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Tangent Dispensary - Tangent Farmacy

About Us

Tangent Farmacy is a Tangent Recreational Marijuana Dispensary


Tangent Farmacy dispenses the finest marijuana products to the Tangent cannabis community. Since 2015, their doors have been open to recreational and medical cannabis consumers in search of high-quality marijuana products from well-known vendors including CO2 Company, Golden Xtrx, and Voyage. Tangent Farmacy works exclusively with lab-tested marijuana vendors. They are dedicated to giving back to the Tangent cannabis community and offer a 10% discount to Veterans.  



Tangent Farmacy employs dedicated cannabis professionals who are passionate about the marijuana industry. The Tangent dispensary team is well-trained and armed with detailed knowledge about their inventory of cannabis products. They create a welcoming atmosphere and tailor every customer experience to ensure a positive dispensary visit. The Tangent Farmacy staff operates in full compliance with Ballot Amendment 20 and can be contacted on their website, by phone, or email.



Tangent Farmacy works with leading cannabis vendors and offers a full stock of connoisseur quality cannabis products. Their menu includes a variety of lab-test Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid cannabis strains. Tangent customers who prefer to dabble in concentrates can find pristine concentrates from popular extract vendors including Shango and Clay Wolf in strain-specific flavors. Tangent Farmacy offers discreet vape cartridges available in Berry White, Purple Trainwreck, Cosmic Candy, and Citrus Punch. Cannabis consumers can satisfy their sweet tooth with marijuana-infused chocolate, cookies, and gummies. Tangent Farmacy also offers CBD cannabis edibles and topicals like pot shots, sea salt caramels, and Irie CBD Pain Balm for consumers who prefer non-psychoactive cannabis products. They are fully stocked with Medicine Farms face creams, oils, balms, and lotion. Marijuana users can conveniently medicate with designer prerolls and medicated tinctures.


Service Locations

Tangent Farmacy is a marijuana dispensary located on Highway 99 next to the Dixie Creek Saloon in Tangent, Oregon. Tangent marijuana customers will find parking adjacent to the dispensary. They cater to recreational cannabis users over 21 in Tangent, Shedd, Albany, Pirtle, Orleans, and Oakville. Tangent Farmacy also dispenses high-quality marijuana products to cannabis consumers on Plainview, Munson, Corvallis, Lewisburg, and Cartney. Marijuana customers can also find their sister store, I and I - Newport, located in Newport, Oregon.

Location Information

Located in Linn County, Tangent, Oregon was once the site of a railroad station on the Southern Pacific line of Albany. The city name references a 20-mile straight stretch of road with no turns and curves - the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy recreational activities and attractions like the Historic Carousel & Museum. Situated on three rows, the carousel at the Historic Carousel and Museum includes 52 animals and features vintage wooden-carved animals from historical carousels. Plan a trip to see the Seven Wonders of Oregon and discover the mesmerizing scenic byways at Mt. Hood and Cascade Lake. Other Oregon Seven Wonders include The Coast, The Columbia River, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, Wallowas, and Crater Lake.


10:00am -  7:00pm
10:00am -  7:00pm
10:00am -  7:00pm
10:00am -  7:00pm
10:00am -  7:00pm
10:00am -  7:00pm
32990 OR-99E
Tangent, Or, 97389
Member Since
August 23rd, 2016

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Tangent Farmacy

My new favorite place

great selection, good prices, and friendly staff. the review would be more wordy, but their stuff floored me.

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