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10 LGBTQ+-owned brands to support this month and every month

Discover these LGBTQIA+ cannabis growers, artisans, and crafters you can support all year long.

The 8 best mint strains

Mint cultivars share a common attribute: a minty exhale that belies a super dank high. Learn more about our favorite mint cannabis strains.
Join us as we celebrate cannabis legend Swami Chaitanya's 80th birthday.
The scene is set: your weed is rolled or packed, cushions are fluffed, your plateful of snacks is piled high and ready to be indulged — all you need now is something to watch.

The 8 best Diesel strains

If your local dispensaries are like mine, they probably stock some variation of Diesel: Sour Diesel, NY Sour Diesel, East Coast Diesel, East Coast Sour Diesel ... you understand. There's…

What Spannabis 2023 says about the state of the weed world

The scene outside Spannabis, a massive European cannabis expo lighting up Barcelona since 2002, looked like your average weed fest — at first. Smoke hung heavy in the spring air. Cacophonous waves…
To the sophisticated Zodiac stoner, Aries season is the landrace strain of astrological signs — not only is it wild and explosive, but it also comes first. The Zodiac wheel…