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    What are you smoking?

    highcountrygal Mornin' to all! It's shopping day and I am already getting ready. GG#4 and some dabs and of course my coffee. It's all good!
    2015-08-30 13:57:18 UTC
    Alwaysblue9 ~Happy Sunday Funday!!!~ Today it's ALL about the shatter! ~blue dreams~
    2015-08-30 13:13:34 UTC
    kizzy the usual, dabs (Pineapple Og) n a walk. Gonna try out a new(to me) extract company later today, Tha Honey Badgers. Cheers everyone
    2015-08-30 13:10:36 UTC
    DiamondLdy Peach Mango-Pineapple Express Wax
    2015-08-30 12:34:18 UTC
    jimmyy49 Skywalker OG Sour........SKYWALKER X SOUR DIESEL.......
    2015-08-30 11:27:01 UTC
    RedDodge Just rolled my first 24kt gold joint, just in time for 4:20. Mixed the blueberry and sour d... Added kief. 11 more golden joints to roll!
    2015-08-30 11:17:43 UTC
    BlndMJfun vaping some Jesus OG wax on this fine Sunday morning.
    2015-08-30 09:22:36 UTC
    Big curt coca cola og
    2015-08-30 08:37:45 UTC
    Citizen Jane Elizabeth Warren OG
    2015-08-30 08:20:53 UTC
    Citizen Jane Pete and repeat have a debate -_-
    2015-08-30 08:19:23 UTC
    Citizen Jane Have a great hayday all! Yeah, my Jeb sucks... gonna work on that.
    2015-08-30 07:59:52 UTC
    Citizen Jane Political Hay! :D
    2015-08-30 07:54:42 UTC
    Halmark Do any of you know where to get some really good full melt in LA or SoCal?
    2015-08-30 07:16:55 UTC
    MikeWlkr87 gorilla glue from sweet leaf!
    2015-08-30 07:10:11 UTC
    FattFang Gorilla Glue #4 mix with Candyland and it is awesome.....
    2015-08-30 06:42:48 UTC
    valleyguy88 Animal Cookies tonight. Hope everyone is having a great evening!
    2015-08-30 05:45:02 UTC
    SK221 Found this great little sativa at lightshade @Sheridan. It's called sueno.
    2015-08-30 05:12:50 UTC
    thePookies Kali Mist & Paris OG
    2015-08-30 05:01:57 UTC
    Vigil.D.C Blue Crack!
    2015-08-30 04:15:46 UTC
    Ronnie6969 some hindu kush
    2015-08-30 03:35:17 UTC


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