Weed dispensaries in Virginia


Weed dispensaries in Virginia

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Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary in Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful state, one filled with history and culture. The state is known for many things, including the colleges and universities, the presence of beautiful natural areas, and much of the history of the country. For those that live in Virginia or who are planning a visit here, it helps to know the laws of the land. That includes understanding whether recreational and medical cannabis use is allowable here. It also is important to know about dispensaries in Virginia when you visit. 

The Lowdown on Virginia Cannabis Laws

Cannabis is legal to use in Virginia for both medical and recreational use. The state first opened its medical dispensaries in 2020. The first adult recreational use laws in the state were put into place in July of 2021. That opens the door for the legal sale of cannabis from state licensed dispensaries in Virginia.

In the 1990s, Virginia laws were working to tighten the access to cannabis. However, at this time, it was also gaining approval for use in some medical conditions, including helping those who had cancer or glaucoma to find pain relief. 

Prior to the decriminalization of it in 2020, penalties and fines existed, though they were some of the highest in the country. That includes penalties for cultivation. 

Virginia first allowed for the use of medical marijuana for cancer and glaucoma as early as 1979. In March of 2015, the governor signed a bill into law that created an affirmative defense against possession of CBD oils and THC_A oil for those who had permission from a doctor. In 2018, the state’s Board of Pharmacy approved applications to allow for medical cannabis dispensaries to open in the state. 

In January of 2021, the Marijuana: Legalization of Simple Possession, Penalties law was voted on and passed. It allowed for the legalization of personal use and cultivation of cannabis by those who were over the age of 21. It also established some of the initial framework for cannabis production, manufacturing, and testing in the state. It set up the process to allow for retail sales to begin in 2024. Later, that was changed to July of 2021. 

Recreational Cannabis Laws in Virginia

Recreational use is brand new. There may be changes to the laws in the coming years. There are some restrictions on this use.

  • Adults may be allowed to grow up to 4 marijuana plants per household 

  • Possess no more than an ounce of marijuana for use 

  • It is allowable to transfer no more than one ounce to another person for immediate use

Medical Cannabis Laws in Virginia

The state has a medical cannabis program that allows for medical cannabis patients to apply for a card. This may allow a person to access more cannabis than what is allowable under recreational use laws in the state. This process is managed through the Virginia Department of Health. 

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia

The Department of Health Professions: Board of Pharmacy maintains the state’s medical marijuana program. To obtain this card, a person must have an unexpired written certification issued from a board registered practitioner. In addition to this, they must also have an active patient registration issued by the Board of Registry. The entire application process can be done online and only takes a short amount of time to receive approval. 

Where it is Legal to Consume Cannabis in Virginia

The only place it is legal to consume cannabis in Virginia is in a private residence. It is not allowable to do so in an open area or in view of the public as a whole. Keep in mind that it is still illegal on federal property. That means that colleges and universities still prohibit it if they accept federal funding. 

How to Buy Cannabis at a Virginia Dispensary

For those who wish to purchase, check out a local recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. Finding dispensaries in Virginia Beach and other larger cities in the state is becoming easier to do as more time passes from the initial legalization of use. 

Still, both recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries in Virginia must meet the state’s licensing requirements and oversight. Most often, these locations are available for access during normal business hours, though this differs from one location to the next. 

Cannabis Taxes in Virginia

There is a 5.3 percent sales tax on the purchase of marijuana products for personal use needs. There is also an excise tax of 21 percent on the purchase. There is no additional use on medical marijuana tax. Dispensaries in Virginia must charge this to the consumer. The funds will go to pay for programs and services through the state.