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    What are you smoking?

    Chain0fCommand I got this military spider squad eating big chilling on a leaf. smoking spirit of 76.
    2015-07-02 18:00:25 UTC
    Dutchking1 Agent Orange & Exodus Cheese!!!
    2015-07-02 17:46:56 UTC
    Mars94 Flying Lotus/Krayzie Bone - Medication Meditation.
    2015-07-02 17:40:39 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Going bananas for this Banana Kush. Hows everyones day going? Stay cool! Stay groovin!~~~
    2015-07-02 17:33:01 UTC
    Mars94 Ace of Spades OG on my breakfast plate. About to fuck around on GTA V, haha. Cheers!
    2015-07-02 17:15:24 UTC
    collegekid420 SPACE KANDY ??
    2015-07-02 17:05:55 UTC
    MadDabberErik that abra kadabra!!
    2015-07-02 16:40:12 UTC
    janetplanet A little Chronic Thunderfuck....dr. appt. this morning then off to see Madd Maxx!!!
    2015-07-02 16:35:38 UTC
    FattFang Chem Scout & MedUSA mix in a bowl...feeling relaxed and surreal right now...
    2015-07-02 15:56:26 UTC
    d-lynn northern lights #5 topped with GDP crumble, needing heavy hitters today. happy thursday!
    2015-07-02 15:14:28 UTC
    Israfel gsc shatter
    2015-07-02 15:02:20 UTC
    CoeusPrime Trying out this E-bob 2-in-1 water perc with some Strawberry GSC shatter..very smooth hits from this!
    2015-07-02 14:50:20 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Good Morning peeps~~~ It's all about the pineapple! ..bud and oil. Inhale....exhale...repeat as needed. And yes I'm a packers fan.
    2015-07-02 14:39:19 UTC
    Graz Anything from Green Door Alternative
    2015-07-02 13:52:52 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner A busy good morning mappers. Passed yearly inspections with little fanfare (from some flounder?). Enjoying OPG OG.
    2015-07-02 13:52:19 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Molz; my new rasta bubbler (that I use w/o water) with my GSC/NYC Diesel blend...morning and good day to all!
    2015-07-02 13:43:54 UTC
    mmollzz Blueberry Trainwreck - A full gram all nug FTP pre-roll stuck in a delivery bag the other day. Not bad, not bad. And Earl Grey tea, hot.
    2015-07-02 13:04:19 UTC og kush
    2015-07-02 12:13:58 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Puff it til it's GONE!!! BLuNTeD!!! Good rest, good night mappers!
    2015-07-02 06:57:36 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD SuX ... and a blunt roach! Cheers Mappers! Why,,, ant thoughts are welcome!
    2015-07-02 06:54:26 UTC


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