Weed dispensaries in Anaheim, CA

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    Weed dispensaries in Anaheim, CA

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of an 8th in Anaheim

    The average price of an 8th in Anaheim is $50. Some of the strains going at this price include Banana OG, Blue Diamond, Holy Grail OG, Louis XIII OG, Phantom OG, Purple cookies OG, Tahoe OG, Black Jack, Harlequin, and Jack Herer. Other strains include Tangelo at $25, Purple Jack at $45, Mango Kush at $20, Pineapple Punch at $35, Skywalker at $45, and OG Littles at $40. 

    The most popular strain In Anaheim

    The most popular strain in Anaheim is Tahoe OG. It exhibits large neon green calyxes with a thick layer of trichomes and a pungent aroma. Skywalker OG is also highly sought-after in Anaheim. It’s an indica-dominant strain with spicy herbal and diesel aromas. 

    Laws and regulations in Anaheim 

    • Consumption of cannabis in public is illegal in Anaheim.

    • The operation of medical marijuana dispensaries and shops in the city of Anaheim is prohibited.

    • Adult-use, or recreational, consumers and medical marijuana patients may receive deliveries of cannabis products from licensed delivery services in nearby cities.

    • Anaheim residents who wish to purchase medical or adult-use, or recreational, cannabis at a retail storefront are required to leave Anaheim to do so.

    • It’s illegal to operate a car or bike under the influence of cannabis.

    • It is illegal to travel with cannabis across state lines or on waterways.


    Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Anaheim

    Anaheim adults and medical marijuana patients are permitted to possess cannabis for adult-use, or recreational, or medical use, but must purchase from licensed dispensaries outside of Anaheim city limits, or receive delivery from licensed delivery services from nearby jurisdictions. Anaheim residents may use cannabis only in the privacy of their own home. 

    Difference between a storefront and a dispensary 

    A storefront serves the needs of consumers who want to use cannabis for adult-use, or recreational, enjoyment while a dispensary serves the needs of medical marijuana patients with debilitating conditions.

    In a storefront, customers don’t have to discuss their conditions with the budtender. However, in a dispensary, the budtender recommends the appropriate cannabis product after learning the needs of the patient.

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical cannabis

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used primarily to achieve pleasure and happiness, while medical marijuana is consumed to treat the signs and symptoms of a chronic condition.

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis can be sold without a recommendation from a physician, while medical marijuana is offered only to patients with a card indicating they have a qualifying condition.

    Medical patient benefits in Anaheim 

    There are no medical marijuana patient benefits in Anaheim. Medical marijuana patients may have access to some patient benefits in neighboring cities and jurisdictions. 

    Medical Marijuana Information Anaheim

    Medical marijuana patients must leave Anaheim in order to legally purchase medical marijuana products, or may have licensed delivery services from neighboring cities deliver cannabis products to Anaheim. All consumption of medical marijuana products must take place on private property. 

    Where does the Anaheim tax revenue go? 

    There is no tax collected from the sale of cannabis because cannabis sales are banned in Anaheim.