Weed dispensaries in Olympia, WA

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    Weed dispensaries in Olympia, WA

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    Olympia Recreational Dispensary Guide

    The oft-ignored capital of Washington, Olympia is a diverse and sustainable city focused on continuously improving the living conditions of its residents — which includes allowing reasonable access to cannabis. Though Olympia is unlikely to become a cannabis destination, the city takes Washington cannabis laws and regulations seriously. Here’s what you need to know before you visit an Olympia dispensary.

    Cannabis laws to know in Olympia

    Cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational consumption in Olympia and across Washington, thanks to voters’ willingness to push the boundaries of cannabis law. In 1997, Washington voters legalized medical marijuana — though a dispensary in Olympia would not open for about another decade. In 2012, Washington was among the first two states to legalize recreational cannabis, and the first recreational dispensaries in Olympia opened their doors in 2014.

    Olympia’s recreational cannabis laws

    Because recreational cannabis has been legal for such a long period of time in Washington state, Olympia’s laws regarding recreational weed are some of the most detailed. From a recreational dispensary in Olympia, WA, adults aged 21 years and up can legally purchase and possess:

    • 1 ounce of dry flower

    • 7 grams of concentrates or extracts (for dabbing)

    • 16 ounces of infused product in edible form

    • 72 ounces of infused product in liquid form

    Unfortunately, recreational users are not allowed to cultivate cannabis for personal consumption anywhere in Washington, but there is another way to get weed outside of Olympia dispensaries: Olympia Hempfest. This annual celebration of Olympia cultivators and cannabis connoisseurs allows users to meet one another, learn about Olympia’s cannabis industry, and swap strains.

    Olympia’s medical cannabis laws

    As is true elsewhere in Washington state, Olympia allows patients with qualifying health conditions to apply for authorization to buy, possess and consume cannabis as medical treatment. The state’s medical marijuana program is overseen by the Washington Department of Health. Medical patients enjoy higher possession limits than recreational users; they can obtain:

    • 3 ounces of dry flower

    • 21 grams of concentrates or extracts

    • 48 ounces of infused product in edible form

    • 216 ounces of infused product in liquid form

    Additionally, medical patients are allowed to cultivate up to four plants at home and possess up to eight ounces of dry flower for their personal use. Some patients might be able to grow up to 15 cannabis plants, but this requires doctor recommendation and residency far from an Olympia dispensary.

    How to get a medical marijuana card in Olympia

    To visit an Olympia dispensary as a medical user, patients over 18 (or patients under 18 with a parent or guardian) must obtain valid medical authorization and a medical marijuana card from the Washington Department of Health. Applicants must be able to prove residency within Washington and submit a form completed by a qualified health care practitioner, which in Washington includes an MD, DO, PA, DOA, ARNP, or naturopathic physician. Applications also require a $95 fee, and further fees upon renewal or reapplication.

    Where is it legal to consume cannabis in Olympia?

    Olympia strictly prohibits public cannabis consumption, which includes consumption in view of the public. As a result, qualified users should only partake of cannabis in enclosed private spaces with permission from the landowner. Users should not expect to be able to sample cannabis products at dispensaries in Olympia, and cannabis lounges will likely remain illegal in the city for several more years.

    How to buy cannabis at an Olympia dispensary

    Most Olympia dispensaries operate from 8AM to midnight. Users can peruse cannabis products in retail stores or medical dispensaries, or they can order online and enjoy either curbside pickup or home delivery.

    How much does cannabis cost in Olympia?

    Cannabis costs can vary in Olympia, but the average price for a gram of dry flower is between $10 and $15. Concentrates and infused products can be more than double that rate, depending on quality, rarity, brand name, and more.

    Cannabis taxes in Olympia

    Washington imposes an extremely high excise tax of 37% on recreational cannabis purchases, which is levied in addition to the standard 6.5% sales tax on all retail sales at Olympia dispensaries. Fortunately, medical marijuana is exempt from all taxes. Tax revenues collected by the state fund health programs as well as local projects in Olympia through the general fund.