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    Visiting a Dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA

    Santa Rosa, California, is located in central Sonoma County, just 1.5 hours north of San Francisco. The city and surrounding area are home to wineries, parks, art venues, and award-winning restaurants. Visitors can find craft breweries, unique shops, and cannabis dispensaries throughout Sonoma County. Whether it's exploring the Russian River Valley or the growing cannabis industry, residents and visitors can find plenty to do in Santa Rosa.

    The Lowdown on Santa Rosa Cannabis Laws

    California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1994. In 2016, the state made recreational use legal. In 2017, the City Council adopted its Comprehensive Cannabis Ordinance that regulates the location and operation of personal cannabis cultivation and commercial cannabis businesses.

    Within Santa Rosa city limits, retailers can operate in designated zones with sufficient buffers from schools and other retail locations. All businesses must be dual-licensed with the state and the city. In addition, operators must receive a zoning clearance or use permit, a building permit, and a certificate of occupancy. All licenses are for one year.

    Sonoma County stopped issuing permits for commercial cultivation of cannabis through September 2023. Existing operations as of October 2021 had their licenses extended an additional five years, subject to existing operational guidelines. Santa Rosa does not prohibit adults from using, transporting, or growing cannabis for personal use as long as the number of plants does not exceed six.

    It is still illegal to possess, grow, or distribute marijuana in the United States. Within Sonoma County, marijuana is prohibited on federal lands such as parks and recreational areas.

    Recreational Cannabis Laws In Santa Rosa 

    The following guidelines apply to the use of cannabis in Santa Rosa for recreational purposes:

    • You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase or use recreational marijuana, including smoking, consuming, and vaping.

    • You may have 28.5 grams (about one ounce) of cannabis plants or eight grams of concentrated cannabis.

    • You can consume cannabis on private property unless property owners prohibit its use.

    Santa Rosa has the following laws restricting the use of marijuana:

    • You cannot sell or give retail cannabis to minors.

    • You cannot operate a motor vehicle while under the influence.

    • You cannot consume, smoke, or vape cannabis in public.

    • You cannot open a package containing cannabis or cannabis products in public, including parks, sidewalks, or businesses.

    • You cannot smoke cannabis in areas where smoking is prohibited such as bars, public buildings, and restaurants.

    • You cannot use marijuana within 15 feet of doors or ventilation openings.

    • You cannot consume or possess cannabis on federal lands.

    • You cannot take marijuana across state lines.

    Only state-licensed operations can sell retail cannabis or cannabis products. Purchasing cannabis products from non-licensed entities is illegal.

    Santa Rosa Medical Marijuana

    Stipulations governing recreational marijuana apply to medical uses except as outlined by law. A medical marijuana card, issued by a licensed healthcare professional, is required to purchase medical marijuana. By using a medical marijuana card, individuals can:

    • Cultivate marijuana for medical use.

    • Purchase marijuana at a medical-use rate.

    • Use marijuana under the age of 21 with a guardian's permission.

    Depending on the condition, receiving a card may be as simple as applying online. Some recognized conditions for the use of medical marijuana include:

    • Anorexia

    • Cancer

    • Multiple Sclerosis

    • Migraine

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Glaucoma

    • Cachexia

    • Persistent Muscle Spasms

    • Arthritis

    • HIV-AIDS

    • Chronic Pain

    • Severe Nausea

    • Seizures

    Santa Rosa dispensaries that specialize in medical marijuana have knowledgeable staff available to assist with its purchase.

    Santa Rosa Cannabis Industry

    Santa Rosa and Sonoma County have a thriving cannabis industry ranging from farmers through manufacturers to dispensaries. The City and surrounding area offer a majestic environment in which to explore the sophisticated variations of cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD) offers therapeutic benefits without the high that comes from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Many Santa Rosa dispensaries offer CBD and CBD-related products.

    At the center of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa is the perfect jumping-off point for a cannabis trail tour. The area also hosts a Hall of Flowers and an Emerald Cup event for those looking to celebrate the cannabis experience. Trade shows offer business-to-business and business-to-consumer opportunities to investigate the industry and its trends.

    The thriving cannabis industry in Santa Rosa also serves as a strong tax base for the city with manufacturers paying 3% of gross receipts and dispensaries 2%. Growers are taxed based on square footage. The rates range from a high of over $12.00 a square foot to $1.12 for a cottage industry.

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