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    What are you smoking?

    Alwaysblue9 Happy 4:20
    2015-07-31 23:21:01 UTC
    crimson1 Alien Mindfuck after a long week !!
    2015-07-31 23:09:24 UTC
    pushahippy smokin on some go from DNC ! its LIT ! photos on twitter-@pushahippy
    2015-07-31 22:08:33 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD MAYHEM Blue Dream tokes! Meds administered to Germy"! 1 poor baby chick, I've been caring for!
    2015-07-31 21:24:05 UTC
    firesmoke420 smoking on wax
    2015-07-31 21:21:39 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 I feel like I won BOTH SHOWCASES on the showcase showdown!!!!!!! ~Skunk One~ SO grateful!!!!!
    2015-07-31 20:18:16 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 GIRL SCOUT COOKIE!!! FINALLY!!!!! FIRST EVER (WALK IN) DISPENSARY OPENED. Of course I was there silly! HISTORY!!!!
    2015-07-31 20:10:24 UTC
    Israfel Paris Og............
    2015-07-31 20:01:03 UTC
    CoeusPrime (Late) Morning kids! Finished moving an MK Ultra and Crititcal Sensi Star to bloom, transplanted 6 others to stage 2 veg. GSC in da bowl.
    2015-07-31 18:06:32 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Blue Dream Dab or 3, with 2nd cup of coffee! TGIF Mappers! Stay Cool! Enjoy the Blue Moon tonight!
    2015-07-31 17:55:21 UTC
    mmollzz Well medicated on strong Sour OG and loading up some Super Silver Haze shatter into the vape. Coffee's on too, puff, slurp, pass! xo/m
    2015-07-31 16:16:10 UTC
    RaynMan206 Phat bongs of Kimbo Kush in celebration of Russell Wilsons contract extension!!! Go Hawks!!!
    2015-07-31 15:51:36 UTC
    Arch.Mish Blue Dream on a nice summer day morning, you can't ask for anything higher than this.
    2015-07-31 14:51:53 UTC
    highcountrygal What a way to start the day! GG#4 and a cuppa N@N's superior coffee. Thanks to Chron Don for the best of the best!
    2015-07-31 14:46:39 UTC
    d-lynn Blondie oil (candyland X gdp X bay 11) on a happy friday! re-upping today (ahh, korovas), vegas this weekend. til then, mayhem all day!
    2015-07-31 14:24:12 UTC
    BlndMJfun Friday at last, starting this one off with yep, you guessed it, Presidential Kush and java in the cup!! Happy Friday, make it a great one
    2015-07-31 12:26:11 UTC
    Olmos3020 Going to sleep after smoking on this Blue Dream ??
    2015-07-31 08:35:33 UTC
    mast3rmind Animal Cookies
    2015-07-31 07:30:53 UTC
    winksatyou monster cookies
    2015-07-31 07:30:39 UTC
    mrcruz23 last joint for today/tonight Platinum Blue Dream
    2015-07-31 06:08:36 UTC


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