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    What are you smoking?

    NetGuruINC Tangerine Dream.... sweet citrus...
    2015-03-05 00:09:08 UTC
    Hiweezy pineapple express
    2015-03-04 23:51:44 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Skywalker Og dab to get thru the kids be continued
    2015-03-04 23:24:19 UTC
    orland castro king Luis 13 kush
    2015-03-04 23:05:12 UTC
    FattFang Animal Cookies for an afternoon pause...for the cause
    2015-03-04 22:49:45 UTC
    SirNugAlot OG Kush and The White '91. Salute.
    2015-03-04 22:45:43 UTC
    mrcruz23 a couple bowls of Grandma Kush then a dab hit of Pablo Escobar OG Shatter
    2015-03-04 22:15:31 UTC
    RedwoodHippie Cherry Pie!
    2015-03-04 21:53:14 UTC
    d-lynn smoking on some silver dragon.. happy wednesday!
    2015-03-04 21:36:29 UTC
    CoeusPrime I would be smoking Cherry Pie in this gifted pipe but....the question is in the pic. I am stumped. Any help?
    2015-03-04 21:32:59 UTC
    Chuystaylit659 smoking on some girl scout cookies !! ;)
    2015-03-04 21:23:19 UTC
    420smokr Smokin on some King Louie & Louie tha 13th. Bomb Happy Hump Day People.......
    2015-03-04 21:12:35 UTC
    blazenfire420 is smoking some LA OG! ;) ?
    2015-03-04 21:00:47 UTC
    mmollzz These buds of Sour Patch Kids are having way too much fun. I'm gonna join 'em. How's everyone today? xo/m
    2015-03-04 20:33:48 UTC
    marina626 smoken on that lavender kush
    2015-03-04 20:28:55 UTC
    FattFang Girl Scout Cookies left from January in a bowl...should I puff now, or wait after lunch...
    2015-03-04 19:36:00 UTC
    inglewoodgreen half n' half Yoda OG/Presidential OG in a king zig zag with copious amounts of keif.. happy wednesday guys
    2015-03-04 19:11:47 UTC
    CoeusPrime Vaping Thin Mints to keep the day a rolling stone...or a rolling MnMs...or maybe roll an MnM..yeah that's the ticket..
    2015-03-04 18:46:03 UTC
    Papa Bones OG Kush w/ Mystery Sativa for balance; Watching my fams babies grow in the morning mist.
    2015-03-04 16:58:54 UTC
    Mars94 When I Was Done Dying.
    2015-03-04 16:49:46 UTC


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