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    What are you smoking?

    420faded Some Yoda OG. & a Lil bit of Super OG. to top it off... couchlock'd it's a wrap :)
    2015-05-05 06:36:47 UTC
    Citizen Jane WEEDMAPS HAI!!!!!! ^_________^
    2015-05-05 06:19:40 UTC
    Citizen Jane ***bow***
    2015-05-05 06:03:49 UTC
    Citizen Jane Hightimes you missed it omg! Purple Flo 2015!!!!!!!!! They are not up on things.
    2015-05-05 05:56:40 UTC
    Citizen Jane Purple Flo and Gorilla
    2015-05-05 05:44:02 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Antimatter in the Blueberry blunt... Harlequin on deck for the AM! sample dab soon! Cheers Mappers!
    2015-05-05 04:44:43 UTC
    Mars94 Mixed with the XXX in a white owl. Smoking under a full moon. I think it's full.
    2015-05-05 04:20:35 UTC
    Willhelm dabbing homemade sativa jelly and Blue Haze Honeycomb!
    2015-05-05 04:20:32 UTC
    Mars94 Free Supernova shake. Stay lifted budds!
    2015-05-05 04:06:49 UTC frosted cookies
    2015-05-05 03:47:16 UTC
    dirty.red1 some alien legend /rainbow sherbert shake...and some bho outta the bootleg dtla g-pen
    2015-05-05 03:43:01 UTC
    zannykush Blueberry kush!
    2015-05-05 03:10:29 UTC
    MADD MAXX Nugs of Master OG from the elk-horn. Stay medicated my friends!
    2015-05-05 02:52:13 UTC
    fairyflyz Feeling Blue Dream
    2015-05-05 02:26:44 UTC
    2015-05-05 02:05:17 UTC
    Soul.The.Puppy g-13 shake from gcc haha replaced vape and ciggs for me XD all I do is sit arround cook with and smoke g-13
    2015-05-05 01:58:59 UTC
    Im.So.Sativa My Favorite Strain Of All Time...Some Bomb Ass Sour Diesel!!
    2015-05-05 01:35:46 UTC
    fieatyb_thatlady soul assassin stupid fire shoutout to truth 35 a cap in inglewood, ca
    2015-05-05 01:06:48 UTC
    Nickatnight Quit night, a joint of Kandy Kush and a good book. Have a good evening all. :)
    2015-05-05 00:49:11 UTC
    CannabisGirl25 Life is Good Krypto x Cookie Nug Run Shatter.. Amazing! :)
    2015-05-05 00:28:30 UTC


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