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    What are you smoking?

    EziR420 That LION OG crumble is fire from Kush N Wax connection
    2015-03-30 22:54:05 UTC
    Nickatnight Time to harvest the Confidential Cheese, drying now. :) Cheers!
    2015-03-30 22:24:56 UTC
    tgodefren KHALIFA KUSH
    2015-03-30 22:08:41 UTC
    kizzy And a lil bud of unknown og that my friend found a seed in a bag of og kush and this is results. Yay to surprise medicating visits. Cheers
    2015-03-30 21:50:33 UTC
    kizzy 1/8th of Ghost og shatter
    2015-03-30 21:47:30 UTC
    Nickatnight my brain after half a joint of the Purple Ape, can't find the foll to walk... :)
    2015-03-30 21:43:04 UTC
    Lady Kush020 everything
    2015-03-30 21:41:31 UTC
    Tomdennis Chemdawg bong hits
    2015-03-30 21:33:21 UTC
    Nickatnight Some Purple Ape that a good friend donated to the pain relief effort, Cheers!
    2015-03-30 21:20:15 UTC
    Mt420man white widow
    2015-03-30 21:14:40 UTC
    Chain0fCommand just want to add if your california "dreaming" or some blonde swedish girls. have fun with that
    2015-03-30 20:56:58 UTC
    Chain0fCommand yo yo. chilling with bhudda. and master splinter. practicing my ninja/hunt/archery strategy. smoking on spirit of 76.
    2015-03-30 20:54:34 UTC
    ascot41989 some blueberrykush from shamrock collective 951 wowo
    2015-03-30 20:51:13 UTC
    chassy Love going to lightshade staff is always helpful happy up beat friendly and I love WHITE DAWG
    2015-03-30 20:51:55 UTC
    j4twenty Sum jena og
    2015-03-30 20:37:35 UTC
    mrcruz23 8 Ball Kush & OG Kush blunt with friends, cheers everyone!
    2015-03-30 20:35:53 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Afternoon Mappers. After lunch break with some White Indica. This bong for you crew!
    2015-03-30 20:30:18 UTC
    FattFang Right arm & shoulder still in a sling...but I have sufficient cannabis to make it through tough times
    2015-03-30 19:58:56 UTC
    FattFang Black Jack and White Widow for additional pain relief...trying to avoid the pain pills
    2015-03-30 19:44:27 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Gang, doing a drive-by to grab some ice-bong rips of Thin Mints before the brain scan...this should be entertaining..
    2015-03-30 18:44:50 UTC


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