Everything you need to know about Puffco's New Peak Pro

Puffco keeps innovating, and the beneficiaries are all those who love smoking hash. From the original Peak to the Peak Pro to the Puffco Proxy and its Wizard and Droplet accessories, the brand's been putting numbers on the board for over a decade. 

Now, they've come with another big bang: the New Peak Pro. Below, find out everything you need to know about this latest release.

What is the New Peak Pro?

You might've called it the Puffco Peak Pro 2.0 or Puffco Peak Pro v2, but her proper name is “New Peak Pro.” It's an electronic dab rig that makes dabbing on any level, beginner or expert, as simple as possible. 

It's the same device you know and love, with a few physical and technological upgrades.

How do you use the New Peak Pro?

Once you activate your device, you'll see that the performance is up to par with the quality you have come to expect from the Puffco e-rig pioneers. Depending on how much hash you drop into the atomizer, you'll get big, full clouds of vapor that will seemingly dab forever.

Design and features

The New Peak Pro has a vortex-shaped glass bubbler with five air holes in the base, which increases airflow through the bubbler. The New Pro's base is also designed in a way that turns the entire device into a flashlight.

New Puffco Peak Pro Photo by: Puffco

The classic Peak Pro was built with real-time temperature control and Bluetooth app. The New Peak includes these elements, along with:  

  • 3D chamber atomizer: heats your concentrate from the sides of the chamber – not the bottom – preserving tasty terpenes and cannabinoids for an all-around better hit.
  • Joystick ball cap: improved airflow with the new directional cap, making moving concentrate around the chamber easier than ever.

The New Peak Pro comes in two colors: Onyx (Black) and Pearl (White). It retails at $420.

Temperature and settings

The New Peak Pro's real-time temp control keeps a consistent temperature throughout your session.

  • Blue (Standard): 490°F 
  • Green (High): 510°F
  • Red (Max): 530°F 
  • White (Peak): 575°F

With the Peak Pro, the most significant feature is its app capabilities. The brand has a Puffco app (Path Browser) where you can check your device's battery settings, heat settings, and temperatures. It allows complete customization — you can use “Vapor Control” to change these preset settings to whatever temperature, lighting style, session duration, and vapor level you want.

The mood lighting options are incredibly fun, as you can make your Puffco Peak look like it's dancing. Hologram and Disco were my personal favorites.

Puffco Peak Pro Battery Life

The New Peak Pro heats within 20 seconds, gets you about 40 sessions per battery, and only takes two hours to charge from completely dead to completely full. You use the New Peak Pro just like the Peak Pro: fill it with water, load some dabs, and let the technology do all the work.

How to clean the New Peak Pro

The New Peak Pro is relatively easy to clean.

Hit the atomizer with a cotton swab for a quick clean to ensure no leftover residue interrupts your next dab. 

For a deep clean, soak the atomizer in isopropyl alcohol, rinse it out, and let it dry. Use a cotton swab covered in alcohol to hit the inside components of the Peak's base without getting it too wet. Check the video above for detailed instructions.

The New Peak Pro consumer experience

My New Peak Pro experience included some nice Georgie Pie Ice Water Hash from Rosin Tech Labs. Fresh out the gate, the New Peak Pro gave big vapor clouds. Usually, I let the Green setting ride out, and that's good enough for me. But this time, I decided to have a few different sessions with customized temperatures because hey, if the technology is there, why not use it? It was a good decision. 

Dabbing at 514°F brought out those sweet, gassy, fruity flavors I wanted. Plus, it minimized cough. I still coughed (cause that's how my body is built), but the dabs weren't too hot to handle.

The biggest sleeper win of the New Peak Pro is how it doesn't retain water when you pour it out. That was always a concern with the old one. You had to set the glass by a window and let it air out before storing it, or else you'd have little droplets rolling around that might end up in your base. Now, all of the water pours out without any leftover nuisances. Hell yeah, brother.

Is the New Peak Pro worth it?

As soon as you open the box, you'll get excited by the design of the New Peak Pro. That textured base is sexy, makes the device look futuristic, and you get the ego boost of pulling it out and hearing someone say, “Is that the new one?” You damn right it is, my boy.

In the end, you know what you're getting from Puffco and its products: sleek design, excellent quality, user-friendly, and world-class customization. Puffco's mission is to maximize the hash-consuming experience for everyone in the world in every way possible. The New Peak Pro does just that.

Looking for a different experience? Check out the best dab rigs available right now.

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