Weed dispensaries in Aurora, CO

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Weed dispensaries in Aurora, CO

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Cannabis Dispensaries in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado is one of the largest and most populous cities of the Denver Metro Area. Though not as famous among cannabis enthusiasts as nearby Boulder, Aurora is gaining a positive reputation of its own — especially among young people looking to move to the Denver area and take advantage of some of the most receptive cannabis laws in the country.  

Cannabis Laws to Know in Aurora

Aurora permits the legal sale and consumption of cannabis, both medically and recreationally. Medical marijuana has been available across Colorado state since 2000, when Coloradans added Amendment 20 to the state constitution In 2012, when Coloradans passed Amendment 64 legalizing recreational cannabis, Aurora eagerly adopted the new regulations. The first recreational dispensary in Aurora opened in 2014, and since then, the city and its residents have benefited greatly from cannabis access.

Recreational and Adult-Use Cannabis

As in the rest of the country, only adults aged 21 years and older can legally visit Aurora dispensaries and buy or consume cannabis. Thanks to the wording of Amendment 64, those of legal age can purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of THC, which includes dry flower as well as concentrates, edibles, topicals, and other cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana

A patient with a valid medical marijuana card from Colorado is allowed to purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis at a time. However, some patients may be entitled to buy more and maintain larger personal stashes, given doctor recommendation.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Aurora

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) manages the state’s medical marijuana program and accepts applications for medical marijuana cards. A patient of any age may apply for a medical marijuana card, but children under 18 years must have an adult legal representative or caregiver apply on their behalf. The three elements of an application are:

  • Physician certification: a doctor licensed to practice in Colorado must certify that a patient suffers from a qualifying health condition

  • Identification: patients need to supply proof of residency in Colorado and photo identification

  • Payment: applications require a $25 fee

Applications are completed and sent through the CDPHE website, but some patients are allowed to apply through the mail. In a matter of six to eight weeks, patients should be notified that their application has been accepted, at which time they can print a physical card or display their medical marijuana status on mobile devices for access to a medical dispensary in Aurora.

Where Is It Legal to Consume Cannabis in Aurora?

Denver boasts some of the most generous cannabis consumption laws in the country, but Aurora isn’t Denver. In Aurora, weed can only legally be consumed in private spaces, with the permission of the landowner. Though some recreational dispensaries in Aurora might permit consumption on their premises, you should ask before lighting up and endangering their retail license. Some hotels in Aurora are 420-friendly, so if you are planning to visit, you should research ahead of time where you can stay and smoke legally.

Cannabis Cultivation Laws in Aurora

Colorado law allows recreational users to grow up to six cannabis plants, but only three of those plants are permitted to be in the flowering stage at once. Medical marijuana users can cultivate an additional six plants or more if recommended by their physician. All cannabis plants must be kept in an enclosed, locked space — which means no outdoor gardens allowed.

How to Buy Cannabis at an Aurora Dispensary

Aurora dispensaries are allowed to operate between 8AM and midnight, but most close their doors around 10PM. To visit a recreational dispensary in Aurora, you need to have your ID and cash on hand to make purchases. At medical dispensaries, you should bring your medical marijuana card — either print or digital copy — and expect to wait a while as budtenders service patients one-on-one.

It is important to note that Aurora sprawls over three Colorado counties: Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas. You can possess and consume cannabis in all three counties, but you will not find a dispensary in Douglas County, which prohibits marijuana cultivation and sale.

How Much Does Cannabis Cost in Aurora?

You should expect to pay around $12 for a gram of dry flower, or less if you are willing to settle for lower-quality buds. Concentrates, edibles, and other processed cannabis products will be more expensive, but medical marijuana users can expect to pay less than recreational thanks to lower taxes.

Cannabis Taxes in Aurora

Colorado voters approved a state proposition which levies a 15% excise tax on retail cannabis products in addition to a 15% sales tax on cannabis goods. Medical marijuana users are subject only to a 2.9% sales tax.

Fortunately, Aurora has transformed thanks to the boost in tax revenues provided by cannabis sales. Among other things, cannabis tax revenues alone have funded the Aurora Day Center, a place for people without housing to find shelter, food, and other resources. As a result, Aurora is cleaner, safer, and more secure for everyone.