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Autumn Brands is a Santa Barbara County cannabis cultivator that is 50% women owned and united by the vision of two families. We are committed to cultivating the highest quality, pesticide free, sungrown-indoor cannabis flower possible. 

Together our families bring generations of experience with agricultural growing techniques, compliance, financial acumen, marketing, sales and customer service.  But, we wouldn’t be anything without the rest of our dynamic team of managers and staff that help us run every fun and challenging aspect of Autumn Brands.

Cannabis represents an industry of health and wellness whether you utilize its benefits for medical or recreational purposes.  As awareness grows, people are finding out just how incredible this under appreciated plant can be for themselves, family and friends.

Autumn Brands stands by its Core Values:

Authenticity: We stay true to who we are as individuals and as a company.  Each one of our team members has their own strengths and responsibility.  By trusting each other and staying the course we can collectively create a work environment and Brand that promotes happiness, growth and success.

Health and Wellness: Provide a natural product that can help those with medical conditions and those that just want to feel a little extra creative, carefree or somewhere in between.

Responsible Consumption:  We are dedicated to keeping cannabis out of the hands of our young minds.  We are a fully state licensed Brand that only sells our products through a distributor which in turn sells directly to dispensaries, eliminating the possibly of it falling in the wrong hands.

Environmental awareness:  We are committed to sustainability, our planet and making sure all humans, animals and the earth remain healthy and viable. At Autumn Brands, we use a closed-loop watering system ensuring no water is wasted. We promote environmental health, by refraining from the use of pesticides and only utilizing an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system.  We truly enjoy watching our beneficial insects including lady bug larvae take care of our beautiful plants. 

Professionalism:  At Autumn Brands, we innately understand the necessity of being organized, responsive, down-to-earth, as well as always encouraging teamwork and collaboration and we're all about customer service!

A huge thank you from our families for your support!

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State License

  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000995
  • Adult-Use Cultivation TML17-0000942
  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000940
  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000939
  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000938
  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000936
  • Medical Cultivation TML17-0000935
  • Medical Cultivation TML18-0003869



One of my favorite flower brands!

Amazing quality no matter what flower strain I buy, but the Mango Kush is my favorite 💗

First try of Clementine 🌱

Just went to MedMed in Kearny Mesa for some pain relief. Christine recommended the Clemetine strain. It is a lovely sativa. I was bummed that I was unable to a get a CBD strain to go along with it to make a salad but it is definitely helping me distract from my chronic pain and symptoms from post concussion syndrome. When I can get a cbd strain I will make a salad mix. Lovely job 🤘🏼💜👩🏻‍🎤 @Punkrockamie

Great company

Just got ahold of some of their strains and I am super impressed! Each strain I’ve smoked has been better than the one before. Awesome!