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Danté Jordan is a freelance cannabis writer, video producer, and consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. His work focuses on cannabis strains, products, education, and culture. Danté has been featured on Weedmaps, Leafly, The Bluntness, Wikileaf, Ganjapreneur, and many other cannabis news sites. You can connect with him at dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom), or (at)dante_jordan on Instagram.

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How to use a dab pen


There are plenty of devices to help you consume concentrates. For those who want to do so while in motion, there are plenty of vape pen and dab pen options on the market. Dab pens are great for people who want to consume a variety...

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Chillum One Hitter Glass Pipe

Chillums explained: How to use a chillum


There are a bunch of dope smoking devices that can get you blazed. Some are made for flower, some for hash, and some can do both. One favorite do-both device is the chillum. Here's our guide to what you should know about the history of...

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