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    What are you smoking?

    norcaldawg Nothing! have none till tomorrow..
    2015-06-30 14:28:03 UTC
    kizzy But for now it's time for some Pineapple dabs, cheers everyone
    2015-06-30 14:22:12 UTC
    kizzy Like a kid on Xmas eve I'm anxiously awaiting arrival of some GG#4 a lil later from my friend.
    2015-06-30 14:20:24 UTC
    mmollzz Oh, and this masterpiece of glasswork is fit for no one else BUT our very own Coeus Prime. Release the Kraken! Here's to ya, friend!
    2015-06-30 13:51:43 UTC
    mmollzz Gorilla Legend Shatter spill, aisle one. Clean up help required! Super strong. Still have yet to try GG flower though, but yowza wowza!
    2015-06-30 13:50:08 UTC
    boaster420 140mg.THC chew, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking Grape Ape hash, vaping MED-USA shatter.
    2015-06-30 08:27:01 UTC
    yoganja its 130 am and i don't have any medication im studying and feel stressed
    2015-06-30 08:20:54 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Skywalker OG (scissor hash) Rosin :) Feeling a bit more relaxed now... soon! =-)
    2015-06-30 07:50:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD A small MK Ultra b rip... and a beer! FaWK! I just want to sleep! Nocturnal sort of sucks!
    2015-06-30 07:46:01 UTC
    alwaysjammin420 anyone know where to buy seeds in San diego? looking for indica please!
    2015-06-30 07:35:33 UTC
    originalganjagoddess707 #420MedEx #dreamwreck #sfvog #diamondswisher #7gramsinmyblunt #northerncalifornia #707 #yabitch
    2015-06-30 06:25:04 UTC
    originalganjagoddess707 #dreamwreck #dope #420MedEx
    2015-06-30 06:20:21 UTC
    originalganjagoddess707 #sfvog #dope #420MedEx
    2015-06-30 06:18:30 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~~Good Evening~~ I'm enjoying my lovely banana kush wax and jamming to some Van Morrison. Sleep Tight Peeps. Sweet dreams~~~~
    2015-06-30 05:32:05 UTC
    LibradoLoc backyardboogie
    2015-06-30 04:41:02 UTC
    oldmandown Yeti OG out of a Conrad pipe
    2015-06-30 04:23:15 UTC
    kati337 Mother of berries!!! The stuff the native Americans smoked. This is one of only strains originated in US and it taste so good
    2015-06-30 04:01:42 UTC
    janetplanet Chronic Thunderfuck in my bowl! Pain pretty much gone from teeth/dentures. I'll be chewing again before I know it......
    2015-06-30 03:18:35 UTC
    valleyguy88 The last of my Purple Diesel. It's been nice.
    2015-06-30 02:48:46 UTC
    O.G.Snob Some Nice tasting PX Crumble, as always>!
    2015-06-30 02:29:05 UTC


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