Introducing the
Brands Experience

Benefits for Cultivators, Manufacturers, and Processors

People are Becoming
Brand Loyal

The marijuana industry is maturing, and it’s making way for the birth of increasing consumer loyalty to cannabis brands. With legalization and further commoditization of the plant we love, brand familiarity, exposure and positioning will be what sets you apart from the competition. The Weedmaps Brands Experience is a smart way for your business to establish a strong industry foothold, establish better relationships with dispensaries and delivery services, and get your products in the hands of more consumers.

Leverage your Place
in the Weedmaps

The key to strong brand identity is visibility. The more visible your brand and products are on Weedmaps, the more traffic your brand’s page will enjoy. Once a user is on your brand page, they can browse their favorite products and see which dispensary and delivery services carry that product nearby. That, in turn, drives traffic to the dispensary and delivery pages, which makes it more appealing for retailers to keep your product in stock to enhance their own visibility. It’s a win-win.

How It Works

Being a Weedmaps top advertiser brings both credibility and visibility to your business—consumers trust Weedmaps to curate the best product discovery experience. Featured placement on Weedmaps means securing a top spot, which comes with the first right of refusal for placement changes. Simply put, once you’re part of the Weedmaps family, you won’t lose your prime spot unless you opt out.

We’ve created an algorithm in organic sections to establish a ranking determined by the number of Weedmaps Verified endorsements, reviews, followers and the favorite count on each of your products. Encouraging your brand-loyal fans to follow your brand on Weedmaps brings more attention to the dispensaries and delivery services that carry that product, which results in an increased desire for shops to feature your products on their shelves.

Enhance your Page with Listing Plus (LP)

The Weedmaps Brands Experience is free for all brands, but our Listing Plus (LP) section provides maximum value. Listing Plus enhances your brand’s visibility throughout the Weedmaps platform thanks to regional placement. When brands purchase LP in the regions where their products are sold (or will be sold), more dispensaries and delivery services populate in the “Find Near Me” section, making it more appealing for retailers to keep your products in stock. Contact a Weedmaps rep to find out more about the benefits of Listing Plus.


  • Searchable in the “Business” name search field
  • “Find Near Me” feature is limited to three (3) results
  • Add, edit and remove products
  • Limited to adding products in a single category
  • Limited to five (5) products
  • Not assigned to a specific region

Listing Plus

  • Searchable in the “Business” name search field
  • Unlimited visibility in the “Find Near Me” feature
  • Visible in all categories
  • Integration with Instagram and YouTube
  • Unlimited brand description length
  • Add products to multiple categories
  • Add, edit and remove products
  • Post an official response to reviews
  • Visibility on interactive map
  • Change your Brand’s description, avatar and hero banner

Premium placement also available

Call sales to get started:

Do you have Followers?

From product notifications to tailored deals, we have big plans for our “follow” feature. At launch, your fans will be able to “follow” your brand page. This creates a shortcut on their profile so that every time a Weedmaps user logs in they can more quickly and easily find your products. In the future, this feature will evolve to allow you to communicate directly with consumers who follow your brand. Make sure to remind your fans to show their love by following your page which will enhance your brand’s placement in search results.

The “Find Near Me” Feature

All brand and product pages have a map and list that is geo-targeted to direct customers to the nearby stores and delivery services that carry your products. This experience is limited on the free version while Listing Plus allows unlimited results in this section.

Weedmaps Verification

In any rapidly expanding market, you’ll find countless examples of people counterfeiting premium products, ripping off the credibility of brand names and putting consumers in danger of wasting their money on something that is not the real deal. Weedmaps wants to put an end to this practice.

We created Weedmaps Verified to give people trust in the cannabis buying process by ensuring retailers are authorized sellers of your brand. Consumers are starting to look exclusively for products with the WM Verified Seal on retailer menus because they know it means they’ll get a consistent product with every verified purchase. Make sure you are verifying stores that carry your authentic products as often as possible.

The 45-Day Rule

Historically, brands have had little control over a dispensary buying their product and then selling it over the span of many months. As the industry evolves, so does the consumer and they are looking for fresh, high-quality cannabis with every transaction. With WM Verified, once a menu item has been verified for 45 days, the brand is notified and has the option to extend the verification another 45 days or let it expire. If the brand does not re-verify their product, the WM Verified Seal will drop off the product on the retailer’s menu, signifying to users the product is either not authentic or not as fresh as when it was first dropped off. This can serve as a convenient reminder for retailers and brands to have continuous conversations about inventory needs and availability to give you helpful insight for your product development team.

The Future of the
Brands Experience

We have been contemplating the Weedmaps Brands Experience for quite some time now, and we are very excited to get our first version out. But, we’re even more excited about what we’ll have in store in the near future. Our devs are working around the clock to bring you the next set of features.

  • Lab test results at the brand level
  • Expanded features for following brands and favoriting products
  • Physician approved products
  • Enhanced discovery section for improved shopping and research