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    What are you smoking?

    irie_OG23 skywalker og
    2015-08-04 23:26:50 UTC
    CoeusPrime Cool! New...*something* and matching hash pipe! NYC Diesel trim bubble hash and (early) Exorcist x NYC DIesel x GSC salad.
    2015-08-04 22:55:42 UTC
    jimmyy49 Grape Platinum GSC....
    2015-08-04 22:45:34 UTC
    Kingbaby78 larry
    2015-08-04 22:44:33 UTC
    FattFang Gorilla Glue #4 and Chemscout after many Honey Doo one bothers me in the basement
    2015-08-04 22:38:19 UTC
    mikeylust The Euphoric Cavi Cone!
    2015-08-04 22:21:42 UTC
    beta_user_710 test
    2015-08-04 22:20:21 UTC
    Censored Reviews KoЯn OG
    2015-08-04 22:18:30 UTC
    MADD MAXX Treating myself to some sweet Cherry Pie....
    2015-08-04 22:12:15 UTC
    CannaStrips420 CannaStrips!!! Happy Tuesday folks
    2015-08-04 21:35:24 UTC
    pu5hku5h06 Jack hererer crumble. Girl scout cookies flower mm mm good!
    2015-08-04 21:08:28 UTC
    escarsegat anyone want to help me i dont have a ride in oceanside ca rec and everthing but no ride
    2015-08-04 20:45:56 UTC
    SmotPokingHippie Smokin' on some Gorilla Glue #4 to sail on through this Tuesday afternoon - keep calm and blaze on mappers!
    2015-08-04 20:27:14 UTC
    CaliSmokeDawg420 I'm smoking on some Candy Jack And GirlScoutCookies, got me feeling good this morning, idk why I love mixing indica with sativa.
    2015-08-04 20:17:55 UTC
    linda4twenty wow!! my eyes won't hooked me up good!
    2015-08-04 20:08:19 UTC
    Remedy42o Stay lifted everyone!
    2015-08-04 19:02:15 UTC
    Remedy42o Hiiiigh :) Medicated on Paris OG & Obama OG. I'm truly loving the calming effects..
    2015-08-04 19:01:01 UTC
    FattFang A mixed blend of buds before lunch should hold me until whenever...right?
    2015-08-04 18:38:45 UTC
    Ollietop420 Southwest alternitive on fox street the best place to shop
    2015-08-04 18:02:03 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Sour Diesel+White fire OG dabs+ coffee= some relief. Very Grateful patient!
    2015-08-04 17:06:45 UTC


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