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screen of green method

A complete guide to trellising your cannabis plants


It doesn't matter if you're growing a few cannabis plants in your home garden or starting a commercial operation, the goal of most marijuana cultivators is to yield as much bud as possible every harvest. To achieve that shared goal, growers select the best genetics...

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cannabis extraction

The basics of hydrocarbon extraction


Any reputable extractor will tell you, the most common methods of extraction and concentration are far from new. Hydrocarbons like butane, propane, and hexane have been used for food extractions since the 1970s. This is because a small number of hydrocarbons are organic solvents, capable...

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at home indoor cannabis cultivation

Everything you need to know about DIY grow tents


America's move towards cannabis legalization has come with plenty of upsides, but if you ask us, the proliferation of homegrown weed is near the top of the list. As more states enact legalization laws that welcome personal pot farming, geography, weather, and residential restrictions are...

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indoor cannabis cultivation lighting

How to choose indoor cannabis grow lights


Indoor grow lights are known for facilitating large yields of high-quality cannabis and can help you take your harvest to the next level. But how do you begin to choose if you're just starting your indoor grow journey? To help you choose the best grow...

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thc research

A brief history of THC


If cannabis was a band, it would be fair to call THC the lead vocalist. Between countless pop culture references and its mind-altering psychoactive properties, it's no wonder that THC is familiar to many. But who discovered THC and how did we come to know...

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CBD oil research lab testing

Who discovered CBD?


For such a tiny molecule, CBD has captured a ton of interest in recent years. CBD is now ubiquitous as a medicine and a nutraceutical, with users relying on it to ease ills as diverse as anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.  While it may seem difficult...

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cannabis hydroponic growing

A beginner's guide to hydroponic growing


As a cannabis cultivator, you have an array of choices when it comes to growing your own herb at home — outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation, to name a few. But what about hydroponic growing mediums? Could this futuristic-sounding, soil-free method be the right solution...

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cannabis super soil

What is super soil?


As cannabis legalization has proceeded in patchwork fashion across the US, in many states — where it's legal to purchase and consume cannabis — you still can't grow your own plants. For example, in some states like Colorado and California, adults are allowed to cultivate...

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cannabis plant larf

Larf and the cannabis plant, explained


Growing a healthy, potent, and healing cannabis plant is not as simple as those beautifully packaged dispensary buds would lead you to believe. Regardless of the strain or whether that crop is grown indoors or outside, cannabis needs to be grown in ideal conditions and...

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medical cannabis

Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency: when does it happen and why?


This article was republished with permission from The Cannigma. Read the original article. Modern medicine has become quite advanced when it comes to treating our medical needs, but meanwhile still has a ways to go with many conditions remaining a mystery, both in their cause...

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