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    Silver and Black 619 God I love blowing off plans. no work or bs today just sunshine, dabs and dogs. gonna start with some Mr. Nice and root beer with tincture
    2015-03-06 20:01:43 UTC
    The Real Nugmonster Pineapple Express from Dab-a-licious. Absolutely the best EVER!!! Available only through Chronic Care Deliveries! (Redding and Eureka, CA)
    2015-03-06 19:48:18 UTC
    synetics THE DANKEST JOINT. Moonrocks, hash, keif, and crumble wax, rolled up in a Shine 24K paper
    2015-03-06 19:37:07 UTC
    Nickatnight A bowl of Rosebud Keif to kick off the weekend, Cheers!
    2015-03-06 19:12:39 UTC
    skunk22pw kosh crumble from the honeybee_sd
    2015-03-06 18:57:46 UTC
    skunk22pw kosher crumble from the honeybee_sd
    2015-03-06 18:54:55 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Hi folks! Enjoying a lazy morning and first of 3 days off with Petes Coffee and White Window. Bongs to all!
    2015-03-06 18:40:40 UTC
    silence_coxch gorilla glue #4 taste bomb dope high
    2015-03-06 18:38:26 UTC
    CoeusPrime SELECT * FROM weedmappers WHERE elevation = 0; 0 rows returned.
    2015-03-06 17:36:23 UTC
    RaynMan206 Blue Dream to get this wkend started.
    2015-03-06 17:20:41 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Happy Friday! Annihilator... (Queen Cheese x Painkiller) Enjoy Your Day Mappers!
    2015-03-06 17:05:00 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning mappers, starting the last day of the week with some Thin Mints x Cherry Pie out of the new rig..
    2015-03-06 17:01:12 UTC
    Flashback Happy Friday folks! Up and running here with homegrown Deadhead, tea with vanilla creamer, and hot cinnamon rolls. Cheers!
    2015-03-06 16:49:50 UTC
    FattFang Coffee, Pineapple Kush, donut, sunshine, blue skies....Happy! TGIF
    2015-03-06 16:16:43 UTC
    janetplanet Happy Friday fellow mappers! Smoking on some Red Dragon thanks Madd Maxx!
    2015-03-06 13:58:33 UTC
    tinyface got some super blue dream at home, 2 hits im high im glade i waited until 2014 to start smoking
    2015-03-06 13:22:31 UTC
    BlndMJfun Starting this Friday off with green crack & presidential kush in the bowl and good ol hot black coffee in the cup... yawwwnnnn Morning
    2015-03-06 13:08:24 UTC
    Cosmos2001 Hurting like a motherfucker tonight... Dabbing some GSC Co2 wax for now... But I got 8 different oils to choose from. =]=]
    2015-03-06 09:17:32 UTC
    mrcruz23 blunt full of top shelf shake before knocking out! haha! Kottonmouth Kings "Roll Us A Joint"
    2015-03-06 08:15:14 UTC
    TEHenson81 death star og from Greek meds!!!!
    2015-03-06 07:50:20 UTC


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