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    What are you smoking?

    Weedonme Complements of 8th on 8th, I mixed up a lil cocktail... Lemon Haze dragon haze sweet tooth original cookies and a lil jack wax
    2015-09-03 21:15:48 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Was a large Antimatter, now AntiLife! Others are well! Cheers and Enjoy the day Mappers!
    2015-09-03 20:07:25 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD UMmm... Not This!
    2015-09-03 20:06:00 UTC
    Chain0fCommand wanted to show a better pic. this is bubble hash from male plants -_-
    2015-09-03 19:58:18 UTC
    Chain0fCommand bubble hash from male plants
    2015-09-03 19:55:25 UTC
    SmokinPacksForTheJack Headband Crumble from @cookies916 extracted by @omgextracts. Potent as hell.
    2015-09-03 19:54:01 UTC
    Flashback Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - Wolf Moon -
    2015-09-03 19:42:23 UTC
    MisterMORRISON The last nug of Blue Dream from Euphoria Wellness in LV. Steamin' and blarin' Type O Negative "Wolf Moon".
    2015-09-03 19:22:28 UTC
    420bladeit Iyo if anyone knows where I can I buy weed from new Jersey weed seller please notify on my cell phone number is 201-819-1553
    2015-09-03 19:17:31 UTC
    FattFang Super Sour Diesel right after lunch puffs this a.m. because of work...late start today...
    2015-09-03 18:59:36 UTC
    mmollzz Blueberry OG and Sour Tangie dabs all with lots of Vitamin C(annabis)! Mama MmollzZ sez: never forget your fruits and veg! xo/m
    2015-09-03 18:55:10 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD NY Cheese Cake dab... after other meds this fine morning! Happy Friday Eve Mappers!
    2015-09-03 18:00:31 UTC
    LHJ The Famous Healers Black Jack in my new silicone bong!!!
    2015-09-03 17:56:23 UTC
    derrickfaygreen they have good helper and good weed I recommend them to everybody it get no better than this.
    2015-09-03 17:52:10 UTC
    kizzy Before I head out I just want everyone to know my thoughts right now. RaceFuel in the pic. Cheers
    2015-09-03 17:20:14 UTC
    jdub707 og, LA confidential, sour d
    2015-09-03 17:10:50 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey anyone out there good with knots? I know this post will get wasted quicker than shit through a goose but have a dumb question...
    2015-09-03 17:05:14 UTC
    CoeusPrime First rather dodgy attempt at a so-called "panorma" shot of the bloom tent, any cool effects completely negated by WM image masher...
    2015-09-03 17:00:13 UTC
    Flashback Bowls of Fortune Cookies (GSC X OG Kush). Not bad, another BOGO until my homegrown is harvested. Cheers!
    2015-09-03 16:07:53 UTC
    Ignatius Blue Dream dabbers to start the day off right. Stay Lifted All!
    2015-09-03 15:44:27 UTC


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