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Marijuana dispensaries in Maryland

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Cannabis Dispensaries in Maryland

Maryland is inching ever closer to recreational cannabis regulations, but for now, the state’s cannabis laws exist in an in-between space — much as the state boasts a culture that straddles the line between Northern and Southern. Before you visit a Maryland dispensary, you should learn the current state and local laws that affect who can buy cannabis products where.

Cannabis Laws to Know in Maryland

Despite several efforts to legalize recreational cannabis, the law in Maryland still prohibits recreational consumption and sale in 2021. Fortunately, the state has decriminalized possession of small quantities of cannabis; adults in possession of less than an ounce of flower are subject to a maximum fine of $100, and certain defendants can appeal their charge if they can prove they suffer from a debilitating medical condition.

Maryland has enjoyed legal medical cannabis access since 2013, though the first Maryland dispensary did not open until 2017. Today, the medical marijuana program in Maryland continues to expand to serve more communities across the state.

Recreational and Adult-Use Cannabis

Maryland has tried and failed multiple times to pass recreational cannabis regulations. The number of Marylanders in support of adult-use laws increases every year, and recently, the Maryland General Assembly has created a task force for considering the best methods for legal Maryland recreational marijuana to become reality. Most cannabis activists in the state are optimistic that recreational cannabis will be available in 2022.

Medical Marijuana

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) oversees the application, registration, and operation of Maryland dispensaries, cultivators, and patients. Adults aged 18 and up suffering from a qualifying medical condition can apply for the program, as can minors with parent or adult caregiver consent. Patients with valid medical cards can purchase up to a 30-day supply of cannabis products, which the state caps at 4 ounces of dry flower or 36 total grams of THC. However, patients can procure cannabis only from a licensed Maryland dispensary — home cultivation is not allowed.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Patients can apply to the state medical marijuana program through an online portal on the MMCC website. Applications require a working email address, a valid photo ID, and a written certification from a Maryland healthcare provider of a diagnosis of a qualifying health condition. This certification can come from any provider capable of writing prescriptions, to include physicians as well as nurse practitioners, dentists, and others. Also worth noting is that non-residents of Maryland can legally apply to the program.

After paying a $50 application fee, patients gain access to a temporary MMCC card for immediate use at a Maryland dispensary. MMCC cards are valid for three years, and patients have the option to renew with an updated certification from a healthcare provider.

Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Maryland?

Cannabis consumption in Maryland is restricted to private spaces, given landowner permission. It is illegal to consume within view of the public, which makes front porches or vehicles off-limits for use.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Maryland Dispensary

Experiences at Maryland dispensaries will vary, as cities can set regulations like hours of operation or availability of services like delivery and curbside pickup. Many dispensaries serve customers one-by-one like pharmacies to ensure patients receive appropriate product recommendations for their unique circumstances. Patients always need to bring photo ID and valid MMCC cards, and it is wise to bring cash to cover purchases.

How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Maryland?

Costs will depend on each Maryland dispensary, but patients can expect to pay around $18 for a gram of dry flower and twice that or more for extracts or concentrates.

Cannabis Taxes in Maryland

Currently, cannabis in Maryland qualifies as a medicine required by patients for medical treatment, so cannabis sales are not subject to taxation.

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