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    arieatszombies DABS FOR SPOCK!!!
    2015-02-27 21:06:53 UTC
    CoeusPrime My sendoff for Mr. Spock....not weed related but...
    2015-02-27 20:10:50 UTC
    Elmyra.duff Enjoying some chocolope with my morning coffee. Feeling like a pot of glitter today. Happy Friday ya'll!
    2015-02-27 20:08:27 UTC
    MADD MAXX Thank you Mr.Spock for instilling in us the value of logic....
    2015-02-27 19:47:39 UTC
    Worphe Hi everyone! I researched some interesting stuff on cannabis-induced panic attacks
    2015-02-27 19:42:45 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Nice to be home! Finishing chores, enjoying some Classic OG. Hey Mollzz you out there?
    2015-02-27 19:27:00 UTC
    Flashback Homegrown (?) in the bowl. Happy Friday. RIP Spock..
    2015-02-27 18:47:34 UTC
    FattFang The light is green to honor Leonard Nimoy...RIP...Medusa in the bowl
    2015-02-27 18:27:41 UTC
    rmarshall979 funny
    2015-02-27 18:26:17 UTC
    rmarshall979 Good Morning mappers! Im Smokin on some Warlock OG and doing dabs of HGH Shatter(House blend). Sad news bout the Leonard Nimoy.
    2015-02-27 18:25:35 UTC
    MR.MORRISON DAMN! Leonard Nimoy passed this morning. He was the only surviving original character that I'd never met. Some Blue Dream in honor.
    2015-02-27 18:14:14 UTC
    fuer420 smoking on some ak 47and girlscout cookies blaze one for the nation
    2015-02-27 18:13:10 UTC
    The OldTimeStoner Morning Mappers! Enjoyed breakfast with Mrs Stoner, and playing with "Boozer, the Wunder Pup!" Good Morning All!
    2015-02-27 17:37:44 UTC
    CoeusPrime Enjoying some fortunes of war, a nug I found dried on floor of grow area that got missed..figured WTH, stick it in MFLB..
    2015-02-27 17:11:07 UTC
    FattFang God Father OG, coffee and scone on another climate warming morning...TGIF Mappers!
    2015-02-27 17:10:49 UTC
    RaynMan206 1 gal jug shld make for a relaxing wkend. So good.
    2015-02-27 17:07:56 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Some "Hidden Skywalker OG" I rediscovered... yum! TGIF Mappers!
    2015-02-27 17:00:18 UTC
    da kidd I got tha illuminati fire @frontlinewellnesscenter fire buds great staffin great prices lousy parkin
    2015-02-27 16:19:03 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning mappers! Happy Friday from sunny Las Vegas! Vaping that Plat. Afghan for breakfast...
    2015-02-27 15:48:59 UTC
    CHEPE420 wake and bake session sum larry og shatter mixed in with some king louie shatter
    2015-02-27 15:25:09 UTC


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