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    What are you smoking?

    BlndMJfun Tiger's milk in the bowl and hot java in the cup on this stormy Shatterday morning. Have a great one mappers!!
    2015-04-25 10:46:43 UTC
    JMarz89 EastCoast AlienDawg dry
    2015-04-25 09:45:47 UTC
    The Archangel And a few Girl Scoot Cookies drenched in sugar for dessert...feelin very tranquil
    2015-04-25 08:22:39 UTC
    The Archangel This Dr. Greenthumb OG is making a house call..Stay positively lifted all
    2015-04-25 07:29:11 UTC
    mrcruz23 bowls of God's Gift
    2015-04-25 06:54:31 UTC
    Esantana73 Ghost OG Wax.
    2015-04-25 05:35:13 UTC
    andrewdicochea san fernando og is heat ??
    2015-04-25 04:49:58 UTC
    Noel sperry fire
    2015-04-25 04:49:18 UTC
    nma Blue Hash - This Indica hybrid combats insomnia, aids in relief from stress and body pain, and is super relaxing!
    2015-04-25 04:32:23 UTC
    Lady Kush020 Let's start this Friday night off with some LA Confidential.... puff puff pass st0ners
    2015-04-25 04:30:27 UTC
    The Mick Purple Erkyl pre-roll. Party On Wayne.
    2015-04-25 04:19:09 UTC
    MR.MORRISON Anyone else in Vegas click on the "Deals" icon, go up and down the listed "deals" and are still left wondering where the "deals" are?
    2015-04-25 03:26:21 UTC
    Stoney.Irie Y
    2015-04-25 03:22:38 UTC
    Stoney.Irie Currently puffin on some Northern Lights
    2015-04-25 03:22:35 UTC
    MR.MORRISON HeadBand,hash and kief...again.Thanks CP. CARDED PATIENTS with REAL MED. CONDITIONS STAY MEDICATED. Others, GO AWAY!
    2015-04-25 03:17:42 UTC
    smokiibears42o Chocolope kush,Jack gas,Skywalker og :p~ ~ ~
    2015-04-25 03:10:20 UTC
    LizziG710 Purple haze... mmm so smooth
    2015-04-25 03:09:39 UTC
    Tomdennis Charlie Sheen and Wi Fi
    2015-04-25 02:36:51 UTC
    BlndMJfun Some Alien Rock Candy in the bowl. Happy Friday night all. Enjoy!!
    2015-04-25 02:33:40 UTC
    2015-04-25 01:56:23 UTC


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