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    What are you smoking?

    FattFang More sticky sticky Fire OG & BlackJack...feeling good...feeling nice...oh yeah!....yessssss
    2015-07-03 21:57:06 UTC
    mj87 Crenshaw OG (Indica)
    2015-07-03 21:47:23 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 Dark Star in the pipe. Thanks for making my day everyone! Happy Friday once again and keep on tokin. Peace!
    2015-07-03 21:40:33 UTC
    CannaStrips420 CannaStrips (Maximum Strength) Happy Merica Day/Weekend to all my WM peoples! Less drinking and more medicating ;)
    2015-07-03 21:40:25 UTC
    Flashback Homegrown Ghost OG, Iced Coffee, guacamole and pita chips. Live is good. cheers!
    2015-07-03 21:38:56 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 My little project. Grow baby grow!!!
    2015-07-03 21:32:42 UTC
    CoeusPrime The view from the captains' bowl: hg GSC x NYC D. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
    2015-07-03 20:36:41 UTC
    Danbridge Fire OG (26.1 THC) 2 grams @$10 a gram delivered to my door from Best Choice deliveries.Happy Independence Day Mappers!
    2015-07-03 20:36:20 UTC
    Mckydskid were can i get plants in LA CA?????
    2015-07-03 20:21:19 UTC
    TatiHasAPurdyFace That dank Skywalker from 215 shop.
    2015-07-03 20:19:49 UTC
    MrDoodles I'm smoking on Vader from Beach City Medical it's a badass Hybrid definitely try this if you can
    2015-07-03 19:54:08 UTC
    MADD MAXX Peggy is pleased with his Jalapenos....
    2015-07-03 19:37:44 UTC
    Graz 3 different strains from Herbal Remedies in Detroit. GRADE A dispensary.
    2015-07-03 19:31:53 UTC
    MADD MAXX Afternoon Mappers! The origins of Gorilla Glue go farther back than previously thought....
    2015-07-03 19:28:41 UTC
    skunk22pw cracked nug shot ****Kryptonite****
    2015-07-03 19:23:20 UTC
    skunk22pw Kryptonite from cures for less....perfect looking outdoor nugget.
    2015-07-03 19:21:04 UTC
    skunk22pw Afgan kush from cures for less sd..IG @curesforless
    2015-07-03 19:17:47 UTC
    jayred5x private reserve with some codeine..dumb flight
    2015-07-03 18:37:34 UTC
    jayred5x Smoking on some bomb private reserve.. super flight ????????????
    2015-07-03 18:35:59 UTC
    kizzy A dab of Deathstar and a bowl of GG4 and I'm flying high, cheers everyone
    2015-07-03 18:06:55 UTC


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