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Social Distancing in California? Try These 15 Eighths to Pass the Time

Weedmaps News October 17, 2019   2:31 pm PDT | Updated 3 years ago

Now that coronavirus has changed life as we know it, we need weed more than ever. Not only are eighths the perfect portion of pot, they're also a great way to explore new strains, highs, and ways of being alone. 

Whether you're splurging, coping with the isolation of quarantine one big, beautiful blunt at a time, or rationing precious supplies into a week's worth of one hitter bowls, you're going to need a lot more than just one eighth to deal with the weeks and, more likely, months ahead.

In an effort to help us all through the trials of social distancing and the ultimate anxiety that is existing during a pandemic, Weedmaps News has heroically embarked on some extensive stoner research, highlighting the best and brightest of what's hot on the flower market. 

From the fragrant and affordable to the mind-numbing and crystalline, here are some eighths to try right now. 

Caliva | SDLK and Alien OG

One of California's most celebrated cannabis brands, Caliva dispensaries offer classic buds that are consistent and clean. Delivering a relaxed “by the beach” vibe, each eighth is packaged in light and airy jars reminiscent of the effects within.

If you enjoy a playful session, reach for the bright 26.32% THC Sour Diesel Lemon Kush. Perfect for getting through all those creative projects you may have been putting off before quarantine. 

For a more spacey and relaxed smoke, try Alien OG — complete with a whopping 33.6% THC onset. 

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Lowell Herb Co. | The Gossip

Lowell Herb Co., the California brand loved by big name celebs and regular name stoners alike, launched a new strain in honor of International Women's Day called The Gossip. It's a hybrid, it's grown by women, and it's incredible. 

Hildi Gerhard, owner/cultivator of Fire Flower Farm (with whom Lowell partnered to grow the strain) had this to say of the name's origins: “Whenever we would talk with friends, family or buyers about what we planned to grow last year we spent a lot time talking about this strain in particular. It organically just became La Chisme or The Gossip, around our farm throughout the season.” 

Coming in at 27% THC, it packs more energy than zone-out. It's a great choice when chatting on the phone with an old friend, going live on Instagram, or engaging in some other kind of virtual chill sesh. 

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Claybourne and Co. | Power Packs

Claybourne and Co., the desert-based California cannabis company known for good prices, great weed, and the soon to be Power Pack: an ingenious invention that adds an optional dollop of kief to the eighth equation. 

The Power Pack takes 3.5 grams of small nugs of dankweed (like Kush Mints, testing at 30.16% THC), and adds a little jar full of kief (a gram coming in at 43% THC, complete with tiny shovel), to the mix. It's truly a game changer that'll keep things interesting no matter how boring the 117th episode of Real Housewives has become. 

Like the outcome of this awful situation we find ourselves in, the possibilities are endless.

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Korova | Red Dragon

Korova is an OG cannabis brand who used to be known for making some of the most potent edibles on the market. Then 2016 brought a tidal wave of dosage caps, child locks, and other red tape that all but obliterated the early edibles we knew and loved. But that didn't stop the resilient stoners over at Korova from getting us high af.

Korova's flower is next level potent, and we're especially excited about their Red Dragon eighth, a cross between Brazilian Haze and West Himalyan Kush with upwards of 90% sativa lineage. 

With a fruity, skunky, and super duper heady, this is a super fun weed for daytime crafting, knitting, drawing, or partaking in other Victorian-era ways of passing the time. 

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THC Design | Crescendo

The master growers at THC Design have outdone themselves with Crescendo, a strain as magnificent as the word itself. The high emulates its namesake, a super strong sativa whose diesel finish builds into a, well, crescendo, shooting you into the stars while maintaining mental clarity. 

With a THC level of 30% and a Chem Dawg lineage, this eighth will take you on a cerebral trip to space, even when you can't physically leave your house for god knows how much longer. Great for getting high in the daytime, and managing symptoms of stress, depression and fatigue. wWhich, coincidentally, are all side effects of the Pandemic. 

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Cookies | Cereal Milk

When you visit California, you're bound to run into a blue Cookies package. The brand has evolved since its 2012 founding by rapper and entrepreneur Berner, and longtime Bay Area cultivator and respected breeder Jigga, into a cultural accessory with some quality buds to back up the clout. 

Strains from the Cookies Fam have become more popular over time by rappers Wiz Khalifa, Logic, and B-Real. Available in California, its designer eighths are one of the cool, fashionable, cultural touchpoint brands that are transcending the old cannabis culture and entering a new fashion era, bringing the clout of the OG cannabis community with them. Cookies eighths hover around $60 to $70 a piece. Its West Hollywood location made our list of the best cannabis dispensaries in and around the city, and its OG status has been earned. 

A new favorite strain, Cereal Milk, tests  THC at around 25% to 26% consistently. The sweet, pungent Cereal Milk's parentage can be traced to The Y, Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie and Snowman.

