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11 women-owned cannabis brands to try right now

Weedmaps News June 5, 2019   12:00 pm PDT | Updated 3 weeks ago

Since the majority of companies in nearly every industry have historically been led by men, women's needs have frequently been put on the backburner — or clumsily catered to with unnecessary pink “for her” products. 

But as more women are gaining a voice in their companies and starting their businesses, more products are being designed by women, for women. The cannabis industry is no exception. Several brands have recently released products specifically for women's health, wellness, and entertainment, proving that cannabis's potential goes far beyond the way it has traditionally been utilized. 

Here are some cannabis brands making incredible cannabis products. 

Autumn Brands

It may come as a surprise to some that one of the more well-known flower companies in California is 50% women owned and operated, though it really shouldn't be. Co-founded by Hannah Brand and Autumn Shelton, Autumn Brands operates out of Santa Barbara County and is known for producing some of the best quality flower available in California. 

Autumn Brands has also embraced the movement towards using cannabis to achieve wellness and balance, making the product line friendly to both women and men who mindfully use cannabis for self care. 


Recently founded by Camille Roistacher in 2020, WYLLOW offers eighths of carefully cultivated strains from a creative and inclusive environment. “We want all walks of life to be able to afford us, try us, follow the brand and join our community that we're building here at Wyllow,” Roistacher told Cannabis Dispensary Magazine. WYLLOW's delicious weed has become such a hit that the company plans to expand their reach to include pre-rolls and CBD products. 


Dr. Leslie Apgar, an obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN), and entrepreneur Gina Dubbé founded Blissiva to tackle some of the most significant health challenges women can face, including breast and ovarian cancer, menopause, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Its first product, the Blissiva Balance Pen, was designed with the knowledge that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from anxiety. It has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio and a calming effect. Soon, Blissiva plans to release a sex suppository. 

Kiva Confections

After it's launch in 2010, Kiva Confections is now known as one of California's most famous and delicious edibles brands. It all started with Scott and Kristi Knoblich Palmer when the couple were searching the cannabis market for something both trustworthy and mouthwatering. Not able to find exactly what they were looking for, they decided to make it on their own. Now, Kiva's array of gummies, chocolates, and mints top almost every “Best Edibles” list on the west coast.

Roam Vape Escapes

Roam Vape Escapes' travel-themed vape line highlights different inspiring destinations with chic products such as the Bali Bliss vape pen, which contains natural fruit punch and citrus-flavored terpenes, and the sensual rose and floral-flavored Paris Nights.

“Like a lot of 'canna-curious' women, I didn't start exploring cannabis until later in life,” the company's founder, Hema Patel, told Forbes contributor Emily Price. “Most experiences left me in the hands of someone else's weed, and dispensaries were not somewhere I felt like I wanted to or could go. When I finally decided to step foot into one, I was shocked at the 'bro-dom' of it … I wanted to create a brand that spoke to women on their terms, that was tailored for their lifestyles and preferences in approachable and simple ways.” That's what Roam hopes to provide with its fun themes and sleek design. 


Botanical, herbal, calming — Kikoko delivers smooth relaxation with their bright, organic teas, mints, honey, and tinctures. The founders, Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones, were originally inspired by a close friend who was battling cancer and needed something healthy yet not as overwhelming as the typical high-THC edibles on the market. Enter Kikoko. The brand prides itself on their sustainable practices, ensuring all of their products are pesticide, mold, and toxin-free.


Quim co-founder and CEO Cyo Nystrom began developing vaginal cannabis products along with her co-founder Rachel Washtien to alleviate her gynecological woes, including recurrent yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTI). In addition to cannabis, Quim's Happy Clam moisturizer contains tea tree oil, which is purported to have antifungal and antimicrobial properties, along with other ingredients including hazelnut oil and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The Night Moves and Oh Yes! lubes are similarly meant to improve vaginal health while enhancing libido and sensation. 

Humboldt Apothecary 

Women owned-and-operated, Humboldt Apothecary offers soothing topicals, tinctures, and tablets straight from the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County. Not only have the owners, Susan Cleverdon and Gillian Levy, created a trustworthy brand and great products, the company also prides itself on reaching out to the community and seeing value in social causes. They have or are currently supporting: Humboldt Baykeeper, Last Prisoner Project, Black Lives Matter, Epic Environmental Protection Agency, AAPF, and the NAACP.


Founded by Maggie Connors, besito is womxn-owned and LGBTQIA-led, and is always striving to make a more inclusive space in the cannabis industry. As of 2019, besito has partnered with Equity First Alliance — a non-profit working toward repairing the injustices caused by the War on Drugs. With every purchase from besito, 1% is automatically donated to the cause, so you can feel good the next time you stock up on mini pre-rolls, joints, and vapes.

Honey Pot

Who doesn't love delicious, local honey? Founded by Corey Thomas, Honey Pot products have garnered numerous awards the past few years and continue to gain notoriety in the edibles business. And the Honey Pot line is always expanding, with a lucrative CBD side that offers bath products and lip balms — you can sip on a tasty infused-honey cocktail while massaging in their Cocoa & Mint CBD Body Lotion for ultimate self-care. 


While not strictly for women only, TribeTokes was founded by two women, serial entrepreneur Degelis “Dege” Tufts and cannabis advocate Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes, with women in mind. Their products include anti-inflammatory CBD-infused eye cream and elegant smoking accessories, including a quartz crystal pipe and keybox-shaped flip battery

Written by Suzannah Weiss and Hannah Meadows . Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps