Weed dispensaries in Waldorf, MD

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    Weed dispensaries in Waldorf, MD

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of an 8th in Waldorf 

    The average price of an 8th in Waldorf is $60. Some of the strains at this price include; Mag Landrace, Cherry Punch, Corleone Kush, Thai Lights, Super Glue, Sonny G, Motor Breath, G-Wagon, Northern Lights, Grand Doggy Purps, Cake N Chem, Lemon Grenades, Chemdawg 91, Beautiful Nightmare, Citrus Tsunami, G6, Wizard Gum, Pelirroja, Maryland Sour Diesel, Sunset Shortcake, and G Purps. Other strains include; Lemon Kush Headband at $45, Honey Badger Haze at $55, Blueberry Cookies at $50, Blue Magoo at $40, Girl Scout Cookies at $45, Grapefruit Sour Dream at $65, Larry OG at $50, and Whoopie Pie at $40.

    Most popular strain in Waldorf 

    The most popular strain in Wardolf is White Rhino. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with sweet, fruity and floral flavors. White Rhino has a musky vegetal smell and contains high amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Super Glue is another popular strain in Waldorf. Its buds have small leaves that curl tightly inwards. Super Glue has thick chunky flowers and a musky aroma.

    Laws and regulations in Waldorf

    • Cannabis products are illegal for adult use.

    • It is illegal for medical patients to drive under the influence of marijuana.

    • Transportation of cannabis products across state lines is illegal.

    • Medical patients can travel anywhere within the state with cannabis products.

    • The home cultivation of marijuana for personal or medical use is illegal in Maryland. 

    • Cannabis in the form of flowers and extracts is legal while cannabis in the form of edibles is illegal.

    Flower/concentrate/edible possession limit in Waldorf

    A qualified medical marijuana patient may legally possess up to 120 grams of dried cannabis over a 30-day period. Qualified medical patients recommended by a licensed physician also have access to an extra amount of THC cannabis of 36 grams every month.

    Difference between a storefront and dispensary

    A storefront serves the needs of adult consumers without medical necessity while a dispensary serves the needs of consumers for medical necessity.

    You must have the diagnosis of a chronic condition from a qualified physician to purchase cannabis in a dispensary. In contrast, you don’t need to be diagnosed by a qualified physician to purchase cannabis products from a storefront.

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used by consumers primarily for enjoyment purposes whereas medical cannabis is consumed by patients to treat debilitating conditions or symptoms. 

    Medical cannabis has to be certified by a licensed physician who has proved the patient has a chronic condition. In contrast, adult-use, or recreational, cannabis requires no certification by a doctor or an expert. Adult-use cannabis is not legal in Maryland.

    Medical marijuana products may only be purchased by a medical marijuana patient with a valid MMJ card.

    Medical patient benefits in Waldorf 

    • Medical marijuana patients with valid medical marijuana cards can consume cannabis products whereas adults cannot.

    • Qualified medical patients can consume up to an additional 36 grams of cannabis per month, as directed by a qualified physician.

    • Medical marijuana patients with a valid medical marijuana card are not subject to penalties for the possession of cannabis.

    • Minors below 18 years of age can consume cannabis products but must have a caregiver making purchases.

    Medical marijuana information in Waldorf 

    Maryland residents must first register online with Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Moreover, non-Maryland medical marijuana patients can also register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

    To register, medical patients should have a valid and accessible email account, an electronic copy of a government-issued photo ID, a recent photo, and the last four digits of their social security number.

    For patients below 18 years, a parent or a guardian at least 21 years of age must register with the commission as a caregiver before registering the patient.

    After registration, you will receive a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission patient ID number, which costs $50.

    A written certification from a provider registered with the commission must be obtained. The provider will need a commission-issued patient ID number to access the certification online. 

    The certification becomes null and void if it is not used to purchase cannabis within 120 days.

    Where does the Waldorf tax revenue go? 

    Waldorf’s cannabis tax revenue is used to implement government projects. Some of these projects include educating the youths on the dangers of drug abuse, boosting public safety, improving the educational sector, and maintaining roads. The remaining funds are used for administration in Waldorf and the employment of more qualified physicians to improve medical marijuana services.