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    What are you smoking?

    skunk22pw strawberry lemonade from Cures For Less SD
    2015-06-30 16:41:25 UTC
    skunk22pw does your Sherbet Cookies look like this? it should
    2015-06-30 16:32:28 UTC
    skunk22pw Pineapple sherbet..Fracking Stankness!
    2015-06-30 16:31:12 UTC
    d-lynn waking up with some willie nelson. pretty decent sativa, doesn't have me clenching my jaw like some do. have a great day!
    2015-06-30 16:18:05 UTC
    skunk22pw some Purple Haze popcorn from NLC Romoland.
    2015-06-30 16:15:34 UTC
    FattFang Blue Fire Cookies before supervising some yard work...gonna be HOT today...lemonade or beer? Maybe both with King Kong Wax
    2015-06-30 16:10:52 UTC
    Nickatnight holy shit, another earthquake here in Michigan, smaller than the last one at 3.3 but still freaky. Big bowl of roach dope, cheers!
    2015-06-30 16:07:41 UTC
    skunk22pw MaCro Smoky Mt
    2015-06-30 16:05:45 UTC
    skunk22pw Smoky Mt from Next Level Care Romoland/CA
    2015-06-30 15:54:24 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Dentist day ICK! FULLY medicated. purple paralysis topped (look close) with 100% goodness! Cheers. Have a great day!!!
    2015-06-30 15:19:41 UTC
    CoeusPrime Well, I started the day by ramming some (GS) cookies up Flippers butt and sucking them out through the nose. The day can only improve.
    2015-06-30 14:59:51 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Boaster: Charlize Theron in Monster...what I was talking about.
    2015-06-30 14:41:31 UTC
    norcaldawg Nothing! have none till tomorrow..
    2015-06-30 14:28:03 UTC
    kizzy But for now it's time for some Pineapple dabs, cheers everyone
    2015-06-30 14:22:12 UTC
    kizzy Like a kid on Xmas eve I'm anxiously awaiting arrival of some GG#4 a lil later from my friend.
    2015-06-30 14:20:24 UTC
    mmollzz Oh, and this masterpiece of glasswork is fit for no one else BUT our very own Coeus Prime. Release the Kraken! Here's to ya, friend!
    2015-06-30 13:51:43 UTC
    mmollzz Gorilla Legend Shatter spill, aisle one. Clean up help required! Super strong. Still have yet to try GG flower though, but yowza wowza!
    2015-06-30 13:50:08 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Grape Ape hash, vaping MED-USA shatter.
    2015-06-30 08:27:01 UTC
    yoganja its 130 am and i don't have any medication im studying and feel stressed
    2015-06-30 08:20:54 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG (scissor hash) Rosin :) Feeling a bit more relaxed now... soon! =-)
    2015-06-30 07:50:25 UTC


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