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    What are you smoking?

    EastBayRay Just toasted a bowl of Blueberry Kush with a little GSC crumble on top. aw yee.
    2015-05-25 15:24:34 UTC
    Flashback Jimmy Buffett (Wasted Away In Baghdad) -
    2015-05-25 15:14:26 UTC
    Mars94 Happy Memorial Day to all.
    2015-05-25 14:48:15 UTC
    CoeusPrime Takin' a chores break with some Fog Chaser and fat bowls of salad...
    2015-05-25 14:47:45 UTC
    ressletr Some Moby Dick crumble.
    2015-05-25 14:38:25 UTC
    Flashback Toby Keith LIVE, I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again AFGHANISTAN -
    2015-05-25 14:24:42 UTC
    Flashback Hayes Carll "KMAG YOYO" -
    2015-05-25 14:11:25 UTC
    Flashback Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day -
    2015-05-25 13:57:59 UTC
    OmegaBleu OG 18 from Plan B and its gas! Happy Memorial day
    2015-05-25 13:52:40 UTC
    OmegaBleu OG 18 from Plan B and its gas! Happy Memorial day
    2015-05-25 13:52:39 UTC
    CoeusPrime Happy M. Day Mappers! Def. day of rest for this vet. GSCs done and in cure. NY Diesels waiting to go.
    2015-05-25 13:06:40 UTC
    Flashback Earth OG to start this Memorial Day. Have a great day folks!
    2015-05-25 12:42:09 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Ingrid, vaping MED-USA shatter.
    2015-05-25 09:55:21 UTC
    Moonstripe11 OG Kush Sap from Strain Train. Really grateful for that delivery service!
    2015-05-25 05:39:18 UTC
    smoger59 on headband crumble from delta 9 wilmignton and a nugg of private reserve.... DABS DABS DABS BONG RIP
    2015-05-25 04:54:23 UTC
    heightedibles Enjoying some edibles :)
    2015-05-25 04:32:33 UTC
    Papa Bones Lemon Kush in Sac-Town (near check-point on Broadway and 21st.)
    2015-05-25 04:27:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Blue Dream shatter... dabs all day! Happy "Extra Day Off!" Cheers Mappers!
    2015-05-25 04:15:58 UTC
    Stoned_Hefna510 Blue Diesel and a Rhino Pellet chaser
    2015-05-25 04:13:19 UTC
    naughtybynature3 Gotta date with Blueberry cookies. Now I'm happy.
    2015-05-25 03:48:41 UTC


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