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    What are you smoking?

    MR.MORRISON Anyone else in Vegas click on the "Deals" icon, go up and down the listed "deals" and are still left wondering where the "deals" are?
    2015-04-25 03:26:21 UTC
    Stoney.Irie Y
    2015-04-25 03:22:38 UTC
    Stoney.Irie Currently puffin on some Northern Lights
    2015-04-25 03:22:35 UTC
    MR.MORRISON HeadBand,hash and kief...again.Thanks CP. CARDED PATIENTS with REAL MED. CONDITIONS STAY MEDICATED. Others, GO AWAY!
    2015-04-25 03:17:42 UTC
    smokiibears42o Chocolope kush,Jack gas,Skywalker og :p~ ~ ~
    2015-04-25 03:10:20 UTC
    LizziG710 Purple haze... mmm so smooth
    2015-04-25 03:09:39 UTC
    Tomdennis Charlie Sheen and Wi Fi
    2015-04-25 02:36:51 UTC
    BlndMJfun Some Alien Rock Candy in the bowl. Happy Friday night all. Enjoy!!
    2015-04-25 02:33:40 UTC
    2015-04-25 01:56:23 UTC
    CoeusPrime Doing big hits of Headband out the Master of Mayhem, Mom...these are real attention-getters!
    2015-04-25 01:54:44 UTC
    Herbertmmm purple afghan. mmj patients in wa we just got screwed. bad.
    2015-04-25 01:53:12 UTC
    thesoundofsilence Blowing on a fire batch of Cherry AK.. so stoney
    2015-04-25 01:42:38 UTC
    Papa Bones Royal Kush from 515 Broadway!! All day!!
    2015-04-25 01:26:14 UTC
    LeGaLiZeD Forest Fire (Headband bx X Fire OG)... NASCAR... Peace Mappers!
    2015-04-25 01:23:10 UTC
    MADD MAXX Combusting a little Red Dragon inside Sleek. Good Evening WeedHeads!
    2015-04-25 00:49:47 UTC
    janetplanet Small J of GG#4...hoping to stay awake this time! Did a couple dabs around 4:20
    2015-04-25 00:46:15 UTC
    CoeusPrime Hey ChristianCulkins16: Go....the fuck.....away. You are pollution and *nothing* more. No go away before you get spanked.
    2015-04-25 00:22:28 UTC
    mmollzz Banana OG. New to me. Freakin' beautiful, frosty trichomes, killer taste, strong meds. Liking this strain! TGIF mappers xo/m
    2015-04-24 23:42:45 UTC
    BlndMJfun Brain OG in the bowl and cold beer in the glass.... Happy Friday evening mappers
    2015-04-24 23:16:05 UTC
    christianculkins16 call/text: (408)419-9480 for more info..
    2015-04-24 22:45:06 UTC


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