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Widely credited as the “Father of Medical Marijuana” in California, he was an activist who worked tirelessly for access to medical use cannabis.
You can easily adapt some of the classic stoner games to play with friends on remote platforms.
In Rosenthal’s 35-year career, he has been an educator, writer, researcher, culture expert and activist, and continues to leave his mark on the industry.

Setting the record straight about CBD and Coronavirus

Pandemics throughout history make people frantic for a cure, and snake oil salesmen have been hustling “cures” for millennia. CBD is no exception.
We spoke with Steve Bloom, pot culture aficionado, to see which films are the best movies to watch high.
A new kind of university ready to train students from the career-oriented to the cannabis enthusiast.
April 20th babies have made notable contributions to art, culture, music and government. Read on for a bit of history and celebration.