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Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon

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Oregon dispensary guidelines

Oregon was one of the first states to prohibit cannabis consumption, way back in 1923 — and then it rapidly reversed its opinion on cannabis to become the first state to decriminalize the drug in 1973 and among the first states to legalize medical and recreational weed. Today, Oregon is known as a top weed tourism destination — but before you plan your trip, you should know the laws that affect your visit to an Oregon dispensary.

Oregon cannabis law basics

Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are both legal in Oregon. As mentioned above, possessing small amounts of cannabis has been a mere violation, subject to a small fine, for decades, allowing many Oregonians to develop a thriving cannabis culture. In 1998, Oregon was only behind California in developing a Medical Marijuana Program with patient ID cards, and in 2014, voters approved non-medical cannabis use — which was swiftly developed into a more recognizable recreational cannabis market with Oregon dispensaries.

Oregon cannabis law allows individual counties to set specific regulations on sales, possession, consumption, and cultivation, and though cannabis is popular across the state, it remains illegal in some rural areas.

Recreational cannabis regulations in Oregon

Oregon has some of the most detailed cannabis-related laws, likely because its populace is so well-educated on cannabis consumption. Oregon allows adults aged 21 years and up to visit any retail dispensary and purchase up to:

  • 1 ounce of cannabis flower

  • 16 ounces of infused product in edible form

  • 72 ounces of infused product in liquid form

  • 5 grams of concentrates

  • Four immature plants

  • 10 seeds

Additionally, Oregon sets limits on THC content within different products. Creating extracts and concentrates at home is illegal, but home cultivation is all but encouraged. Adults can grow up to four cannabis plants at home, as long as the garden is out of public view. Finally, users are allowed to give small amounts of cannabis to other qualified adults, but any raffle or donation of cannabis that is recompensed is considered an illegal sale.

Both cannabis delivery and curbside pickup are allowed in Oregon, but only through state-licensed retailers. It is best to order cannabis directly from a dispensary to avoid breaking delivery laws.

Medical cannabis regulations in Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority oversees licensing and regulation of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP). Patients with valid OMMP cards are subject to slightly different purchasing and possession limits; in addition to whatever limits are available to recreational users, patients can purchase:

  • 24 ounces of cannabis flower

  • 16 ounces of concentrates

  • 50 seeds

Further, patients are allowed to cultivate up to six mature cannabis plants and 12 immature plants. Patients can also designate a home grower, but they must notify the OMMP with details about their personal supplier. Oregon does not offer reciprocity to out-of-state medical marijuana patients, but visitors can always look at the Oregon dispensary list to find a retail cannabis store nearby.

How to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon

Obtaining an OMMP card isn’t difficult, but it does require patients to apply to the Oregon Health Authority. Applications to the OMMP require a physician’s certification of a qualifying medical condition, which must be renewed annually, as well as a photo ID. Patients younger than 18 must have an adult parent or guardian supervise their treatment. Finally, there is a $200 processing fee upon submission of applications. Patients should receive their card within 30 days of application if they are accepted into the program.

Where is it legal to consume cannabis in Oregon?

Oregon law restricts cannabis consumption to private property away from public view. Using cannabis within a vehicle, even one that is parked, is against regulations. Though some cities do have cannabis lounges, users  should consult with budtenders before partaking within their establishments.

How much does cannabis cost in Oregon?

Likely because dispensaries are so numerous in Oregon, cannabis prices are notoriously low. Users can find a gram of cannabis for as little as $5, though high-quality or rare strains can cost as much as $20 per gram from some dispensaries. Products like edibles and concentrates typically cost twice as much as dry flower.

Cannabis taxes in Oregon

Oregon levies a 17% sales tax on recreational cannabis purchases, and local taxes can amount to as much as 3%. Fortunately, medical marijuana patients are not subject to any taxation. Tax revenues in the state are substantial, and they are divvied up to support a variety of public programs, such as:

  • The state school fund

  • Mental health, alcoholism, and drug services

  • State police

  • The Oregon Health Authority

  • Cities and counties

Additionally, some tax revenues are reserved to help cover the costs associated with maintaining the recreational cannabis industry across the state.

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