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12 pre-roll joint packs you need to try

August 21, 2019   3:58 pm PDT | Updated 12 months ago

You should never judge a preroll by its package.

Sure, prerolls are the ultimate convenience, but, as the saying goes, what's cheap ain't always good, and what's good ain't cheap. I'm a weed snob, but I also really love convenience. What is a stoner to do? 

I always attempt to opt for preroll packs that are well-made, high quality, and reasonably priced, for starters. Weed brands have upped their preroll game and the proof is in the numbers. Weed smokers in California, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington spent $37 million on prerolls in May 2019 alone, according to a BDS Analytics report

When I look at the lab results for preroll packs I look to see that the weed passed tests for residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, mycotoxins, metals, and pesticides that are unhealthy to ingest. Once I know it's free of all residuals and contaminants, depending on what experience I'm looking for, I look for the THC percentage on a scale ranging anywhere from 10% (a CBD-dominant strain) to upwards of 30% (a potent, high-THC strain). As an added bonus, I look to see where the terpene profile clocks in to try to get an idea of the flavor, since more often than not preroll packages are sealed and I can't smell the flower before I purchase. 

But if you're wondering where to get started, here are 12 prerolled joint packs I think are worth trying. 


A favorite in the Pacific Northwest, Saints Joints' prerolls come in packages designed by a rotating series of artists. Smoke the joints, but collect the packages. (Photo courtesy of Saints Prerolls)

Founded in Seattle, Saints Joints' shiny, colorful pre-roll packs are beloved in the Pacific Northwest. The branding consists of colorful packages designed by rotating collections of artists including Jimbo Phillips, Skinner, and Jeremy Fish. Strains on offer include Honey Bananas, Sunny D, Mimosa, 24K Gold. Lab-tested by Confident Cannabis and offered in over 25 strain blends and varieties, Saints are sold at 40 stores across Washington.

These joints are much more than a pretty package. Judging from the lab results Weedmaps News received, Saints offers a selection of potent pre-rolls that are ideal for the hardcore stoner who tends to have a higher THC tolerance. The Sunny D pre-roll tests at 19.6% THC, and the next-level Honey Bananas strain tested even more potent at 21.7% THC. The total cannabinoid profile includes cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and some lesser-known cannabinoids.

Available: Washington

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Lowell Smokes 

Lowell Herb Co.'s Lowell Smokes prerolls take their style cues from old-fashioned cigar boxes. (Photo courtesy of Lowell Herb Co.)

Lowell Herb Co. has reimagined the old-timey cigar box aesthetic with its rustic, classic joint packs. These pre-roll packs come in various strains, including indica, hybrid, and sativa strains.

Lowell's pre-roll joints are tested by CannaSafe and include strains such as Royal Razzberry, a pungent indica-dominant hybrid testing at 20% THC and about 2% CBD. The Giggly Hybrid, which tests at 19% THC, seems as though it would be ideal for the stylish cannabis smoker who just wants to laugh into the night with friends.

Available: California

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Michigan-based CBD brand Telescope, founded by electronic music artist GRiZ, features sativa-dominant Cosmic Candy CBD pre-rolls containing pinene, caryophyllene, and limonene terpenes for an uplifting experience. Grown with Crawford Brothers genetics, these CBD pre-rolls offer an extremely low THC option for those looking to relax without the hazy high.

Available: Nationwide


For Higgs, prerolls are a black-and-white proposition, with splashes of neon blue and flamingo pink accenting the packages. White boxes are sativa-like, and black packs are indica-like. (Lindsey Bartlett/Weedmaps News)

Higgs has stepped up the pre-roll game with their joint pack's look and style. The company's kitschy, '80s-esque packs come in two options: white (sativa-like) and black (indica-like). The cardboard packs, which feel oddly satisfying, come with their own Higgs matchbooks. Down to the details on the crutch, these are simply divine. The cannabis is cultivated by Honeydew Farms and the smoke is mellow and burns smoothly, with kief packed just densely enough for it to burn evenly. 

Higgs' pre-roll flower is tested by Encore Labs. Lab results show its black packs 23% THC, 0.43% caryophyllene (tastes and smells like cloves, black pepper, or hops), and 0.13% bisabolol (cinnamon, chamomile, and lavender). The sleek little packs are perfect for a night on the town. Throw one in your back pocket and let shenanigans ensue. 

Available:: California, Colorado

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Just like wine or beer flights, Canndescent presents a flight of five joints with promised effects: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. (Photo courtesy of Canndescent)

A pre-roll flight? Yes, please. 

California-based Cannadescent has a great lineup of pre-roll joint packs that are organized by the intended effect that each J would allow the smoker to experience. The flower inside is grown using purified water and organic pesticides, while each pre-roll pack contains a total of an eighth of flower rolled up across five joints. 

