Weed dispensaries in Nevada


Weed dispensaries in Nevada

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Visiting a Nevada medical marijuana dispensary

Nevada is best known for its most populous city and prized tourist destination, but there is so much more to Nevada than Las Vegas. With beautiful scenery, a fascinating history, and a welcoming atmosphere, Nevada is an excellent destination for any kind of traveler — and its cannabis laws make Nevada even more attractive to those interested in taking advantage of the state’s looser vice laws. However, before you book your canna-vacation to Nevada, you might want to learn more about Nevada’s rules and regulations for buying, possessing, and consuming cannabis.

Cannabis Dispensary Maps in Nevada

Cannabis laws across Nevada

Both medical and recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada — but not everywhere in Nevada. Nevada voters passed medical marijuana regulations as early as 1998, and recreational cannabis was passed in 2016 after decades of failed regulations in the state legislature. Today, medical and recreational Nevada dispensaries operate in metropolitan areas like Las Vegas and Reno.

However, only four Nevada counties have passed recreational regulations. Many rural communities severely restrict or outright prohibit cannabis sales, making it all but impossible for locals to acquire cannabis products for consumption and discouraging cannabis tourism from out-of-state visitors. Those interested in easy cannabis access from a Nevada dispensary should visit only Clark, Nye, Washoe, and Storey counties.

Nevada’s recreational cannabis laws

Adults of age 21 and older are allowed to enter a Nevada dispensary, purchase cannabis products, and consume them in private. Nevada places a limit on personal possession of one ounce of flower or 3.5 grams of concentrates. If a qualified potential user is more than 25 miles from the nearest licensed recreational dispensary, they are allowed to cultivate up to six plants at home for personal use. While some cities with robust cannabis industries — like Las Vegas — do offer curbside pickup or home delivery, these services are not available from every Nevada dispensary.

Nevada’s medical marijuana laws

Patients accepted to the Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry are allowed to acquire cannabis from Nevada medical marijuana dispensaries, which tend to be more numerous than recreational dispensaries. Qualifying for the program requires a diagnosis of a chronic or debilitating medical condition; both adults and minors can apply, but patients under 18 years old must have an adult caregiver to purchase and administer cannabis treatments.

Medical marijuana patients in Nevada can purchase and possess up to 2.5 ounces of any cannabis product — to include flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals — within a two-week period, and patients are allowed to cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants at home for medical use.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada

Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Patient Cardholder Registry is controlled by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). Patients interested in applying to the registry can do so online, through a DPBH patient portal. The application must include a physician’s confirmation of a qualifying health condition and recommendation for cannabis treatment as well as patient fingerprints — which will be used to conduct a background check on the patient. Finally, patients must pay a registration fee of $75.

Patients should receive a temporary medical marijuana card, allowing them access to a Nevada dispensary and medical cannabis treatment. Within 30 days of application submission, the background check should be complete, and patients can trade their temporary card for a permanent card at a nearby Department of Motor Vehicles.

Where is it legal to consume cannabis in Nevada?

Cannabis consumption in Nevada is restricted to private spaces, which does not include casinos, hotel rooms, restaurants, or bars. Out-of-state visitors to Nevada must find 420-friendly accommodations away from public view to safely and legally consume any cannabis purchases; Nevada residents can consume within their private residences, as long as they have permission from property owners.

How much does cannabis cost in Nevada?

Nevada cannabis prices are extremely variable, dependent on the location of the Nevada dispensary as well as the quality of the product. The cost of a gram of flower can range between $8 and $20, but concentrates and similar specialized products are likely to have much higher prices, upwards of $50 per gram.

Cannabis taxes in Nevada

Cannabis cultivators pay a 15% excise tax on the first wholesale sale of their product, but recreational consumers only experience the 10% excise tax imposed at the dispensary as well as the 4.6% sales tax on all retail purchases. Medical marijuana sales are subject only to the sales tax and are exempt from excise taxes.

Nevada utilizes cannabis tax revenues to address three issues within the state. Taxes are already helping bolster Nevada’s struggling public school system with about $60 million in much-needed funds. Clark County applies its tax revenues to programs for addressing and ending homelessness, such as homeless shelters, low-income housing, job training, and more. Finally, some tax revenues are allocated to the state emergency fund, which helps provide residents economic support during times of crisis.