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    What are you smoking?

    Rbarn007 key lime pie
    2015-08-01 22:04:52 UTC
    hippielife4ever blue dream and purple lemon haze is the sweet poison for the day (;
    2015-08-01 21:42:40 UTC
    mrcruz23 Charlie Sheen OG bleezy! hot boxing with the homies....cheers!
    2015-08-01 20:58:54 UTC
    The Mick Hulk O.G. with a cup of Kona Coffee. Go Doyers!
    2015-08-01 20:52:39 UTC
    Nickatnight It's time CP, gonna break in the Mushroom pipe now, have some Grape Ape ready to go. Cheers!
    2015-08-01 20:49:58 UTC
    Sgt Stadanko Green crack and Holy grail, smoking outside getting ready to pour beer in beautiful Temecula.
    2015-08-01 20:39:14 UTC
    swedendrift XXX for sleep, XJ-13 for creativity. I want to eat the XJ, it smells delicious.
    2015-08-01 20:17:26 UTC
    FattFang Gorilla Glue at $35 eighth @101 North, Candyland clones at $11 at Vallejo Patients Care...hit me
    2015-08-01 19:07:42 UTC
    abeballermom2 reviews?
    2015-08-01 19:01:47 UTC
    shawn mccaw Dirt Road Doobie Dude suggests trying the Mighty Meds Vaporizing kit; since I've started vaping my throat feels 75% better!
    2015-08-01 18:35:28 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Happy Shatterday Mappers! Stay Pain Free, Productive, and at Peace! Blue Dream and Coffee!
    2015-08-01 18:33:07 UTC
    LuvDaNugs Premium Cookie Monster. Major wake n bake.Much better !!! Thanks A Friend Indeed [SD]
    2015-08-01 17:34:18 UTC
    CultureWay No vaping or smoking for a few days for me. Hash oil Cavi Taffy from Caviar Gold for breakfast and later some Korova 500 MG brownie.
    2015-08-01 17:27:49 UTC
    abeballermom2 Zed og
    2015-08-01 17:09:53 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~GSC...Sour OG dabs..N@N coffee! Feeling better already! Happy Saturday mappers!
    2015-08-01 16:59:07 UTC
    FattFang Super Sour Diesel, coffee, and Paleo diet breakfast before heading out
    2015-08-01 16:49:23 UTC
    shatterbox90 Candy Land... They should've called it Campbell's mmh mmh good ;) Got my morning started riiiight.
    2015-08-01 16:38:23 UTC
    Chain0fCommand flo
    2015-08-01 14:05:00 UTC
    highcountrygal Good Mornin' To all. Got my coffee and my pipe full of GG#4 and off to start the day! Enjoy this fine day:)
    2015-08-01 14:03:43 UTC
    kizzy And a joint of the Neptune. My first time with this strain, has a nice sweet aftertaste to it. Stay lifted mappers
    2015-08-01 12:55:39 UTC


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