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    What are you smoking?

    Tombot92 Good ol Girls Scout Cookies! Bout to hit up one of my favorite spots. Shouts out to Cali!
    2015-05-28 19:58:40 UTC
    BlazedAlwayz420 King Kong Kush. Down to my last bowl but for some reson that's when I get the highest.
    2015-05-28 19:51:50 UTC
    Mr. 100 Percent Vaping on the last of diary queen til friday!!!! ugh
    2015-05-28 19:04:48 UTC
    skunk22pw smoking on a dream....... got to re up pretty a great one buds!
    2015-05-28 18:40:11 UTC
    CoeusPrime Listening to Geo. Thorogood and chopping frozen trim...
    2015-05-28 18:24:59 UTC
    FattFang All Star Cookies and coffee for a late a.m. Thursday starter
    2015-05-28 18:07:54 UTC
    CoeusPrime OK folks I just came across the penultimate evolution of the power-hitter. Will post pics after hash making...when I can figure out how.
    2015-05-28 17:58:33 UTC
    OrganicMaryJ Organic Jack Cheddar. Love feeling wonderful with JC!
    2015-05-28 17:23:44 UTC
    CoeusPrime Getting ready for Hash Making, Act II with more GSC...I am liking the bowl on this thing. Even with the seamine it holds alot.
    2015-05-28 17:23:08 UTC
    jcaligreens smokin on some bomb kosher kush!
    2015-05-28 16:39:07 UTC
    kizzy Aurora Borealis dabs on a relaxing do nothing day, cheers mappers
    2015-05-28 16:06:36 UTC
    d-lynn a bowl of mimosa topped with the white hash, first time with the white and i like it!
    2015-05-28 16:05:17 UTC
    Chain0fCommand wutitdew smoking on a strain called golden ticket. getting super nice outside. one love
    2015-05-28 15:50:51 UTC
    CoeusPrime Morning Crew! Steaming into Thursday with a precision steaming instrument with some hg GSC and hash.
    2015-05-28 15:05:48 UTC
    janetplanet BTY with a lot of Kief on top! Cup of N@N's Wake and Bake coffee to go along with the smoke......
    2015-05-28 14:19:55 UTC
    Flashback Good morning folks. Homegrown Antimatter in the bowl and black tea with vanilla creamer in the cup. Happy Thursday!
    2015-05-28 13:23:54 UTC
    Citizen Jane No leaving Stewart, stuck are you!!!!!!
    2015-05-28 11:17:13 UTC
    boaster420 2 140mg.THC chews, 300mg.THC candy bar, smoking MED-USA, vaping Phantom/Blue Dream oil.
    2015-05-28 11:01:29 UTC
    EastBayRay woke out of bed...dragged a lighter across a bowl of Black Jack from Diablo Valley Organics...back to bed. God bless California.
    2015-05-28 11:01:27 UTC
    Citizen Jane Gorilla Glue
    2015-05-28 10:57:16 UTC


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