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Researchers have developed a way to determine the viability of pollen germination in marijuana plants, according to a new study.

Setting the record straight about CBD and Coronavirus

Pandemics throughout history make people frantic for a cure, and snake oil salesmen have been hustling “cures” for millennia. CBD is no exception.
The DEA) has removed a marijuana-based medication from the list of federally controlled substances.

Weed & Coronavirus: Guide to Cleaning Your Cannabis Gear

Keep the cleaning supplies nearby and follow our guide to cleaning your cannabis gear. You probably have the time now that you’re social distancing.

Weed & Coronavirus: Guide to Staying In and Social Distancing

What it means to isolate, stop the spread of germs, and follow our guide to making the most out of social distancing.
Is nano CBD a genuine innovation, or a gimmick to help companies differentiate themselves from the pack?
Probably not as effective.