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    Weed dispensaries in Springfield, IL, IL

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Average price of an 8th in Springfield

    The average price of an 8th in Springfield is $55. Some of the strains at this price include; Blue Gelato, 818 Headband, Liberty Haze, and G6. Other strains include; Chocolate Mint OG at $46, Pink Lemonade at $46, Kimbo Kush at $74, Mr. Clean at $64, and Super Glue at $65.  

    Most popular strain in Springfield 

    The most popular strain in Springfield is Blue Gelato. It is a sweet strain that has a smooth citrus, and fruity profile. Blue Gelato has an earthy berry and herbs aroma with a delightful flavor. Liberty Haze is another highly sought-after strain in Springfield. It has a loose and fluffy texture with a rare aroma of lime. 

    Laws and regulations in Springfield

    • Adults above the age of 21 years can possess and consume cannabis products legally.

    • Dispensaries and storefronts must have a valid state license in order to operate.

    • Property owners can legally decide on the use of cannabis on their premises.

    • It is illegal to operate vehicles under the influence of cannabis products.

    • Consumption of cannabis products in any public place is illegal.

    • It is legal for minors to consume cannabis products on school premises under the supervision of a school nurse.

    • Possession of cannabis products in a vehicle is only allowed when they are in a sealed container.

    Flower/concentrate/ edible possession limit in Springfield

    Adults above 21 years of age who are residents of Illinois can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis flower, up to 500 milligrams of infused tetrahydrocannabinol and up to five grams of cannabis concentrates. However, non-residents of Illinois can possess not more than half of the amount that residents are permitted to possess. Medical patients can legally grow and harvest up to five cannabis plants for personal use in an enclosed locked facility away from public view.

    Difference between a storefront and a dispensary 

    A storefront sells cannabis to consumers for adult use, while a dispensary sells medical marijuana derivatives to patients.

    A storefront is limited to sell no more than 30 grams of cannabis flower, or up to 500 milligrams of THC for edibles and five grams of concentrates to adult consumers. A dispensary can sell more and stronger cannabis products according to the needs of the patient.

    No medical marijuana card is needed in a storefront to purchase cannabis products. On the flip side, you must have a medical marijuana card to buy products at a dispensary.

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used by consumers primarily for enjoyment instead of medical benefits while medical cannabis is used to treat patients with medical conditions.

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis products have higher prices due to excise, state, and local taxes. Conversely, medical marijuana products are more affordable because excise taxes are waived.

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis can be sold to any consumer, whereas medical cannabis can only be consumed by medical patients with a valid medical marijuana card.

    Medical patient benefits in Springfield

    • Minors may purchase and consume medical marijuana products as long as they have a medical marijuana card and a caregiver.

    • Medical patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces (70.8 grams) of cannabis over a 14-day period, while adult consumers can only possess up to 30 grams. 

    • Medical cannabis is subject to a state sales tax of 1% while adult-use cannabis is subject to 6.25% sales tax, in addition to a purchaser tax based on THC percentage by volume, making medical cannabis much more affordable than adult-use cannabis. 

    Medical marijuana information in Springfield

    Medical marijuana patients should be residents of Springfield and show proof of residency with a valid government ID.

    If the patient has no ID, a bank statement, utility bill, or any other document that proves the patient is a resident of Springfield can be used.

    Patients can personally meet with the physician to confirm if he/she has a certified medical condition or online with a certified telemedicine.

    The medical marijuana recommendation is submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health for evaluation. 

    Patients must create an online account through the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry, and pay the registration fee, which may range from $50 to $250, after which the patient receives a valid MMJ card. 

    Patients below 18 years old with a diagnosed medical condition can qualify for a medical marijuana card. However, they have to be accompanied by a guardian or caregiver.

    Where does the Springfield tax revenue go? 

    Springfield cannabis tax revenue is used to drive various development programs. Part of the money is used to help low-income families through grants and loans. The government also employs more officers in the police department to improve public safety. The remaining portion is reinvested into the cannabis industry to fund businesses. 

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