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Kiva Confections products are crafted from premium ingredients and skillfully combined with California cannabis. Since our beginning in 2010, our goal was to create an edible that redefined what a cannabis confection ought to be. By applying art and science to ensure a deliciously consistent experience every time, we continue to deliver on that mission today.

Kiva Confections was launched in 2010, when the infused products field was wide open for innovation. Kiva’s founders, Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich Palmer, were a young couple looking for high quality and trustworthy products for their own consumption, when they discovered a distinct lack in the marketplace. The edible market was desperately underserved- products were untested, unlabeled, and inconsistently potent, which the founders became committed to changing. By working with experienced cannabis cultivators, and expert chocolatiers, Kiva Confections was launched with a commitment to efficacy, food safety, and business integrity. Scott and Kristi endeavored to create a safe, consistent and delicious cannabis edible- and to make their product accessible to a wide array of consumers through premium branding. They thought about the user experience at every step of the process – from the quality of the raw materials and ingredient sources, to the packaging design and the information it conveyed, to the experience our consumers enjoyed. The founders believe that cannabis is safe, natural, and effective - and from the start they wanted to empower users to consume it wisely and effectively for their greatest health and well-being.



From our premium sourcing for our THC-rich chocolate Kiva Bars, our whole plant CBD approach for our 1:1 Bars, to our convenient, best-selling chocolate Terra Bites, to our microdosed, sugar-free and vegan Petra mints and experience-based Camino Gummies, Kiva is dedicated to leading the way in creating delicious, consistent, and safe edibles.


Cannabis Awards


Best Edible in the East Bay, 2018 East Bay Express user poll

Best Edible, Cashinbis' 2018 Best of Cannabis Awards 2018 - Petra Mints

Best Edible Company, Cashinbis' Best of Cannabis Awards 2018

Best Edibles Producer, 2018, GreenState

Best Edible, 2017, Errl Cup Arizona - Terra Blueberry

Best Local Edible, 2017, SF Weekly - Terra Blueberry

Best Edible in the East Bay, 2017 East Bay Express user poll

Best Edible, 2013, San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup - Blackberry Kiva Bar

Best Edible, 2013, Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup - Blackberry Kiva Bar

Best Edible, 2013, SF Patient's Choice - Terra Espresso




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The only edibles I'll eat

Kiva is THE BEST. They do everything right- taste, consistency, packaging. I was confused about why their rating was so low when everyone knows they're the gold standard so I read some reviews and they're all complaining about pricing- not the actual products. Haven't any of you ever worked in retail? The store sets the price! Just look around and you'll probably find them cheaper- I did. Bottom line- Kiva has been around forever and I trust them above any other brand. Plus my in-laws say that Petra saved their marriage. You want to change someone's life? Give them a Petra mint or a Terra bite, and then tell me I'm wrong.

Greedy Kiva

I used to love Kiva bars. Their 180mg chocolate bars were never more than $20, and they had some nice flavor profiles going on. A few months ago they changed to 100mg. That would be fine if they also didn't up their price along with it. So Kiva is making more money off of less weed. I just can't get behind a company like that.

Best for micro-dosing!

I'm a fly-weight when it comes to edibles, so the only kind I can handle are KIVA terra bites and Petra mints. They don't taste like cannabis at all! So yummy! I hate that taxes have made everything expensive, but it takes me weeks to get through the mints and terra bites so the little doses end up being cost-effective for me :)