From the looks of the lab results for Canndescent's Pre-roll Variety Pack, one can swing from a heavy indica called Calm 117, which tests at a high 27% THC, to the other end of the spectrum with the mind-buzzing Connect 411, which is a fun sativa containing 17% THC, and a fragrant, piney terpene profile strong in alpha-pinene.

Available: California

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Evoking the tropics, Caliva's preroll boxes in soothing blue hues offer five filtered joints to a pack. You can set your soul at ease knowing the plants were blessed by a shaman. (Photo courtesy of Caliva)

Caliva has grown coveted indoor weed since its founding in 2015 in San Jose, California. Today, its vertically integrated cultivation facilities produce 11,000 pounds, or nearly 5,000 kilograms, of cannabis a year. Even on this scale, a shaman blesses Caliva's plants every Wednesday, according to the company. Caliva's scope includes all of California, but it has not sacrificed quality for product accessibility.

Bright, tropical-patterned packs called Toasties, alongside the smaller mini joints, Dogwalkers, allow consumers to choose their size. Toasties Bold lights easily, doesn't canoe, and packs a pungent smoke and mellow feel. A recent pack of Bolds tested at 12% total THC, which may seem low on the scale compared with the more potent joints on this list, but they are perfect for a smoker seeking a mellow high, a night in with friends, or a low-key sesh. 

These joints didn't make me tired, which is often what I'm looking for. The pre-rolls have a nice filter that makes for a delightfully smooth hit. 

Available: California

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Weekenders' PLAY,  CHILL, and DRIFT pre-roll packs are the perfect addition to any mellow get-together or weekend in the woods. The PLAY pack is meant for a brighter effect with a smooth elevation that doesn't overwhelm. The CHILL pack may relax the mind and body with a higher percentage of CBD for a buzzy night in without completely locking you to the couch. DRIFT delivers more THC with a touch of CBD for those who want to drift away. 

These pre-roll packs can be a great stepping stone for beginner consumers who don't want to dive right into 25% to 30% THC cannabis, or veteran stoners looking for a more laid-back experience.  

Available: California

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Miss Grass

Miss Grass offers three effects-based organic hemp joints: XXX for Pleasure, ZZZ for Calm, and 000 for Balance. The beautifully packaged CBD mini pre-rolls are blended with food-grade herbs like jasmine, lemon balm, and St. John's wort. Along with CBD and CBG cannabinoids, these blends offer a respite from the daily grind.

In California, Miss Grass also offers equally high-quality THC joints. 

Available: Nationwide 

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Pure Beauty 

Joints peer out from the yellow box of Pure Beauty, which contains Sativa Lemon Haze. (Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty)

Pre-rolls, but make it fashion. Los Angeles-based Pure Beauty offers pretty boxes that contain varying quantities and sizes of cannabis wrapped in hemp paper with wood fiber crutches. Pure Beauty's boxes are color-coded — yellow for sativa, pink for indica, black for hybrid, and white for CBD (hemp). Each sleek cigarette, mini joint (0.35 gram), or joint features cartoon googly eyes and weed that was grown using water sucked from the atmosphere rather than California's shrinking water supply. With its colorful packaging and peeking eyes, this pre-roll pack makes an impression. 

Available: California

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Stone Road

Stone Road Farms makes Standard and Reserve prerolls from farms in Humboldt and Santa Barbara counties in Californa. (Photo courtesy of Stone Road Farms)

Stone Road emulates style and class in its sophisticated-looking joint packs made with a variety of different strains. All its joints are 0.7 grams and they come in single, five, or ten packs, with or without the added ice-water hash. Stone Road's cannabis is grown on the company's family-owned farm in Northern California.

The brand's goods are packaged in fully recyclable, 99% plastic-free packs. 

Available: California

710 Labs

Preroll joints come in a jar of 10 from the folks at 710 Labs, with a fusilli noodle included as a crutch. (Photo courtesy of 710 Labs)

OGs roll better OG. These joints by 710 Labs are individually hand-rolled using in-house flower that is grown in living soil. The joint packs are pricey, but quite a treat for the weed-snob.

Each joint is not ground finely by a machine but instead broken down by hand to help maintain the colas and create a joint similar to one you'd roll at home. The unique component is the gluten-free, organic fusilli noodle as a crutch, a nice finishing touch with the functional solution of adding great airflow. 

Available: California, Colorado

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Loud Packs

Loud Packs USA is full of California love. Its prerolls associate a popular strain with the cities of San Francisco, pictured, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego. (Photo courtesy of Loud Packs USA)

Loud Packs are bright, hand-rolled wonders. Loud has been making sleek and stylistic pre-roll packs with four joints each since 2008. In its sleek and stylish packs you will find one-gram joints and a matching lighter. Each pack represents a different California city: Sunset Sherbet for Oakland, GSC for San Francisco, Blue Dream for San Diego, and OG Kush for Los Angeles. All flower is tested by Steep Hill Labs

Available: California

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Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps News.