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    What are you smoking?

    CoeusPrime Breaking in a new toy the EZ-Pipe. Pretty cool for 15 bones. When used with the top closed, makes almost no smoke except exhale..
    2015-05-22 21:14:21 UTC
    BlndMJfun High all... Gorilla Glue#4 going down good with a cold beer on this Friday!! Funny, first holiday is after we work to pay IRS!!! Enjoy wknd
    2015-05-22 21:12:41 UTC
    thesoundofsilence Got a better shot of this batch of gorilla glue... mmmm.... so prime.
    2015-05-22 20:16:52 UTC
    Esantana73 After Life Kush.
    2015-05-22 20:11:41 UTC
    jimmy diamond Its getting old seeing all these fake scams. Some lame banned mmy isp from my laptop. They delete neg reviews. WM is BS
    2015-05-22 19:32:14 UTC
    CoeusPrime For Legal: my Exorcist this morning....
    2015-05-22 19:19:33 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Forest Fire / Chem Dawg in the pen... Exorcist baby in the pic! Cheers Mappers!
    2015-05-22 19:02:37 UTC
    caLEAFornia420 presidential OG, bugatti OG, gorilla glue,and some hells angel sugar :)
    2015-05-22 18:51:01 UTC
    madbud1620 chemdog big boy blunt
    2015-05-22 18:45:43 UTC
    madbud1620 chemdog big boy blunt
    2015-05-22 18:45:11 UTC
    CoeusPrime Cool~ the latest Ghost in the Shell: Arise is out! That and a tasty buzz will make for a fine Friday...
    2015-05-22 18:31:56 UTC
    CoeusPrime Sampling some frosty little GSC scraps and watching metal concert videos.
    2015-05-22 18:23:39 UTC
    DANOTE Taking some time out to enjoy this "Sweet" ness. Shout out Moxie. Bless.
    2015-05-22 18:04:49 UTC
    weedssply more real stuff ready for real stunners Call us (978) 820-3764 or email
    2015-05-22 18:04:18 UTC
    thesoundofsilence I found some REAL gorilla glue #4, and omg is it dankkkkkkk!!!!!!!
    2015-05-22 17:50:47 UTC
    weedssply Call us (978) 820-3764 .Contact us now for delivery arrangements at:
    2015-05-22 17:46:21 UTC
    FattFang Boonana and coffee for a great Friday morning! Oh yeah...!
    2015-05-22 16:41:21 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning kids! Breaktime in the grow room, lets see whats on the Magic Flight Box today: HG GSC! Just sampling for QA purposes..
    2015-05-22 16:39:47 UTC
    Papa Bones Crippler x OG Kush - Biz Meeting w/ Mickey Cartel and Nino Coke at Noon.. (Godfather Theme playing..)
    2015-05-22 16:37:45 UTC
    kingEDWARDtheGREAT some bomb Girl Scout Cookie shatter. .. and some Khalifa Kush..dank!
    2015-05-22 16:13:01 UTC


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