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    What are you smoking?

    FattFang White Widow and coffee should help with the visions...
    2015-04-01 17:05:34 UTC
    FattFang Looked into the mirror about a big bowl to see...that the image was not of me...
    2015-04-01 17:03:46 UTC
    FattFang Yes, I have some left to enjoy today...Caviar Gold....yep
    2015-04-01 17:01:25 UTC
    FattFang If you cannot smell it across the room, then what....
    2015-04-01 16:58:50 UTC
    FattFang A tsunami of cannabis is helping me a great deal today...hope that you are enjoying today!
    2015-04-01 16:55:23 UTC
    420_all_daze tangerine death star
    2015-04-01 16:46:47 UTC
    janetplanet Bills have been paid...time to spark up a joint of White Widow. Then to bank and post office... Then I call for delivery...
    2015-04-01 16:09:58 UTC
    kizzy Purple Urkle on a lazy day with nothing to do for 12 hours, cheers everyone
    2015-04-01 14:56:20 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner A Sunny good morning mappers! Having coffee and a couple mixed-salad blasts. Karma to all!
    2015-04-01 14:48:57 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Hadda get up before the ladies this morning and work so hitting my hg hash and Cherry Pie out of MFLB on this dawn...
    2015-04-01 13:41:34 UTC
    BlndMJfun Presidential Kush and some Tiger's Milk and a cup of hot java to start this hump day... only 2 more days till the weekend....
    2015-04-01 11:03:48 UTC
    mrcruz23 Blue Widow, Snoop's Purple Master, 8 Ball Kush & OG Kush all in one white owl lol watermelon flavor
    2015-04-01 06:22:19 UTC
    Spotnitty Sour Diesel shatter
    2015-04-01 03:05:37 UTC
    kizzy A lil bit of this dipped in a lil bit of that. Stay lifted mappers
    2015-04-01 03:04:26 UTC
    valleyguy88 About to fire up some Durban Poison
    2015-04-01 02:53:58 UTC
    koda furlong weed salad ;3
    2015-04-01 02:44:33 UTC
    thinmint88 smoking on some good purple frost!!! super fire
    2015-04-01 01:55:32 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Mind is resting! Forest Fire topped with Antimatter kief! Hope all are pain free, and happy!
    2015-04-01 01:32:56 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD ...last of the Forest Fire... Thank Gosh I do not live in the "fire hazard zone" anymore! Cheers Map Heads!
    2015-04-01 01:21:01 UTC
    beatsboy56157 that dead head og
    2015-04-01 01:09:39 UTC


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