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    What are you smoking?

    kbtrackz Stardog hybrid the 26.84.
    2015-08-31 21:29:52 UTC
    2015-08-31 21:05:05 UTC
    kizzy Can't decide on one so ill try them all. Gorilla Glue, Sherbert Cookies, GSC and Racefuel. Cheers
    2015-08-31 21:01:16 UTC
    Mt420man Tried a little more Strawberry Cough. Just right.
    2015-08-31 20:56:42 UTC
    highcountrygal Just got some Gorilla Kush, more GG#4, Ultra MK and some Red Seal Super Silver Haze and I am stoked:)
    2015-08-31 20:40:10 UTC
    Msnae91 sweet daddy kush
    2015-08-31 20:25:48 UTC
    maxponder AK47
    2015-08-31 19:40:18 UTC
    2015-08-31 18:53:26 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Dabs on deck... New York Cheese Cake! A new little baby in the pic! Have a great Day All!
    2015-08-31 18:46:15 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Forest Fire treating me right! Severe Heat, Excessive Heat, Kills Plants!
    2015-08-31 18:41:55 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Forest Fire bong hits... Garden stuff done! Another one bite the dust! ...was Locomotive Breath ~ Cheers!
    2015-08-31 18:38:34 UTC
    kizzy Wonder if they forgot the "." Seems odd with 01% instead of 1% oh well still puffs the same. Off for another walk, Stay lifted
    2015-08-31 18:02:53 UTC
    kizzy RKS [21.2%, 1% cbd]. Cheers
    2015-08-31 17:44:36 UTC
    Mars94 Rolling more Wifi this morning with Lord Weird Slough Feg. Cheers!
    2015-08-31 16:59:42 UTC
    FattFang Puffing on some Med-USA before yardwork,,,gonna be painful, but needed...I must be mad...
    2015-08-31 16:39:07 UTC
    Esantana73 Lemon Kush.
    2015-08-31 15:35:25 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids; MED Usa in the Hobbit pipe, CSS blooming on the back porch and Mojo drying. Doc appt today then hopefully, TV.
    2015-08-31 15:29:45 UTC
    mjrose23 smoking some blue moonshine
    2015-08-31 15:22:46 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Some crumbs in the bong! Foggy & Cool this morning! Happy Monday Mappers!
    2015-08-31 15:03:50 UTC
    Israfel Same dab different day... off to work
    2015-08-31 15:01:38 UTC


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