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What Are You Smoking On?


Where does one begin from here? I am HellSpawn from the mighty 326 Crüe in Killafornia Nice to meet you WM

spawn3263 minutes ago

I have a high tolerance and have always bought from lab tested deliveries. I assume they will have the highest percentage that may nit be true, however, I live in Southern California.

jamielu19 minutes ago

Mmj best looking bud ever

greenherb42032 minutes ago

Who got green for sale in Chico?

Dannysoliz5150about 1 hour ago

Lightshade is a great dispensary with plenty of locations. Always great choices AN the garage doors at 6th Ave& Clarkson are my favorite. Check them out if in the area.

Shorty5280about 1 hour ago

M.O.B. (hybrid) from High Desert Green Care in Cali - this shit is straight 🔥🔥🔥!!! It's frosty AF, smells great, tastes delicious, gives you a Sativa-heavy high for about 30 minutes and ends with an Indica-heavy high that will put you to sleep.

HighDesertPandaabout 1 hour ago

Smoking that dank Dark Lord as we speak 😌

poppinprincessabout 1 hour ago

Hurricane + Kurvana Sour Diesal= Sabado Gigante

spawn326about 1 hour ago

I need some fan leaves to make a few Thai Sticks. Anyone know where I can get some in SoCal?

Badmann524about 1 hour ago

Girl Scout Cookies fresh a.f @ The L.A. Fire station sorry for the bad picture

MasterBruce123about 2 hours ago

Is there any dispensaries in Pleasanton?

Lizzzz5about 2 hours ago

Lemonati hybrid from WHTC 🔥

rvstudiocabout 3 hours ago

Watermelon OG, Blue Venom, and BlackBerry Kush from US Bloom in Vallejo, CA does a body & mind good-good

FattFangabout 3 hours ago

Blueberry's mandatory to have in your arsenal of Top Shelf flowers. Yes's some awesome weed !

Shantra7about 3 hours ago

Any cheap deliveries in Sacramento

gldnbomb1about 3 hours ago
irie stylee


irie styleeabout 4 hours ago

Does anyone have a delivery service in south orange bounty that has high percentage and good quality

jamieluabout 4 hours ago

Some super lemon haze to start off the morning :)

kayzwayzabout 4 hours ago
irie stylee

Hashish on top of my sfv OG

irie styleeabout 4 hours ago

I have a question for all my bud smokers what kind of bud do you smoke while taking medication that makes you feel sick to your stomach?

johnnyjames559about 4 hours ago

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