purple Diesel mix... Sleep?
    2015-09-03 14:34:32 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Sending big clouds to my Vegas buds and those further away...think it was Exorcist x Fast and Vast but not sure...
    2015-09-03 14:19:29 UTC
    kizzy Maybe a bowl of Kangaroo Jack will help, off to shop, stay lifted mappers
    2015-09-03 14:15:54 UTC
    kizzy Finishing off one of these n trying decide if I want Liquid Gold again or a different brand
    2015-09-03 14:12:21 UTC
    highcountrygal It's a beautiful day! My coffee, Red Seal SSH crumble, and in the wings waiting for me GG#4 and Gorilla Kush. Not a very busy day:)
    2015-09-03 14:08:02 UTC
    munchrs420 loving this sweet tooth from green goddess in the morning before the dog park and work, such a tasty hybrid, perfect for a busy day
    2015-09-03 13:49:54 UTC
    kizzy And a dab of Racefuel to finish off the wake n dab before my walk, flower sesh later, cheers everyone
    2015-09-03 12:40:14 UTC
    kizzy 1 gram Tahoe mixed with 2 grams of Lemon Diesel
    2015-09-03 12:38:47 UTC
    kizzy Sherbert Cookies
    2015-09-03 12:37:29 UTC
    mmollzz King Louis for wake, bake, and go back to bed. For your enjoyment: Photo-negativity can be positively fun!
    2015-09-03 12:10:43 UTC
    rastaRENZ early morning dabs!dabbie rolls or some... Paris OG Shatter X Fire OG co2 Cumble crumble rolled in shatter,so bomb!!
    2015-09-03 10:55:45 UTC
    Allykatz a big bowl of train wreck.
    2015-09-03 08:07:13 UTC
    SKingV Ninja turtles og
    2015-09-03 07:13:16 UTC
    Mamiluigi7 super silver haze
    2015-09-03 07:11:24 UTC
    SKingV Very Wondfull Vekillin Killin the dispensary Bud w Price
    2015-09-03 07:08:43 UTC
    FattFang A potent mix of Gorilla Glue #4, Med-USA, and Candyland before sleep.....zzzzz...ZZZZZZZ
    2015-09-03 06:45:58 UTC
    Captain Doja Cherry-Dream team #dabs
    2015-09-03 06:15:06 UTC
    Chain0fCommand about to smoke a bowl of shishkelberry. and chill. love weed
    2015-09-03 05:13:15 UTC
    Rolando Mota 56 dabing on this Kobe og shatter
    2015-09-03 05:02:53 UTC


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