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Quality Drives Every Decision We Make; From The Garden to The Lab, To The Jar That Holds Your Hash.

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Best quality... but rising prices?!

I used to love smoking on 710. I've easily dropped over 10 stacks on it too. However, then you started this shit called tier pricing where you raised the prices of all the badders and sugars to Persy-level prices... so i switched back to Raw Garden.... great idea guys -_-

LOVE AFFAIR with 710 Labs

I can honestly say that 710 Labs has changed my life. Every product I have tried from their water hash to their live resin has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. I have been an avid consumer of 710 Labs since the OG greenest green days and it has been MY FAVORITE cannabis extract company to date. I am so excited for them to return to Colorado and my local dispensaries.

A new level of dabbing experience

710 has really hit the mark with their concentrates. I've gotten the chance to sample various strains such as the huckleberry and the golden strawberries. Each time was an other worldly experience. i got a chance to speak with some of their team during a patient appreciation they had, and they were all very knowledgeable and excited about their products. Their most interesting concentrate to me has definitely got to be their water pressed hash. it's beautiful and has an amazing scent, and it almost looks like sparkly sand. A little bit on the higher end but worth every dollar.