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    Weed dispensaries in Ann Arbor, MI

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Ann Arbor is known to be quite a bit more progressive than the rest of the state, perhaps because it is home to the University of Michigan. Since the 1970s, Ann Arbor has enjoyed some of the most lenient cannabis possession laws in the country, and today, it is a bastion of cannabis culture in the Midwest.

    Cannabis Laws to Know in Ann Arbor

    Despite developing its own, discrete cannabis laws regarding recreational and medical possession and use long before the rest of the state, Ann Arbor today adheres to the broader laws enacted across Michigan.

    Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Ann Arbor?

    Michigan laws state that cannabis consumption is only legal in private spaces, which includes inside your home or 420-friendly accommodations. Though there are some toker-friendly bars and restaurants, public use remains illegal, and city police do sometimes patrol in these areas to administer fines to blatant users. 

    It is important to note that your vehicle is considered a public space, as is any Ann Arbor recreational dispensary. Most importantly, you should not possess or use cannabis on the UMich campus because the university is federally funded and adheres to federal cannabis regulations.

    Possession Limits, Cultivation Rules and Other Laws in Ann Arbor

    To purchase from an Ann Arbor dispensary, consumers must be 21 or older for recreational and 18 or older for medical. 

    The current law allows both Michigan residents and visitors from out of state to buy from an Ann Arbor dispensary and possess in public up to:

    • 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower

    • 15 grams of extract or concentrate

    • 16 ounces of solid cannabinoid product

    • 36 ounces of liquid cannabinoid product

    If you opt to cultivate cannabis plants in your home, you are allowed to maintain up to 12 plants in any stage of flower, as long as those plants are not visible from public spaces and are within an enclosed area with restricted access from the public. From your cannabis crop, you can legally possess up to 10 ounces of flower in a private, home stash.

    You can keep some weed in your car, as long as it is out of public view, but it is never legal to drive under the influence of cannabis. Those suspected of driving impaired by marijuana are subject to state Drugged Driving Laws.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Ann Arbor

    To obtain a medical marijuana card anywhere in Michigan, you must first be diagnosed with any of the conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana use as determined by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MMRA). Additionally, you must obtain a signature of certification from a qualified medical provider and have at least one form of identification.

    Applications for a medical marijuana card are completed and sent through a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) portal on the website for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). 

    Applicants must pay a $60 application fee upon submitting their request to the MMRA. After you submit your completed application, you will need to wait about two weeks before receiving your MMMP card in the mail. Then, you can legally visit any Michigan provisioning center.

    How to Buy Cannabis at an Ann Arbor Dispensary

    Recreational cannabis users can visit any of the dozens of adult-use storefronts around the city to make cannabis purchases. Many Ann Arbor recreational marijuana dispensaries also have medical services, but shops devoted purely to medical marijuana are a bit less plentiful. Medical cannabis card holders should look for an Ann Arbor provisioning center, which is the preferred term in Michigan.

    Store hours vary by location, but most Ann Arbor dispensaries are open from 9 AM to 9 PM or similar. Beginning in 2020, Michigan permitted the online sale and home delivery of cannabis products, for both medical and recreational users.

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Ann Arbor?

    The cost of one gram of cannabis from dispensaries in Ann Arbor in January 2021 is between $10 and $20, depending on the quality of the bud. Medical cannabis can cost less thanks to lower taxes, but concentrates and other refined products will cost more.

    Cannabis Taxes in Ann Arbor

    Michigan imposes a 6% sales tax on medical marijuana purchases in Ann Arbor provisioning centers, which is equal to the sales tax rate for other goods in the state. 

    For recreational marijuana sold in an Ann Arbor dispensary and across the state, a 10% excise tax is imposed in addition to the 6% sales tax. 

    Today, cannabis tax revenues are allocated to cities and towns, counties, the School Aid Fund for K-12 Education and the Michigan Transportation Fund for infrastructure repair.

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