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    What are you smoking?

    Citizen Jane Just some of that mind-altering drug Caffeine. Too hungry and crabby to vape right now...
    2015-04-28 01:12:17 UTC
    Israfel C4 Cheese
    2015-04-28 01:06:15 UTC
    MADD MAXX A bowl of Plushberry. Puff, Puff, Pass.... So many have their grows going on. Here's mine---Anaheim Chiles!
    2015-04-28 00:39:52 UTC I am smoking on some Bruce banner that I got from Michigan Chronic all top shelf $10.00
    2015-04-28 00:30:02 UTC
    Norcalclarity purps
    2015-04-27 23:34:09 UTC
    lbbaby yum yum that sweet tooth
    2015-04-27 23:10:28 UTC
    evildead The Gilligans Treat is a great med.
    2015-04-27 22:09:59 UTC
    evildead I always judge my meds by whether or not, and how fast, I can adjust my spine by myself.
    2015-04-27 22:09:38 UTC
    evildead I feel very relaxed and calm , not in as much (chronic) pain. Just feel like everything is going to be o.k. (PTSD).
    2015-04-27 22:09:00 UTC
    evildead Having to do this in a few posts sucks! Just had some of the meds he dropped off; Gilligans Treat.
    2015-04-27 22:08:00 UTC
    evildead Well, the delivery guy just left. Didn't get his name but he was from Holland, cool guy. And Stephanie gave me an excellent deal today!!
    2015-04-27 22:04:51 UTC
    Herbertmmm went to a new shop. prussian blue. they said it was pre98 bubba x blueberry. 30.4%thc. freaking beautiful nugs! HEAVY HITTER
    2015-04-27 21:49:29 UTC
    karnal Super Lemon Haze, mmm so tasty, Salutes Weedmaps!!!
    2015-04-27 21:48:37 UTC
    Nickatnight Purple Candy for the pre-dinner hooter. Cheers!
    2015-04-27 21:34:11 UTC
    Nickatnight My new head of security for the grow room, keeps the mice away.
    2015-04-27 21:32:10 UTC
    justmedicated strawberry cough
    2015-04-27 21:10:20 UTC
    CoeusPrime Weedhopper the Solar-driven Pot-Owl sez its time for Headband in the Flight Box!
    2015-04-27 21:00:38 UTC
    Lina_Rosa Pretty much sums it up. Stay lifted, mappers.
    2015-04-27 20:48:18 UTC
    FattFang Forcing myself to puff Boonana buds to save the Golden Goat buds for later
    2015-04-27 20:23:27 UTC
    FattFang Boonana took my head out of a dark place and put it in the clouds...oh yeah!
    2015-04-27 20:20:12 UTC


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