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    What are you smoking?

    skunk22pw just one more. VApe smoke DankTanks!!!
    2014-04-17 04:12:21 UTC
    skunk22pw dose YoUr! vape pen or tank smoke like this? DankTanks!!
    2014-04-17 04:09:43 UTC
    skunk22pw ya I experiment a lil but the results are awesome! Danktanks!
    2014-04-17 04:07:45 UTC
    Brutal2013 Top shelf Royal Kush
    2014-04-17 04:07:29 UTC
    MedicalMari Tokyo OG tasty
    2014-04-17 04:01:21 UTC
    Mars94 Just medicated off that A-1 and doing nothing at the moment.
    2014-04-17 03:58:30 UTC
    skunk22pw A.J.K.
    2014-04-17 03:49:12 UTC
    idontkniw Some decent Pineapple Express concentrate
    2014-04-17 03:44:16 UTC
    FattFang Vaping some Blackberry Kush with Platinum OG in the
    2014-04-17 03:43:22 UTC
    MADD MAXX Some fresh and tasty Banana Kush delivered right to my door........
    2014-04-17 03:43:13 UTC
    AlexDeLarge Blue Dream and Bruce Lee OG in my Pax vaporizer. Clean smoke. Great OG even though it has a weird name.
    2014-04-17 03:30:02 UTC
    askaboutcha GREEN GOD
    2014-04-17 03:06:29 UTC
    thekindd Thanks PSA
    2014-04-17 02:53:51 UTC
    thekindd I smoked a good OG and a Good Sativa.
    2014-04-17 02:53:37 UTC
    thekindd Woke Up Sleezy, that is my hittta my hittta. My hitta my hitta.
    2014-04-17 02:53:01 UTC
    asalz4128 Some amazing Permafrost. Seriously one of my top 3 favorite's niiiiice😊
    2014-04-17 02:45:06 UTC
    thekindd XXX ABUSIVE OG
    2014-04-17 02:43:31 UTC
    Fanbatman420 Skywalker!!!!
    2014-04-17 02:28:49 UTC
    Boothill Nothing, quarterly randoms at anytime this month :(
    2014-04-17 02:17:47 UTC
    Bart44 DVT Rocks! I like Sativa's and Bri and Kirstin are GREAT with suggesting what's GOOD, Bri. dead onwith "Blue Moon" recommendation!
    2014-04-17 02:15:05 UTC


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