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If you're a fan of — or have even heard about — famous cannabis strains like White Widow, Super Silver Haze, or Himalayan Gold, you should know Franco Loja.
Most often, crossfaded highs are a terrible experience because they can be disorienting, nauseating, dizzying, and can even bring on anxiety and panic attacks.
one of cannabis' best-known nicknames is pot, but of all of the dozens and dozens of nicknames, the word “pot” standing in for cannabis seems a bit odd.
Traditional manufacturers are taking a second look at 3D printing for several reasons: faster production, cost-effectiveness and less waste among them.
To help meet the demand for workers in an industry requiring a broad range of skills, colleges like Northern Michigan University and Minot State University, as well as cannabis-only programs like Oaksterdam University are working to educate people wanting to make a career of cannabis.
Houston-based Alan Brochstein is the founder of the subscription-based 420 Investor, and NCV Media, which fronts New Cannabis Ventures.
At Stack Up, a nonprofit serving U.S. veterans across the country and the world, playing games is part of the firm’s mission.