Weed dispensaries in Silver Spring, MD

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    Weed dispensaries in Silver Spring, MD

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    Cannabis Dispensaries in Silver Spring, Maryland 

    Just a hop from Washington, D.C., Silver Spring, Maryland has been experiencing a renaissance of arts, cuisine, and other cultural excitement. While cannabis laws change around the country, and even minutes away in the nation’s capital, Silver Spring maintains relatively strict cannabis laws that residents and visitors alike should know.

    Cannabis Laws to Know in Silver Spring

    Maryland only permits the sale of cannabis to registered medical users, so the only Silver Spring dispensaries open for business cater to marijuana card–holding patients. Despite frequent attempts to legalize cannabis for recreational consumption, adult-use remains out of reach. Though recreational consumption in public has been decriminalized since 2016, users still face a fine up to $500.

    Medical Marijuana 

    In 2013, state legislators created a medical marijuana program in Maryland — but that program did not actually become functional until 2016 when the final details of the program were solidified and acted upon. Today, those interested in obtaining legal cannabis at a Silver Spring dispensary must register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Adults aged 18 and over can apply directly for a medical marijuana card, and minors with a legal guardian over 21 years old can also apply.

    Medical cannabis users are allowed to possess a 30-day supply of cannabis products, which the state caps at about 4 ounces of dry flower. Cultivation is restricted to licensed growers, so even medical marijuana cardholders are not allowed to grow their own cannabis crop at home.

    How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Silver Spring

    The first step in visiting a Silver Spring dispensary is registering with the MMCC, which entails creating a user account on the MMCC website and submitting a copy of a valid photo ID as well as proof of residency in Silver Spring (or elsewhere in Maryland).

    Next, patients must obtain a written certification from a health care provider licensed in the state of Maryland. Patients must have an established relationship with their provider, and their provider must attest that the patient suffers from a condition that qualifies them for cannabis treatment.

    With registration and a submitted application, patients can print out and begin using a temporary card, which grants access to Silver Spring dispensaries.

    Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Silver Spring?

    The law in Maryland restricts consumption to private spaces, which means cannabis use cannot occur within view of the public. Additionally, it is against the law to use cannabis in a vehicle, but registered patients can legally transport cannabis anywhere in the state. The safest place to consume cannabis is at home or in other Silver Spring accommodations with landowner permission.

    How to Buy Cannabis at a Silver Spring Dispensary

    Most Silver Spring dispensaries are open from 10AM to 8PM, and many provide convenient services like curbside pickup or home delivery. MMCC cardholders can visit any time during hours of operation to make purchases, as long as they have their valid cards and identification on hand. Though there is no cannabis purchasing limit in Maryland, it is unwise to buy more than the legal possession limit, which is a 30-day supply of product (4 ounces of flower).

    How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Silver Spring

    Dry flower costs between $10 and $25 per gram at a Silver Spring dispensary. Concentrates and other processed cannabis products, like vape cartridges, will cost more. Edibles are currently unavailable for sale at dispensaries in Maryland.

    Cannabis Taxes in Silver Spring

    Because cannabis is classified as a medical treatment in Maryland, it is not subject to any taxation in Silver Spring, MD, or anywhere else in the state.