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“Get Loud.”


City Packs USA is dedicated to supplying the finest preroll packs backed with full quality assurance. The team takes pride in every aspect of their products from seed to sale. Each pack offers top shelf, whole buds rolled to perfection. For a clean even-burning preroll that shouts out to the city you love, get Loud.



The founder of City Packs USA has been part of the cannabis industry since 2008. He started with supplying the medical cannabis community with premium buds through his delivery service. As he continued to connect patients with premium medical cannabis he began to form a vision for a brand of his own. He sought out master growers with premier buds and cultivation styles that respect the plant. Next, he tackled the finishing touches, researching what areas favor what strains and crafting packaging that represents the city. Once all was in place, the founder was ready for launch. By the end of 2016, City Packs USA loudly and proudly made its way into the California Market.



City Packs USA begins with the finest cannabis flowers, cultivated to reach their optimal genetic potential. Those buds are cured to perfection and separated from the stems, leaving nothing but resinous splendor inside perfectly rolled joints.



Burn one for the city you love.


City Packs USA fashioned each preroll to represent its respective city by selecting the strain that local cannabis communities love the most. When you lift the lid, you’ll see that City Packs USA included a custom lighter with four (4) joints filled with one (1) gram of top shelf cannabis.


What happens when landrace Durban Poison meets with Florida OG Kush? A wonderfully exotic mix of Bay Area bred Girl Scout Cookies to rep the artistic mecha that is San Francisco. A drag off these prerolls delivers a rush of creative energy and introspective focus. Oh, and San Francisco Girl Scout Cookies will give you the munchies. Ideal for running around town with your favorite foodies.


This SoCal staple has mysterious origins and never quits to inspiring. LA OG Kush brings the ocean to you. Each hit is pure elation and the swell of woody, piney, herbs tastes like a breath of fresh air on a Hollywood hike. These City Packs are wonderful for a relaxed evening overlooking the bright city lights.


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Lab Testing

City Packs USA is lab tested by Steep Hill Labs and receive full spectrum analysis from cannabinoids to ensure purity.

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