Weed dispensaries in Lawton, OK

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    Weed dispensaries in Lawton, OK

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average price of an 8th in Lawton 

    The average price of an 8th in Lawton is $50. Some of the strains at this price include; Skywalker Kush, Purple Kush, Purple Haze, Pink Starburst, Orange Cookies, Lemonade, Grandpas Breathe, Kosher Sorbet, Granddaddy Purple, Golden Goat, Purple Punch, Tru-Blue, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Mandarin Cookies, Key Lime Pie, and GSC. Other strains include; Divine Obscure at $30, Chemdawg at $35, Night Terror OG at $35, Amnesia Haze at $35, Blue Dream at $35, Blueberry Muffin at $35, Colonel Kush at $25, White Widow at $25, and Blueberry Shake at $10.

    Most popular strain in Lawton 

    The most popular strain in Lawton is Chemdawg. This pungent flower gives off earthy musk and pine odors. Chemdawg also has a smooth smoke that tastes sour when inhaled. Skywalker Kush is also favored by consumers in Lawton, Oklahoma. It is an indica-dominant strain that is dense and has sticky cone-shaped buds. Skywalker Kush has a sweet spicy taste and aroma.

    Laws and regulations in Lawton 

    • Adult-use cannabis is not legal in Oklahoma.

    • It is illegal to consume cannabis products in public.

    • Smoking areas are designated and it is illegal to smoke cannabis in any non-smoking area where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

    • Operating a vehicle or bicycle under the influence of cannabis products is illegal.

    • Employers may take action if licensed medical marijuana holders use or possess marijuana while in their place of employment or during working hours. 

    • It is illegal to consume cannabis products for adult-use or recreation.

    Flowers/concentrate/edible possession limit in Lawton 

    Patients, authorized cannabis researchers, and designated caregivers may possess a maximum of three ounces (85 grams) of usable cannabis, up to one ounce (28.5 grams) of cannabis concentrates, and 72 ounces (2041 grams) of edible products in public. Additionally, patients and caregivers can legally possess not more than eight ounces (227.8 grams) of cannabis at home. Patients who elect to cultivate their own cannabis are limited to six mature plants and six seedlings. Patients may also designate a caregiver to grow cannabis plants on their behalf.

    Difference between a storefront and dispensary

    A storefront is used for the consumption of cannabis for adult use while a dispensary is used for consumption of cannabis for medical purposes. Adult-use cannabis is not legal in Oklahoma.

    A valid medical marijuana card is required to make purchases at a dispensary, while at a storefront, adult consumers only need a valid, government-issued ID. 

    Difference between adult-use, or recreational, and medical 

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used by consumers for enjoyment. In contrast, medical cannabis is used by patients to treat particular medical conditions.

    Adult-use, or recreational, cannabis is used by consumers who do not have any medical necessity. Conversely, medical cannabis is used by patients who have been diagnosed by a qualified physician for an underlying medical condition.

    Medical cannabis patients must have a valid medical marijuana card in order to purchase the products whereas no medical marijuana card is needed for adult consumers to purchase cannabis products so long as they have a valid, government-issued ID.

    Medical patient benefits in Lawton 

    • Medical marijuana patients may work with their physicians to combine standard treatment with medical cannabis products.

    • Only medical marijuana patients may use and possess cannabis products.

    • Medical marijuana patients have access to a more extensive variety of cannabis products with higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for their medical condition.

    • Medical marijuana patients may cultivate up to six cannabis plants for their own personal use.

    Medical marijuana information in Lawton 

    To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Lawton, you must be a resident of Oklahoma with a valid government-issued ID to show proof of residency. If you don’t have an ID, then a passport or other documents showing proof of residency can be used.

    Medical marijuana patients at least 18 years of age must have a qualifying debilitating condition. For minors below 18 years, they must have a caregiver or guardian and two qualified physicians recommendation.

    An application is done online through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website and must be submitted within 30 days of the physician's signature.

    The application fee is $100. However, if you have proof of Medicaid (SoonerCare) or Medicare enrollment, the cost is reduced to $20.

    A response is sent after two weeks of the application date. If you qualify, you will be mailed your card within 14 days of notification.

    After approval, you can visit any dispensary and purchase cannabis products.

    Where does the Lawton tax revenue go? 

    Lawton's cannabis tax revenue is used to complete various government projects. Some of these projects include; administration in Lawton, building of sidewalks, providing better healthcare, and maintaining roads. The rest of the funds are used for providing security to people of Lawton and providing scholarships programs for students from low-income families.