Weed dispensaries in Oakland, CA

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    Weed dispensaries in Oakland, CA

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in Oakland, California

    Residents of Oakland and the greater Bay Area have a longer history with cannabis than much of the rest of the country. A progressive culture around the Bay has largely tolerated recreational cannabis use since the 1970s, despite state and federal laws against the drug. Here’s what to know about visiting an Oakland dispensary.

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    Cannabis Laws to Know in Oakland

    Efforts to legalize recreational weed across California began in 1972, and ballot measures appeared frequently between 2009 and 2016, when voters finally passed legal, adult-use cannabis in the state. Meanwhile, Oakland legalized medical cannabis as early as 1995, and California’s Proposition 215 established a statewide medical marijuana program shortly after. As a result, Oakland enjoys both recreational and medical marijuana legally and culturally.

    Recreational and Adult-Use Cannabis

    Adults aged 21 years and up can legally purchase recreational cannabis from licensed dispensaries around Oakland, CA. California law limits recreational users to purchasing and possessing at maximum 1 ounce of dry flower or up to 8 grams of concentrates at a time, which includes at home or within a private space like a vehicle. It is legal to transfer up to the possession limit of cannabis goods to another of-age adult, as long as the cannabis is a gift and not paid for in any way.

    Medical Marijuana

    The earliest Oakland medical marijuana programs were hardly more advanced than a buyer’s cooperative that strove to get cannabis to people suffering from a serious illness, particularly AIDS. Unfortunately, the coop was sued by the Federal Government, and the Supreme Court determined the system to be unlawful.

    Since then, California residents with valid medical marijuana cards are allowed to purchase cannabis products at medical dispensaries. Medical users can purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of dry flower, and they are subject to lower taxes and fewer restrictions than recreational users.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oakland

    If you are interested in acquiring a medical marijuana card in California, you need to meet a few qualifications first. You will need to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition, which is typically a severe and chronic disease, and you need a doctor to recommend cannabis use as treatment. You also need identification that proves you live in Alameda County, where Oakland exists as the county seat. Using the county’s Public Health Department website, you must submit your application as well as a $100 application fee. You should receive your card in the mail within a few weeks.

    Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Oakland?

    Unfortunately, California does not permit the public consumption of cannabis anywhere. Even in a progressive place like Oakland, you can get in trouble for partaking in public view, no matter if you have a medical marijuana card. The only exception to this rule is the cannabis smoking lounge, which allows like-minded cannabis users to gather and toke in a semi-public space.

    It should go without saying that it is illegal to use any amount of cannabis and drive. In fact, having an open container of weed in your vehicle is grounds for serious penalties. Vehicle passengers, also, are not allowed to partake while the vehicle is in motion.

    The safest place to enjoy THC in Oakland is a private residence. However, those renting or living in multi-family homes like condos or townhomes might verify with landlords and neighbors that cannabis use is acceptable.

    Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Oakland

    Oakland dispensaries are some of the best in the country, because California boasts an optimal climate for growing your own. In Oakland as in the rest of the state, adults over 21 are allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants per household — or 12 for those with medical marijuana cards. Cultivation can occur outdoors, as long as the garden is not visible or accessible by the public, and you can even build your own shed or greenhouse to support your sticky green hobby.

    How to Buy Cannabis at an Oakland dispensary

    Visiting a recreational Oakland dispensary is as easy as bringing your 21+ ID and some cash to a local shop. The city doesn’t determine what hours dispensaries can operate, but most are open from mid-morning, around 10AM, to mid-evening, around 9PM. Currently, whether dispensaries can offer home delivery remains a legal gray area; you might be able to order delivery through a third-party service, depending on where you live in Oakland. Curbside pickup has also been legalized.

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Oakland?

    Cannabis prices across California are notoriously high, and you can expect to pay a premium for legal cannabis from a licensed Oakland dispensary. You should expect to pay over $20 for a gram of middling-quality flower — before tax. Of course, medical users will likely enjoy lower prices, but concentrates, edibles. and other processed cannabis products will cost more.

    That said, Oakland dispensaries often run specials offering discounts, especially when you buy a higher quantity. 

    Cannabis Taxes in Oakland

    California boasts some of the highest cannabis taxes in the U.S. In addition to the price of the product, you can expect to pay at a dispensary in Oakland, CA, a:

    • 15% excise tax

    • 7.25% state sales tax

    • 10% local business tax

    Though the Oakland City Council has plans to lower its local tax, they have not moved to do so as yet. Fortunately, these tax revenues are going to important services around the city and state. California currently devotes 60% of its cannabis tax revenues to anti-drug programs, 20% to environmental initiatives, and 20% to public safety grants.