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The #1 trusted brand in cannabis.


This is: our refined line of classic cannabis products made to be easy, fun and consistent so you know how you’ll feel, everytime. From your coffee table to the top of a mountain, Caliva Collection is the essence of cannabis refined.


You are: an informed yet classy consumer looking for fun, trusted, convenient and consistent cannabis experiences to suit your healthy and hectic lifestyle.


We’ve got something for everyone.

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I never write reviews but this place is AMAZING!!

Ok so I never write reviews for anything, but I absolutely had to for this place! The place is huge and looks gorgeous inside. The process of getting in is super quick and efficient and the customer service was just outstanding! The ladies at the front dest were super helpful and kind and very informative. Daniel Douglass, who helped me at the counter was so sweet, funny, and awesome with wonderful customer service! I just moved here from the east coast so I had no idea what I should get, but he was so kind and patient with me and walked me through their products and had great suggestions! Speaking of which, their products are sooo great and I even got a $5 off token as a first time customer! I will certainly be returning and this will definitely be my go to dispensary! :)


I am so impressed with the customer service, the speed of delivery, the accuracy of the order, courtesy of the driver if that doesn't get you to call theres the quality of product which is superb. Definitely will order from again and again and........

Lies.. cannabis on your terms? Yea right!

You can’t get a proper ounce... you can’t barely get a quarter! They want to sell you weight in eight increments.. who the fuck wants to pays for 8 eighths to buy an ounce?!... and now they can’t even get you in and out in less then 15-20 mins... it’s a shame.. this place had potential... but the streets are watching everyone’s movements and Caliva isn’t official anymore