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What Are You Smoking On?


Dope little Medizin tray

willflo2433 minutes ago

Reloaded with Girl Scout Cookies and Banana Diesel. I'm ready now ! Like my Budtender says, " I wanna be high all day " .

Shantra7about 1 hour ago

#PeaceMaker #RawOnly Few grams of Chapo. 😎

TopShelfOnly83about 2 hours ago

I'm a newbie. Anyone know why it burns my lungs when I'm vaping?

dgriskoabout 3 hours ago

Homegrown Orange Void in my bowl. The rain is over for now here. On my way to haircut place for haircut and beard trim. Cheers!

Flashbackabout 3 hours ago

Good morning everybody ! That Kobe OG has me sitting here stuck when I'm supposed to be going shopping for 2 1/8th's. Fly high !

Shantra7about 3 hours ago
irie stylee

Wake and bake with a salad of private reserve og and moonrocks. 🔥🔥🌲🌳.

irie styleeabout 4 hours ago

Good morning WMers ! Some Green Crack in the dry herb vape.

randynltabout 6 hours ago

Not your OG! Gooood! Stuff! £@¥€

BbyGurl77about 10 hours ago
Justin SanDiego

SFV OG Kush - a DANK First Time Patient Free Gram! :D

Justin SanDiegoabout 11 hours ago

I just had chemo today I'm feeling really crappy I have mean nausea gonna fire up this super lemon haze hope it helps! Stay elevated yall!

kyusha_mx32about 15 hours ago

sour diesel...chillin on out...:)

mi_nancyabout 15 hours ago

Nasty cigarettes can't wait to quit and go green!

dr_smoke420about 16 hours ago

Cam sucks but this Gansta Glue laced with Kurupts Strawberry Moonrocks is pretty amazing.

jessemkvabout 16 hours ago

Paraphernalia fully stocked, puffing on some Kobe OG , chillaxin' thinking of a master plan ! What's up with ya'll ?

Shantra7about 17 hours ago

My main one haha, never fails me. Puffin on a nice spliff enjoying this evening , how yall doing fam ?

_thadakkabout 17 hours ago
herbalist 619

Yoda og

herbalist 619about 19 hours ago

Looking for recommendations on cannabis friendly hotels in Denver? All suggestions are appreciated.

Mic192about 19 hours ago

El chapo OG

Jayy33about 20 hours ago
irie stylee

Interstate OG 710 vape cartridge

irie styleeabout 21 hours ago

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