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Why we should be smelling weed before we buy it

Before I trained my nose on how to sniff out the dominant terpenes in cannabis, buying weed was a hazy, opaque mess.

The Drop: 6 strains hitting menus in July

This month, with 7/10 being right around the corner, this roundup is all gas no brakes with Wonderbrett, 710 Labs, and more.
I am that perennial THC aficionado for whom hemp flowers can often fly under the radar. Despite expertise that informs me otherwise, packing a bowl with hemp nugs can feel…
Every now and then you come across a weed strain that is too high to handle. For this seasoned stoner, that strain is Blackberry Kush.
This week, we look at releases by Monogram, Select, and more.
The current market for hand-held cannabis vaporizers has become intensely competitive. With all the advanced features and add-ons, you have to be honest and ask yourself: “what works for me…
Maggie Connors is the founder and CEO of Besito, an Los Angeles-based cannabis brand specializing in "mini-joint" prerolls of classic California-grown strains. Besito was recently acquired by vertically integrated Bay…
While I'm not convinced of the real-world utility of testing anyone for cannabis, I can understand the trepidation when it comes to potentially failing a random drug test.
Grab a joint and fire up these hazy movies for the summer vibes.