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    What are you smoking?

    ɳʉɠɠʑʑ 〯Fireballs 〯
    2014-04-18 00:43:52 UTC
    TheBONERCOASTER Ogre Wax, Whats up any Vegas tokers?
    2014-04-18 00:34:57 UTC
    diane1013 Vader #bongrips
    2014-04-18 00:27:33 UTC
    diane1013 deadhead og
    2014-04-18 00:27:00 UTC
    diane1013 bong
    2014-04-18 00:26:39 UTC
    Shane_72 Jupiter OG
    2014-04-18 00:20:54 UTC
    MrSensiSnax stoked! I get to surprise GanjaGoddess with a bowl of C99 when she wakes up
    2014-04-18 00:06:00 UTC
    adigitalmind Just got a delivery from what should be my new Favorite Spot. Just packed a freshie of 420 OG and this kidd is happy :)
    2014-04-18 00:04:26 UTC
    Esantana73 :)/""""" """ "" " " "
    2014-04-18 00:02:04 UTC
    Esantana73 :)
    2014-04-18 00:00:24 UTC
    Mars94 True OG and a Just Baked Oreo Bon-Bon.
    2014-04-17 23:52:13 UTC
    SDGamer619 trying to figure out how I can visit dispensaries on easter...hmm. weed helps me think. I should smoke some weed.
    2014-04-17 23:31:00 UTC
    foxyrex White Fire OG, over here in OC, this flower looks like it was dipped in sugar
    2014-04-17 23:28:00 UTC
    daripper waiting on some Lavender from PACIFIC GREENS here in San Diego...finishing up the last of pineapple express.
    2014-04-17 22:43:41 UTC
    Hannahsmom86 4:20- Denver, co...Grape ape bho and a little jib of pootie tang! Some peach gummies too!!!
    2014-04-17 22:41:50 UTC
    Stayhighkhi My own strain hmu if you wanna try (;
    2014-04-17 22:29:42 UTC
    STARPURPLE6 Lavender OG its Purple. Holy Grail and my Vaper Pen's.
    2014-04-17 22:23:45 UTC
    skunk22pw Woody
    2014-04-17 22:16:52 UTC
    nightadtr420 Liquid Butter OG Crumble. Stay lifted
    2014-04-17 22:15:10 UTC
    skunk22pw Jack H
    2014-04-17 22:14:51 UTC


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