Weed dispensaries in Santa Ana, CA

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    Weed dispensaries in Santa Ana, CA

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    Visiting a Dispensary in Santa Ana

    Orange County is a vibrant stretch of coastal cities and towns in southern California, brimming with epic surfing and beaches, amazing museums and shops, and an open and laidback cannabis culture. For those in need of a dispensary, numerous options are available throughout Santa Ana.

    The Lowdown on Santa Ana Cannabis Laws

    Both medical and recreational cannabis use is legal in Santa Ana. California was the first to legalize medical marijuana with the Compassionate Use Act of 1994. In 2016, the state made recreational use legal with The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, Proposition 64. The Department of Cannabis Control oversees the use and access of cannabis in the state. 

    However, there are some limitations on cannabis sales in individual cities in the county. For example, the city of Huntington Beach continues to make cannabis sales illegal in that city’s jurisdiction. Make sure to check with the local city or town hall in your area for more details.

    Recreational Cannabis Laws in Santa Ana

    Recreational use of cannabis in Santa Ana is legal for adults over the age of 21, who may:

    • Buy or possess up to one ounce, (28.5 grams) of cannabis 

    • Buy or possess up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis

    • Have up to 6 marijuana plants in their household

    • Give up to one ounce of cannabis to another person over the age of 21 (although they cannot receive money for it or any other form of compensation)

    Medical Cannabis Laws in Santa Ana

    Individuals who wish to use medical marijuana have the option of obtaining a medical cannabis card to do so. Medical licenses are available for the treatment and support of conditions such as:

    • Chronic pain

    • Arthritis 

    • Glaucoma

    • Cancer

    • Migraines 

    • Other serious and life-threatening conditions 

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Santa Ana

    The medical marijuana program in California, in general, has established a Marijuana Identification Card program. This allows individuals to gain access to medical marijuana for specific conditions. 

    To obtain a card, an individual must:

    •  Complete the online application form

    • Provide a copy of their medical records that show their qualifications

    • Provide proof of identity and proof of residency is required. 

    • Pay the $84 application fee

    Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Santa Ana

    There are some restrictions on where cannabis can be used in Santa Ana. It’s prohibited to use marijuana in any public place unless the business has been given approval (check with the business itself beforehand to be safe), and it’s illegal to use cannabis in any area that prohibits smoking tobacco. Employers may restrict the use of cannabis during the workday or on their property.

    Users are also not allowed to use cannabis within 1000 feet of a school, youth center, or daycare center when there are children on campus. It’s illegal to use cannabis in any form while driving or riding as a passenger of a vehicle, and to use cannabis on any land owned by the federal government, including buildings and parks.

    How to Buy Cannabis at an Santa Ana Dispensary

    There are numerous dispensaries in Santa Ana. An ID (and medical card, if desired) is required for purchase. Dispensaries are generally open from 9am-10pm, with many offering delivery and curbside pickup. 

    Cannabis Taxes in Santa Ana

    There’s a 15% excise tax on all medical and recreational cannabis purchases in Santa Ana. There may be additional local taxes applicable, depending on which city or town within the county the purchase is made. Check with your local town or city hall for any specific questions. 

    Of the total final tax, about 90% goes to the state government to use as needed, while about 10% goes to the state’s public school fund.