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Alien Labs | Area 41

Alien Labs is well-known for its innovative lineup out in California since its founding in 2015. They also have  a veracious following on Instagram. Growing out of Sacramento and serving unique strains across California, some of Alien's current rotation includes  Banana Milk, Melonade and Baklava

Alien Labs' eighths are going to be one of the more expensive on the list, upwards of $100. The Area 41 is founder Ted Lidie's favorite strain. Lately, recent batches show THC percentages of 23.1% to 27.2% and batches test consistently around 31.7% for total cannabinoids.

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Connected Cannabis Co. | Biscotti

Connected Cannabis Co. is another cannabis company that puts “designer strains” at the forefront. They are as highly decorated in awards as they are highly sought after.  Beloved strains from the Connected crew include Gushers, Smarties, Sunset Sherbert Plus, and more, many of which are winners from the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

While Connected's strains come at lofty prices, high-end smokers gravitate to them anyway. Even at $100 an eighth, one dispensary in Santa Ana, California, told Weedmaps News it sells out constantly. 

Recent batches of Biscotti range from 24% up to 27.75% in THC, with total cannabinoids showing upwards of 32.73%. It's a cross between South Florida OG and Gelato 25, and contains sizeable percentages of cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), as well as terps heavy in aromatic beta-caryophyllene, limonene and linalool

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True Humboldt | Purple Punch

The Purple Punch from True Humboldt is bliss. Known for growing stunning outdoor cannabis at affordable prices, a recent batch of Purple Punch clocked in at 23.14% total cannabinoids with 19.82% THC. 

True Humboldt is represented by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild, a group of 200 Northern California-based outdoor cultivators with a goal of destigmatizing the prohibition that has hung over Humboldt County, taking its accessibility and tourism mainstream. 

Sun-grown strains from True Humboldt are, as the company says on its Weedmaps page, “steeped in timeless tradition … home to the terpene-rich terroir that is Northern California sun-grown.” Indulge in Purple Punch, a skunky, berry-scented strain that's a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG

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Jungle Boys | Motor Breath

To stoners in the know, the Jungle Boys brand precedes itself. Cannabis Now has called them the most respected cultivators in California. Jungle Boys eighths are sold exclusively at TLC, founded in 2006, and the Los Angeles Farmers dispensary. 

Jungle Boys is “family- and friend-owned,” as well as a unique cultural brand for LA with its own clothing line. Known for exotics including Jungle Cake and Wedding Pie, Jungle Boys has a unique new strain, Motor Breath, that's a skunky, “stings-the-nostrils” hybrid. 

Around $60 an eighth, Motor Breath is moderately priced for insane quality. A recent Motor Breath batch from October tested at a whopping 40.53% total cannabinoids and 37.87% total THC. Vroom vroom.

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The Cure Company | Marathon OG

The Marathon OG grown by The Cure Company has a legendary Los Angeles legacy. This powerful indica cultivar was bred by The Cure Company in collaboration with late rapper Nipsey Hussle. “This is L.A. man, we grew up smoking OG,” the rapper said in an interview, “I wanted my brand to be a pure OG.” 

Its profile is lemony, earthy, robust. A few recent lab testing batches show total cannabinoids up to 32.14%, with 29.1% THC. The scent can knock you over with a strong terpene profile hovering around 4% containing beta-pinene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. Weedmaps reviewers praise Marathon OG for its fruity, sour flavor, and sang their own tune of this sentiment: RIP Nipsey. 

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Cut&Dry | Work, Play, Rest

Brand new this year, Cut&Dry recently launched their first line of eighths. Sourced from Southern California farms that only use unadulterated genetics, each flower specifically  enhances whichever activity you want to elevate:  

  • “Work” is designed to increase creativity and productivity — even if you're having a hard time focusing at home. 
  • “Play” will keep you up and energized. Smoke this before hopping on your next Zoom happy hour. 
  • “Rest” is perfect before bed or when you need to take the edge off. 

22Red | Church22

Founded by System of a Down's Shavo Odadjian, 22Red is a cannabis lifestyle brand now offering its own line of premium cannabis. 

Their most celebrated strain? Church22. Piney and relaxing, it's a smooth hybrid that caught the attention of Odadjian years ago. Church22 has become a bestseller and inspiration for the whole set. 

Aster Farms | Citrique

Mendocino-based Aster Farms is environmentally conscious and responsible for growing some of the best weed in the world. If you don't believe me, try their Citrique. 

This sparkling sativa hybrid is high in terpenes, bursting with notes of fragrant orange, sour lime, and terpy lemon. It also has high levels of GBGA, a cannabinoid responsible for that classic stoney, blissful feeling. Great for daytime use and doing your best to maintain productivity in pajamas.

Maven | Blueberry Skittles and Medusa  

Industry veterans Maven have more than 20 years in the weed game, which is obvious when you take one look at the stunning, potent flower they bring into the world. 

Their energizing Blueberry Skittles, comes in between 26-30%THC and explodes with fruity, blueberry flavor. The high is upbeat, exciting and super capable. Or you can relax with Medusa. She's gorgeous, frosty green with dark purple accents, and comes in at 26.34% THC. 

*Also available in Kansas 

By Lindsay MaHarry and Lindsey Bartlett