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    What are you smoking?

    Muischolism Candyland killed. Great wake and bake!
    2015-04-26 15:35:31 UTC
    Mars94 Purple Alien killed. Morning budds!
    2015-04-26 15:03:48 UTC
    Flashback Hash Church XXXI - Starts at 9:00 AM PDT -
    2015-04-26 14:56:47 UTC
    Smokingramz dwill BLUEDREAM
    2015-04-26 13:44:58 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey Mappers! Look who and what *I* rescued for Wake n Bake! Just more of that digital Headband....greets to Molz! Great to see ya!
    2015-04-26 12:56:19 UTC
    mmollzz 3 C02 high CBD gelcaps, J of Skywalker OG and Tangie Clear in my Ti nail pen. Making coffee, who wants a cuppa?
    2015-04-26 12:52:33 UTC
    BlndMJfun Bowl of Gorilla Glue#4 this morning with java in the cup. This will be a fine day, Happy Sunday morning mappers.
    2015-04-26 11:59:46 UTC
    kizzy and a lil free sample of some White Dragon, have a great Sunday mappers
    2015-04-26 11:51:22 UTC
    kizzy Some Truth og
    2015-04-26 11:49:35 UTC
    kizzy Some more of the GSC
    2015-04-26 11:48:13 UTC
    Danbridge Skywalker bud. Happy Saturday Mappers!
    2015-04-26 09:37:06 UTC
    TraddyTattyTre39 snowcap shatter from azgc collective in el mirage az... straight fiyaaa
    2015-04-26 09:14:54 UTC
    JeffSpicoli Berry Queen from The Laughing Leaf in Vista, CA. Use my new "Wulf" electronic vaporizer. My first REAL vape. It gets the job done!!
    2015-04-26 08:31:23 UTC
    killabowl smoking on some head stash cookies with some hybrid wax
    2015-04-26 06:21:39 UTC
    BosnMate1 Just packed a bowl of Yoda Kush. May the force be with you all.
    2015-04-26 04:50:59 UTC
    cmcleek Madd Mann OG, Saturn OG, 78%thc OG
    2015-04-26 04:48:37 UTC
    MADD MAXX Sparkin' up a bowl of Desert Dream (Platinum OG x Blue Dream) Enjoy you evening WeedBuds!
    2015-04-26 03:59:30 UTC
    mandahxo Edipure Sour Belts ahhhhh
    2015-04-26 03:50:46 UTC
    BlndMJfun FINALLY... enjoying a big phat bowl of Gorilla glue#4 peoples... and yes, it's awesome!!! :) Happy Saturday evening.
    2015-04-26 03:42:01 UTC
    FattFang Leftover GSC's and MedUSA it's all love....I'm feeling sooooooooo much better now
    2015-04-26 03:15:16 UTC


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