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    What are you smoking?

    gphilski the flav from sshm
    2014-04-19 17:05:29 UTC
    Citizen Jane Snoop concert *sold out*, Cannabis Cup *sold out*, Red&Mef (evening show) *sold out*. Wonder if there are scalpers lol.
    2014-04-19 16:50:54 UTC
    WizKantiflas @korn007 yeah it's keeps happening to me!! Sucks that I Iost all my favs
    2014-04-19 16:48:17 UTC
    FattFang Top shelf GSC's in preparation for 420....yessssssss!
    2014-04-19 16:47:56 UTC
    skunk22pw Woody
    2014-04-19 16:36:42 UTC
    Johnnathon83 Ya It happens to me this sight keeps getting worse
    2014-04-19 16:31:24 UTC
    Citizen Jane Lemon Skunk shatter, and Bossanova Haze budder in perfect harmony... rerun pic!
    2014-04-19 16:25:34 UTC
    Reenman50 Does anyone know of any shops that sell seeds or clones?
    2014-04-19 16:24:14 UTC
    Xkornx007 What happened to all of my favorites? Why does my app crash every time I click on it?? Is that happening to anybody else?
    2014-04-19 16:23:27 UTC
    sincitykush Sugar Cookies
    2014-04-19 16:18:49 UTC
    humboldtzboy New quartz and cleaned sexyr's Hit Man. Blazed n confused for the 420 weekend. See ya' all ??
    2014-04-19 16:02:53 UTC
    ganjagodess White Widow and a dab of rx-2. Lovin life today!
    2014-04-19 16:02:42 UTC
    ashcake Morning!!! lambs breath and some solar OG wake n bake. so good ;p
    2014-04-19 15:31:52 UTC
    nrszee661 Blueberry kush and death rocket mix
    2014-04-19 15:10:36 UTC
    Vic157 Super sour dog
    2014-04-19 14:50:41 UTC
    Vic157 Super Sour Dog
    2014-04-19 14:48:28 UTC
    Riffbubba Master wax vi@ HOLY GRAIL & og bubba SALAD I MADE:)
    2014-04-19 14:47:50 UTC
    pacal420 Twas the day b4 420, when all through the house, a bong was stirring, Tahoe express shatter lol
    2014-04-19 14:28:19 UTC
    ganjagodess Follow up bowl of G-13 celebrating my mini staycation from work....4 glorious days off! Cheers!
    2014-04-19 14:23:14 UTC
    nightadtr420 Blue Dream crumble wake and bake. Stay lifted
    2014-04-19 14:18:42 UTC


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