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    What are you smoking?

    kizzy Pineapple og, night mappers
    2015-08-05 06:02:58 UTC
    trapgodsaoton king Louie soul assassin Wyd tang og
    2015-08-05 05:52:52 UTC
    Esantana73 Platinum Blue Dream.
    2015-08-05 05:14:30 UTC
    SgtBowlwinkle Skywalker OG and some King Louie Bomb Bud ??????
    2015-08-05 05:06:33 UTC
    Censored Reviews China OG
    2015-08-05 03:47:07 UTC
    Lestat0311 Gorilla Cookies on the bubbler..... Adjust Fire Polar, Over!
    2015-08-05 03:08:46 UTC
    Herb Love Cookies
    2015-08-05 03:02:24 UTC
    bigjames760 Animal cookies
    2015-08-05 02:48:44 UTC
    GotMyJaysOn Sour Diesel, Tangie, Sugar Black Rose, Pineapple between the sky and the earth...
    2015-08-05 02:44:36 UTC
    highcountrygal Evening to all! A salad of a pinch from everything I have I kept all my tiny crumbles and then smokem up and tonight's that night. Whew!
    2015-08-05 01:56:30 UTC
    javila9266 Miracle Cream dam, that works.
    2015-08-05 01:00:14 UTC
    bobaloo Some hg, wishing my gals would get their bloomers showing...the plants, that is...hope y'all are having a great evening!!!
    2015-08-05 00:55:31 UTC
    janetplanet Super Blue Dream, thank you very much Madd Maxx Few dabs of Lallipop Extract Banana OG Kush Shatter (pain pill)
    2015-08-05 00:46:48 UTC
    barbonybuchon1922 PR HALO OG!!! PURO VENENO ..
    2015-08-05 00:46:19 UTC
    Mars94 Kosher Kush from Beach Center.
    2015-08-05 00:36:29 UTC
    Nickatnight a bowl of Grape Ape, preparing for a night of star gazing. Gettin' the telescope out for a good look, if the mosquitoes don't eat me alive.
    2015-08-05 00:29:38 UTC
    FattFang More ChemScout as I listen to Your Love is Lifting me Higher by Jackie Wilson...oh do I feel better...yesssss!
    2015-08-04 23:55:24 UTC
    irie_OG23 skywalker og
    2015-08-04 23:26:50 UTC
    CoeusPrime Cool! New...*something* and matching hash pipe! NYC Diesel trim bubble hash and (early) Exorcist x NYC DIesel x GSC salad.
    2015-08-04 22:55:42 UTC
    jimmyy49 Grape Platinum GSC....
    2015-08-04 22:45:34 UTC


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