Marathon OG

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Product description

The canna-pros at The Cure Company collaborated with Nipsey Hussle to produce this exclusive joint venture: the Marathon OG strain. Grown to perfection, this Indica cultivar was named after a series of classic mixtapes produced by the rapper. This robust OG features your favorite earthen and lemony spice with each exhale, which give you a few minutes of warning before a heavy-hitting physical stone blows all five senses.

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About this strain: Marathon OG

Created in Los Angeles, Marathon OG is a top-shelf collaboration from the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and breeders at The Cure Company. Named after a series of classic mixtapes produced by Nipsey Hussle, this member of the OG family features earthy and spiced lemony flavors and is great for complete and total relaxation.

Created in Los Angeles, Marathon OG is a top-shelf collaboration from the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and breeders at The Cure Company. Named after a series of classic mixtapes produced by Nipsey Hussle, this member of the OG family features earthy and spiced lemony flavors and is great for complete and total relaxation.

Top reported strain effects

  • Relaxed

  • Happy

  • Creative

Top reported strain flavors

  • Lemon

  • Pine

  • Flowery

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232 reviews

3 months ago
5 stars


Beautiful marijuana strong taste rest in peace Nipsey Hussle
1 month ago
5 stars

Real medicinal cannabis

Marathon is one of my favorite strains it is one of the few strains that actually help my pain and anxiety im a heavy smoker and usually stop feeling the effects as much from strains half way through the eighth but not this 3 8ths in still strong. True og taste and effects like pre rec og when it wasn’t some fake og. Highly recommended to anyone
20 days ago
5 stars


very heavy OG strain
1 month ago
5 stars

Top Quality Flower

This eighth had such a heavy indica high that I damn near fell asleep while smoking it. The taste had a gassy OG flavor and the hit was smooth the entire time. Definitely one of the best eighths I've had!
12 days ago
5 stars

Looks can be deceiving!!

No lie was kinda disappointed when I popped the top on this one, didnt really have a smell and it looked kinda trash, so I was like fuckit they got me, and started another one that was just ok 😒. Ended up coming back to this one later on not even hopeful, chin down, thinking about how this damn delivery service got me for 100 bucks...but no joke right when I started breaking it down I could tell I was wrong...and I was! cuz I'm so lit right now, I just felt hella compelled to share my story with the world, but I've been trying to write this review for almost 40mins now and I've never even written a review before or even wanted then I started reading the label to see if mind control is one of the side effects cuz I'm starting to think this weed made me do it.
2 months ago
5 stars


Very high quality OG
2 months ago
5 stars


Super gas ⛽️ always tasty and high THC. Must try
2 months ago
5 stars


I bought this product expecting it to be underwhelming due to my high tolerance. Boy was I wrong. I am currently typing this while under the influence of this product and I will say I haven't been this high in months. 11/10 high. It hits you like a freight train out of nowhere. It is worth the money. It is a potent product, which makes it a great product. Thank you for being different.
5 stars

Real Good OG experience!

its a little more expensive out where I got it but definitely worth the try. I love OGs and how it taste and the high, would recommend, they're top notch flowers.
1 month ago
3 stars


It's okay weed, but it's not really that dense or sticky. It hits pretty strong though. The high is okay. 3-Stars.
2 years ago
5 stars

big backwood rollin

Marathon OG. Damnnnnnnnnnn!!! RIP Nips the Great! Best OG I’ve ever hit, hands down. This all I smoke. I’m done with all the nonsense. Marathon OG or nothing! Black on black Mercedes Benz.........
2 years ago
5 stars

No Canibus Cap

Some of best weed I ever smoked. Hits like a heavy Indica but the high is the perfect Hybrid. Today is my birthday so I smoked a joint of Marathon directly after getting off work in the am. I don’t feel tired at all after smoking. Strain backs up the hype.
10 months ago
5 stars

Marathon OG

It embraces what Nipsey the great said put love into what you do and you’re for sure bound to get a return... and he did just that he put love into this strain with the understanding that if it was good enough for someone that could smoke a pound and be ok then it was fine for the rest of us... he always looked out for the people thank you Nip for being our guardian angel... TMC... and yes it is an amazing strain that if given the chance I would smoke everyday... try it and see the world in a whole new loving light...
2 years ago
5 stars

Top of the line OG.

Fasho one of my top choices of OG when the shop gots. They been having it lately and idk where y’all at that you’re mad about price. I get 7gs of it for 55 all day. Not no 1/8th for 65 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyways.. 🔥🔥🔥. R.I.P Nipsey!!
2 years ago
5 stars


This was some reeeeeallly dope flower. Really packs a punch. Personally it didn’t keep me up or down, but perfectly leveled.
2 years ago
5 stars

Favorite OG

An hard hitting indica with lasting hybrid vibes. This doesn’t slow build tho, when it hits you it hits you, but your in the air coasting after you feel the hit. Nipsey really left us so much greatness including his signature flower...Marathon OG. #TMC
2 years ago
5 stars

Elite OG

As stated, this is an elite OG. Basically everything one could ask for in an OG. High, Flavor, Nose, & Visually appealing. I recommend smoking this later on in the day. Initially you’re hit with a boost of energy, but then it mellows off into a couch-lock type buzz. Will be picking up more in the future. TMC.
2 years ago
5 stars

Marathon OG

So at first when he told me what it was I thought to myself "mfs will name weed anything these days 🤣" ..then I googled it and was dumbfounded 🤦🏿‍♂️ I had no idea. Upon opening the lemony smell mixed w earthy was A1 I had to look in amazement for a sec for Rollin up... By far the best bud I've ever smoked, felt like I was smoking a part of history or somethin wild... As you can see from this post I'm coastin #TMC #MarathonOG
1 year ago
5 stars


Came all the way from salisbury Maryland just to try the marathon OG RIP THA GREAT #TMC
3 years ago
5 stars


They always take the ones from us that will spark change. And yes I think THEY had him killed . Been listening to all his shit . THEY don’t want albums like nips on the radio, it’ll wake mfs up. Instead they feed us that bullshit with no substance.. Gonna get some marathon and bump nipsey 🙏🏾💙
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