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    What are you smoking?

    mmollzz Mornin' friends! A few hits of this amazing Lemon Diesel then off to the Dr. Vampira's for blood draw. Let's hope I have some! xo/m
    2015-10-08 15:25:48 UTC
    CoeusPrime In a few weeks I get to take these ladies, one final Critical Sensi Star and yes, another Exorcist. Gawd I love that stuff.
    2015-10-08 15:24:08 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey gang! Light morning but tomorrow I get to harvest this monster...and JP if you see this, the Octopot it grew in is yours..
    2015-10-08 15:21:14 UTC
    highcountrygal Another beautiful day! Coffee (the very best) , Loud OG in the dabbolater and GG in the bowl. Couldn't ask for anything better, this works!
    2015-10-08 14:53:29 UTC
    flintkush Good morning from ladies about two weeks left very very stinkie!!!
    2015-10-08 14:38:07 UTC
    mindfusion89 Gmorning to all..SUPER LEMON HAZE in the pipe..Road Trip!!!!
    2015-10-08 14:32:55 UTC
    Danbridge Some Green Crack a farmer friend grew this year. Nice weed!
    2015-10-08 14:13:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD 808 OG / Dog Walker OG, Coffee this morning... Have a good Thursday Mappers!
    2015-10-08 14:10:32 UTC
    Silver and Black 619 had a scare with my stopped working after 3 plus years. now its back to normal. nearly shed a tear.
    2015-10-08 13:44:32 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Mappers! Hitting on some Critical Sensi Star out of my new DaVinci dry herb vape, just came in mail. I like it so far!
    2015-10-08 13:17:57 UTC
    Graz Why does nobody check their email?
    2015-10-08 07:39:28 UTC
    msdynastystarr the award winning Godfather og from alpha medic
    2015-10-08 06:42:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Witch Creek dab.. 808 OG and Dogwalker OG bedtime buds! Hope tomorrow comes! Peace Mappers!
    2015-10-08 04:03:27 UTC
    MADD MAXX Since the end of the world is near I'll say thanks to all my peeps.... The Grabbers "Thanks"
    2015-10-08 03:41:48 UTC
    Nickatnight according to some religious group the Earth is going to end in 33 minutes. I gonna smoke a joint of Meltdown to celebrate, Cheers!
    2015-10-08 03:27:25 UTC
    CeeLow7 smoking on my very own sativa that i grew in my back yard, feeling like cleaning my whole dam house
    2015-10-08 03:20:04 UTC
    CeeLow7 smoking on my very own sativa that i grew in my back yard, feeling like cleaning my whole dam house
    2015-10-08 03:20:03 UTC
    valleyguy88 Platinum GSC. Hope everyone is having a peaceful evening.
    2015-10-08 03:12:33 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG, a Mixed Berry dab down.. This one on deck x 2! Survivor on the TV!
    2015-10-08 03:10:53 UTC
    MADD MAXX A little Banana Kush creates no shortage of volunteers for outpost duty....
    2015-10-08 02:58:34 UTC


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